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Summer Assignment #1


Big Idea 1: The process of evolution 

drives the diversity and unity of life.
You will be receiving a LINK to a Google Doc to complete this assignment.
Due Monday July 19 – Please write NORT’s for the following Chapters in your text.
Chapter 13 – Meiosis and Sexual Life cycles – (please do not take notes on figure 13.8)
This animations may not be viewable as Flash is being phased out of many browsers.
Chapter 14 – Mendel and the Gene Idea
This animations may not be viewable as Flash is being phased out of many browsers.
This animations may not be viewable as Flash is being phased out of many browsers.
You may begin starting your note-taking but I will ask you to transcribe these notes into a google doc at some point soon!  Please email me if you have not received your google doc for the assignment.
Learn How to do the NORT’s: Please view to learn how to take Notes On Reading the Text.
*Remember that a NORT is more than just taking notes on the chapters. You are demonstrating your understanding by rewriting the important concepts in your own words. I will make comments and give you feedback before I grade this assignment.
NORT = Notes On Reading from Text
Prove to me that you understand what you have read by internalizing the information and writing in your own words what it means!


I will grade your NORT which will go into your 1st Quarter Grade as a quiz grade after:
1: You read this section in its entirety 
2: Go back to resolve all comments that I have made. (the docs are open to edit)
3. Make any additional changes you think are necessary based on my individual comments or  
     what I write here.
I want to share with you what students who have the best NORTS’s are doing.  The Best NORT’s I have read FOLLOW the game plan!  They are writing based on the objectives (game plan) of the authors!  Some people are getting vague in their statements!!! Do not get vague! Give specifics!! The game plan is your guide BUT another guide that you must follow is this question:
Are the words you wrote for Chapter 13 and 14 good enough to study from if I was to give you a test on these chapters (and you could not use anything else) ?
Remember, you are demonstrating understanding through your NORT’s that I read. If you get vague then I think that you do not understand the words that you are writing and there will be a deduction when I grade.
I will grade your NORT’s holistically, meaning that I will take into account your whole body of work when I decide how many points should be deducted. It will not be the same for each student. Lets say 2 students are both missing an important term but one students has provided more effort in their work overall than another. I will deduct less from the harder working student.  Effort does not necessarily mean more words!  Copying the text will lead to loss of points!  I can read your NORT’s and determine who has put more of these concepts into their own words and who has put more effort in their demonstration of their understanding of the concepts.
I have been known to NOT deduct points on small mistakes or errors if the body of work is exceptional everywhere else in your NORT.  The harder you work the more you learn and the better your grade.  You will use these concepts learned this summer in SEPTEMBER!!!
There are things that some students have added to their NORT’s beyond following the game plan, organization, and using their own words into concepts that enhance their NORT’s. These have included referencing diagrams with page numbers, making their own diagrams and charts.  Some have added there own personal flair by adding comments that they found interesting.  Remember this is for you!
Mr. Grodski