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Q1 – Test 1 – Study Guide

Test 1 –  Topics/Review Material – 
   Item Key Concepts chapters
Mitosis – Cell Cycle.pdf
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 Mitosis – Cell Cycle KEY.pdf
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Link for review video:

 Mitosis, phases of Mitosis, Interphase, Cell Cycle, Mitotic index, eukaryotes, prokaryotes
Sexual reproduction is driving force in evolution due to genetic diversity
 12.1, 12.2
 Biology statistics 1 – IV & DV.pdf
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 Biology statistics 1 – IV & DV KEY.pdf
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link for review video:

 Writing Hypothesis, determining Independent , Dependent Variable, control from research scenarios
 Biology statistics 2 – Central Tendency.pdf
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 Biology statistics 2 – Central Tendency Key.pdf
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link for review video:

 Determining mean, median, mode, range, variance, standard deviation. Predicting range of population values from +/-  1, 2, and 3 standard deviations

 Biology statistics 3 – SEM new.pdf
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 Biology statistics 3 – SEM Key p.pdf
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link for review video:

 Determining the Standard Error of the Mean, SEM, and Error Bars

 ant odometer full article – student.pdf
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You have your graded
questions with my comments.

link for review video:


Link:Key to Ant Research Article

 Determining IV, DV, Hypothesis, and interpreting Data, error bars
 Mitosis vs Meiosis

 Mitosis and Meiosis WhiteBoards

week 2 –

 Dipliod, Hapliod, cross-over, zygotes, gametes
***Skip the variety of Sexual Life Cycles in 13.2
 13.1, 13.2,13.3, 13.4
 Biology statistics 4a – Mendelian Chi squared analysis.pdf
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 Biology statistics 4a – Mendelian Chi squared analysis key p .pdf
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Link to grodski teaching you Chi-Squared using the above worksheet!!

 Determining Chi-Squared, the Null Hypothesis, and p value.

Understanding what the Chi-squared, Null Hypothesis, and the p value represents in terms of the results of a research study.

 Biology statistics 4 – M&M Chi squared analysis.pdf
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 Applying Chi-Squared to the M & M species
Chi squared Practice Problem.pdf
Chi- squared practice problem key p .pdf
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Practice Chi-squared value
 Mendelian Genetics**Skip Pleiotropy and everything after that topic. 14.1, 14.2,14.3,

 Mendelian Genetics 1
Summer assignment 2


summer assignment 2
question 2a.pdf

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summer assignment 2
question 3a.pdf

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Summer assignment 2 question 2a Key.pdf
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Summer assignment 2 question 3a Key p.pdf
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 Punnet Square, Dihybrid Cross, test cross, phenotypes, genotypes,

probability rules, addition, multipication

Mendelian Genetics 2 – blood types codominance probability.pdf
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Mendelian Genetics 2 – blood types probability Key p.pdf
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Codominance is not on the test but the rules of probability are on the test.14.2
 Evolution intro examples: StickleBack Fish,
Peppered Moth,

 Natural selection is a major mechanism of evolution. Natural selection acts on phenotypic variations in populations.


 22.1, 22
 Marbled Notebook:  Please read all your notes Fastplants
Week 3 Please Read the Chi – squared Basics Chi – Squared
 Week 4 Please read your Evolution Basics Evolution Basics
Statistics Quiz:  Key in Powerschool
These forms are now on auto reply with handwritten keys for your review:
 Form: Form Link: Accompanying Video or Resource:
 Week 1 round Up
 Mitosis Meiosis Form Quiz  Chapter 12 and 13 of your TexT
 Chi-Squared Form
 *Stickleback Form
 Finches Form
 Peppered Moth Form

*Long response form that does not have auto reply