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Q1 – Week 4 – 9/20 – 9/24


9/20 – Monday – A Day – Academic Study will be tomorrow

Main focus 
     a) To measure heights of the our DAY 10 test groups for Lab 2.
     b) To calculate the mean, sd, SEM through Excel.                                                                                  

     c) To review the concepts of Chi- Squared

Period 7 – 

1. Measure the height of our test groups.

2Add your data to the class Google sheet using this link:
3. Begin the Excel Activity!                                                                                                                                                                                        
Period 8  – AP Biology Class – 
1.  Day 3 – Continue with Excel Activity- 
We started with this excel file last Friday:

We will calculate the mean, sd and SEM and build a graph of data in real time.

Today’s Excel Lesson:  from Excel file on your computer.



9/20 – Monday’s Homework: –

1:   Please try to make a graph from the Excel ACTIVITY with error bars – 

      Make sure you expand the graph to see the changes. Save the file. – we did not get far 
      enough today
       Please watch the video “Excel Activity 2” below and try to follow along:
       Those of you that were in class Friday were able to complete part 1 and should be able to follow along from today’s class lecture.

2:   Complete the Chi squared Practice Problem.pdf worksheet below (handed out in class) and review                with the key. If you need help please view the lecture below that will explain step by step how to complete the worksheet.

Chi squared Practice Problem.pdf
View Download
Chi- squared practice problem key p .pdf
View Download

Lecture for Excel Activity Graph Building:  from Excel file on your computer.


Lecture for tonights Chi – sqared genetics problem:  

End of Monday!


9/21 – Tuesday – B Day – Academic Study today

Main focus 
     a) To review the concept of Chi – Squared and provide and authentic demo to see if 
          there are “cheaters ” in the class based on this statistic
     b) To Build our class graph for Lab 2 using class data


Period 7 – 

1. Review the concept of Chi-squared

          a) using the statistics presentation

                                                                                                                                                                                            b) review of the homework-                                                                                                                    
                 Chi- squared practice problem key p .pdf
                 View Download
                                                                                                                                                                                            c) Use Chi – squared to find “cheaters”                                                                                                
Using the first submission from the Meiosis and Mitosis Form from last Thursday, we statistically determined whether the class was cheating on the form using Chi- Squared analysis. Basically we were investigating whether the early submitter were helping the later submitters in the form. We compared the number of individuals from the early time that scored above the mean and compared it to the number of individuals that scored above the mean in the later submission time period.  The idea here is that possibly the early submitters, who get their answers back, are helping the later submitters.  
We ran a null against the idea that there was no cheating going on and thus the expected outcomes should approximate the observed number.
expected outcome = equal number of individuals from the EARLY group and the LATER group will have EQUAL number of individuals that score above the mean iF there is no cheating
Null Hypothesis:  Students in the Late group do not have an advantage over the early submitters in the form.
We used the following the do the chi- squared analysis:                                                                                                                             
Today’s Classwork: 
Meiosis and Mitosis Form – 2022 Chi squared analysis.pdf
View Download


 Class discussion of Chi – Squared: 
    Biology statistics 4a – Mendelian Chi squared analysis key p .pdf
    View Download

Period 8 AP Biology Academic Study hall
1.  Use this time to start your homework-                                                                                                                         
We started with this excel file last Friday:

Google sheet using this link:

Statistics Presentation: for Chi – Squared


9/21 – Tuesday’s Homework: –

1:   Please try to make a graph from the Excel ACTIVITY with error bars for the complete set of data that we have collected from the Google Sheet.

       You will have to cut and paste the data from the Google Sheet into Excel and then reconfigure  your excel spreadsheet to include the expanded range of data. You will also have to readjust your graph to have the correct days. The graph needs error bars for the each data point. The sharpest graph earns a special reward tomorrow!

2:   Complete the Chi squared Form below:

Chi – squared Form 

End of Tuesday!


9/22 – Wednesday – A Day – 

Main focus 
     a) To review the concept of Chi – Squared through an activity that measures a statistical
          relationship in a product of the Mars company
     b) To Build our class graph for Lab 2 using class data


Yesterday’s Cheaters Chi- squared analysis: 

Period 7/8 – 

1. Review the class graphs of height data:

2: Mars company statistical Chi -Squared analysis:

Classwork Activity:
Biology statistics 4 – M&M Chi squared analysis 1718.pdf
View Download



9/22 – Wednesday’s Homework: –

1:   Complete the Chi- Squared Activity in that we started in class if you did not finish.  

       You will hand this in tomorrow!

