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  Q1 : Week 5 – 9/28 – 9/30

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 9/28 – Wednesday – A Day – 2/3a Lab, 4               Jump toWednesday Homework

Main focus 

a) To connect the concepts of electrolytic calculations with Lab 3 by determining the experimental mass of the Cu and comparing that result with the stoichiometric calculation.     

b) Introduce the concepts of Molarity of the solution (in class using electrolytic cell calculations).

Period 2 ,4 – 
1. Review previous assigned electrolytic cell Homework: 
Molarity Formula:   
      Electrolytic cell – Molarity calculations Key p .pdf

      View Download

Molarity Formula with a voltaic cell using electrolytic cell type calculations:                                                           Intro Electrolytic Cells worksheet 2 key p.pdf                                                                                                                View Download 

Electrolytic cell (electrolysis of water) &  voltaic cell with more vanilla electrolytic cell calculations:           

Electrolysis of water – making the pure forms of the elements that combine to make water:

                                   2H2O (l) + 2e   →    H2 (g)  +  2OH                     -0.83 volts

                                            2H2O (l)   →     O2(g)  +  4H+  +  4e           -1.23 volts

                                                                                                                    E0 cell = -2.06 volts



                                Voltaic Pile                         Humphrey Davis                   Michael Faraday’s               Mole Concept                                                  created!                         electrolysis of water               Laws of electrolysis                    created


Electrolytic Problems Expanded key p.pdf                                                                                                                       View Download

2.  Review of Electrolytic Cell Extra Credit Quiz 

       Electrolytic cell quiz extra Credit Form KEY 1819.pdf
       View Download

Period 3a – 

1. Lab 3 : Determining the grams of copper from electrolysis – 

a) Measure the mass of your filter paper and Copper – Data Collection
b) Calculate the grams of experimental copper.
c) Calculate the Theoretical grams of copper deposited at the cathode. This should have been done last week.
d) Calculate the Molarity of the solution assuming a 100.0 ml volume of solution was given.
e) Calculate percent Error.  

f) Start your conclusion / HW



Electrolysis of Water Demo in Universal Indicator: 



9/28 – Wednesday Homework: –

1. Please complete the Electrolytic Cell Form 2.  You will have 3 submissions tonight. An excellent way to to review for tomorrows Electrolytic cell quiz.

2. Period 3a Lab should view the review video below to help write the conclusion.                                                   


1: Electrolytic Cell Form 2 :  This form is based in the information above. You have 3 submissions


2: Electrolytic cell Lab – 3 of review:  Error Analysis


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Jump toThursday Homework

9/29 – Thursday – B Day – 2, 3b/4 Lab                             

Main focus 
a) To take the in class Electrolytic Cell Quiz.                                                                                                                                                                

b) To complete the Electrolytic cell Lab 3.

Period 2 ,4 – 
1. Review of Electrolytic Cell Form 2 
      Electrolytic cell Form 2 Key – 22-23 .pdf

      View Download

2. Take the Electrolytic Cell quiz    
Period 3b –

1. Lab 3 : Determining the grams of copper from electrolysis – 

Measure the mass of your filter paper and Copper – Data Collection
Calculate grams of experimental copper. Calculate the Theoretical grams of copper deposited at the cathode. Calculate the Molarity of the solution assuming a 100.0 ml volume of solution was given.
Calculate percent Error.  




9/29 – Thursday Homework: – 

1.  Please review the electrolytic cell quiz with the class lecture below:   It will be open today after all students take the quiz.
2. Please use the Unit cell Tutorial that is from NORTON.  I have a link below and you will need a username and password to enter. I have provided both below. If you cannot log into the tutorial please use my video posted below that will click you for you through the presentation. Please stop the video when needed. 
 The questions that the presents are written for you in the following worksheet.
Click on the link and click on the UNIT Cell Tutorial. Please Use FIREFOX or Chrome. Safari may have issues! (The link below worked for me today without a login.)
You might need the login:
password: Lexington1                                                                                                                                                                                                   
If you cannot access the clickable presentation please view the video I made of me going through the presentation.
I posted it below.                                                                                                                                                                                           
3:  Please complete the form below based on the UNIT Cell Tutorial in step 1.
      You will have 3 submissions.
Please use this video to complete the Lattice Energy Form if you could not connect to the tutorial above:

1:Electrolysis of quiz review:  

Electrolytic cell quiz key p.pdf                                                                                                                   View Download 

2: Flash animation turned into a video :

Please use this video to complete the Lattice Energy Form if you could not connect with the Link:

3: Form on the Flash animation turned to video: You have 3 submissions for this form.

End of Thursday!


9/30 – Friday – A Day – 2/3a Lab, 4                                     Jump toFriday Homework

Main focus 
 a) To identify types of unit cells in Ionic and Metallic crystals (solids)                                                                                                                                                   

b) To perform unit cell calculations to determine, density, lattice constant, atomic mass, and atomic radius.                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

1. Electrolytic Quiz-  Review video posted, Give back quizzes – period 2/3 only
2Ionic and metallic crystal lattice lesson – began with this for period 4
   X-ray crystallography – diffraction demo 
   cubic cell – video below


Diffraction of light demo double slit experiment = green laser 

Constructive and destructive interference patterns
These patterns can be observed to measure the distance of the 2 slits or the distance between openings in a crystal. 

 The following is an example of an interference pattern or a diffraction pattern that occurred during today’s demo.  This is the famous double slit experiment that proves light has wave properties.

I pointed a green laser at a card that had 2 small double slits.

The bright spots are the constructive interference while the space between the dots are destructive interference.  Based on some measured values and Bragg’s Law we can calculate the distance between the slits that the light passed through AND this is what is done to measure the distance of the lattice constant from metal crystals in x-ray crystallography. 

green laser
Passivity connections
Alloy – stainless steel
3:  Start the classwork worksheet – Calculations of Close Cubic Packing Structures.pdf
Calculations of Close Cubic Packing Structures.pdf
View Download
Calculation with Close Packing structures Key p.pdf
View Downloa

2/3a Lab –  did not get to today! We will have lab in the single period Monday!


LAB  4  The Metal Foil lab – Determine the number of atoms high a copper foil and aluminum foil are using volume, density and unit cell calculations.

The metal foil lab activity is not a formal writeup but please complete it as per the procedure in the handout that I gave.  A piece of paper with your work neatly written with units and sig figs showing all calculations will suffice.

Discussed the volume unit relatives cm3 = ml and the conversions of m3 to cm3metric prefixes:   

K H D [   ] d c m  —–>  micro, nano, pico

Conversion large number = small unit —–> small number = large unit
Lab 4- thickness of foils – 2017.pdf
View Download


Unit cell for class:  

Presentation for Class and Lab 4: 

Today’s Lesson:  


9/30 – Friday’s Homework: –

Lab 3 is due Monday 10/3 in the crate!

1:  Please make another submission to last nights form. (You can have 1 more submission if needed!)
2:  Please complete the front page of the  Crystalline Unit Cell Problems.pdf and review with the key. 
     I have posted a video below on this worksheet if needed.
*Be for-warned that in my video FOR QUESTION 2, I did not have my calculator in degrees so my final answer to 2 is a bit off because I have the sin 45 to be .8509 when it should be .707.  The handwritten key is correct. IN spite of me you can learn!
My key below is correct for question 2.
Crystalline Unit Cell Problems.pdf
View Download
Crystalline unit cell problems key p.pdf
View Download


2: Crystalline Unit Cell problems HW video :


End of week 5!