2:   Please watch the short video below on the Stickleback Fish:

3. Complete the form below on the stickleback fish.

2: Stickleback Fish Movie:  


3: Evolution of Stickleback Form – 

End of Wednesday!


9/23 – Thursday – B Day – 

Main focus 
    A) To construct a graph using excel for Lab 2 using the entire class’s data.

We will spend most of out time working with excel to construct our graph in class using the excel file that we worked on earlier this week. We will need to transfer our class data in the Class Google Sheet file to YOUR excel file!
                                                                                                                                                                        Google sheet using this link:



9/23 – Thursday’s Homework: –

There is no homework tonight. 🙂


9/24 – Friday – A Day – 

Main focus 
    1) To construct a graph using excel for Lab 2 using the entire class’s data of Heights
            We will complete our class graph from the height data.  We will adjust the Y – axis to better view the trends in the data. 
             We will add custom error bars and customize the graph.
                                                                                                                                                                      Google sheet using this link:

    2) To collect another dependent variable from our test groups and make a bar graph                  between test groups.

            We will add another independent variable to the lab by counting leaves, buds or flowers.  We will add these values in the              Google sheet that we used for the height data.                                                                                                                                      
a) Using the shared google doc that was sent, we wrote our Title page, Question and Hypothesis 
b) Completed our graph
c) measured a new variable         


9/24 – Friday’s Homework: –

1.Create a bar graph of the class’s data for either leaves or buds and include it your lab write-up.

2. Start your formal write-up of Lab 2,


Lab 2: Begin formal write- up:

                                                                                                                                                                                Please begin your write-up of Lab 2 by writing the completing the following components:
1.  Title page
2. Background
4. Hypothesis
5. Materials
6. Procedure
7. Data                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      
HERE IS A LINK to an example of a lab writeup from a student from a previous years class:LINK                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Please add a Title page, Background, Question, Hypothesis, Materials, Procedure, Data sections to your Lab to the shared doc for Lab 2 that I will send you today.  
BACKGROUND:– Your background is like a literary review of the topic in a published study. I am not asking you to write a term paper but I am asking you to write an essay on the ANYTHING that is remotely related to this investigation.  Develop your Background so that your discussion eventually LEADS to a Question that you will test with your Hypothesis.  I know this is open ended but this is how you make this lab your own.  Do make this a cohesive piece of writing and you may probably need to investigate this information.  At the end of the lab I will ask for your resources, so make note of where you are gathering information. DO NOT MAKE THIS a bunch of unrelated ideas or facts.  I gave an example above from a past students of mine so take a look to get a feel of what I am asking. This part of your lab should be 1 page single spaced.             
I want you now to complete your Data section by presenting your Calculated Data in an organized professional Data Table and Corresponding Graphs that are visual representations of your calculated data.     
OK so I want you to create a Nifty Data Table that represents your calculated data from YOUR RAW data.
I do not need to see every piece of data that you are using in your table.  You should be presenting the overall calculated values FROM your raw data (from marbles).  For instance If you have a tested a group and a control you should at least have an average, standard deviation, SEM and SEM +2/- 2 values for each group.  THESE ARE THE VALUES YOU ARE GOING TO USE FOR YOUR GRAPH!  You are required to use EXCEL to make this data Table.  I am posting how to create a basic table from Excel below.  
*After you have completed this table in Excel, Please cut and paste this Table into the shared Google doc for the lab.  There are any ways to accomplish this and please try to find which way works best for you and your group.
Please create an appropriate graph from data table that illustrates the significance or insignificance of your data calculated the best in Excel  Based on your study a line graph may be better than a bar graph, especially if you are measuring rate (how fast).  These graph must have error bars unless you are doing a Chi- squared statistic.
Graphs must be labeled in each axis, have a title, and clearly illustrate outcomes, significant or not.  The graph should be a clear representation of your outcomes.  Presentation is key!!!!
Annotation in the Google Doc:
You need to make an annotation under each image that you bring into your google doc. For instance, you might write Table 1 under the Data Table or give it a formal name. This is so that when you write the Conclusion you can refer to the table appropriately.  “In table 1, or in figure 1 we see that ….”
This is due at 4:30 am Monday!!!
Tutorial video on creating Graphs (from your data table) in Excel:
I am making a line graph in this tutorial but you can just select a bar graph instead in the initial stage of the video and all of the other things I demonstrate would be the same in the video below.

Excel Graph building activity

Screencast lecture on how to complete this if yesterday was a disaster:

 End Of Friday and week 4!..