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   Q3 : Week 1 – 1/30 – 2/3

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Main focus –                                                                                                                                                         

   a) To discuss the Ultraviolet Catastrophe as the beginning of Quantum Theory 

   b) To identify the significance of Einstein’s Photoelectric Effect.


Period 2,3a,4:

1Light as wave – double slit – Thomas Young

               a) Laser pointer demo with double slit
                b) Destructive interference, Constructive interference     
                c) IR remote –     


2.  Ultraviolet Catastrophe explained- 

     – particle theory of the atom on a crash course with wave behavior of light
3.  Classwork problems with wave equations      
Atomic structure 2 – Bohrs.pdf
View Download
atomic structure 2 – Bohr Key p.pdf
View Download

4.  photoelectric Effect – review – animation
     Photoelectric Effect Lecture with simulation:


NOTES On the Ultraviolet Catastrophe:
There is just not enough energy present at fixed temperatures to elicit high frequency radiation because the oscillators (electrons and atomic nuclei) are taking in the energy in constant chunks (photons) and re-emitting these photons. The energy is not a constant flow and does not build up. 
The heater in the Black Body radiator makes the atoms vibrates at all different frequencies and thus a wide range of photons are released because temperature is proportional to molecular motion range.
 The lower energy vibrations use up the energy first, leaving very few chunks or quanta to excite  the higher energy vibrations.  The higher energy vibrations (at the smallest wavelengths) are needed to elicit higher frequency radiation and there is just not enough of these photons available.
With classical physics, energy is a continuous stream of energy, and oscillators in the black bodies can vibrate with ANY frequency thus have an infinite amount possible frequencies or modes. Classical physics suggests that kinetic energy that is absorbed is absorbed evenly throughout every possible mode (or frequency ). This is called the Equal Partition Theorem and this theory work very well in many cases to predict kinetic energy in many systems.  It did NOT do very well in the explanation of wavelengths emitted from black bodies. Its formulas (of equal partition called the Rayleigh Law) led us with predictions that led to the “catastrophe” because energy that was absorbed by the black body was absorbed equally by all modes of vibration. Because there are more vibrational modes that are smaller (limit to zero) these high frequency modes would gain more of the energy than the less frequent lower frequency modes. 

Max Plank’s new formula was able to predict the experimental results IF the frequency which is proportional to the Energy ONLY existed in discreet bundles and was not continuous! That is matter in the black bodies could not vibrate at any frequency and absorb ANY amount of energy. They could only absorb certain energy amounts AND only start vibrating or oscillating at certain frequencies!
Max Plank started the quantum revolution!
                                                                                 E (energy) =     h     *         f
                                                                             Energy                 =  Planks   *    frequency
    Planks Constant represents a proportionality constant (price per seat!) or the  smallest divisible                                         value that frequency (can have). 
                                       It represents the “energy chunk” = 6.63 x 10-34 J s (Joule seconds)
                 Energy is absorbed in chunks of this small value x the frequency of the oscillator. 
                                                              Energy is not continuous!!!! 
                                                    The oscillator of course are the atoms!!!


Figure 1:
From our reference tables:

Light into the Bohr Model:

Phet demo – Blackbody radiation

Phet demo – Phot0electric Effect – 


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1/30 – Monday’s Homework: – 

1. Complete the photoelectric effect worksheet (side 1 and 2) and review with the key or use the videos posted below to review.  You should of completed the first question from side one last night. If you need a review of the concept of the photoelectric effect, there is a lecture posted below (last one for today) for your viewing pleasure.   

atomic structure – 1 – photoelectric effect.pdf
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atomic structure – 1 – photoelectric effect KEY.pdf
View Download
Lecture that reviews first side of atomic structure – 1 – photoelectric effect worksheet.


Lecture that reviews the second side (questions 5 and 6): 


2. Complete questions 1,2,3 on the following worksheet and review with the key or the video below:
Atomic structure 2 – bohrs.pdf
View Download
Atomic structure 2 – Bohr Key p.pdf
View Download
Lecture on atomic structure 2  – Bohr’s worksheet – (front side): 


                                                                                                                                   . \

Photoelectric effect Explained with the Phet demo 

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1/31 – Tuesday  – B Day 2, 3b Lab/4 

Main focus –                                                                                                                                                         

a) To Review how Max Planck solved the Ultraviolet Catastrophe.

b) To Review how Albert Einstein interpreted the Max Planks equation and used it to            explain the Photoelectric Effect.

c) To solve wave problems using the light equations equations by Maxwell, Plank and           Einstein. 


Period 2:

1.  Connect the Max Planks Ultraviolet Catastrophe to Einsteins Photoelectric effect.

2.  Use the PHet simulation to review the Photoelectric effect = E becomes the E (p)!

       a) redox implications Na vs, Cu! – Review – More in depth review of the photoelectric effect

3Review the light equation and Photoelectric homework

4.  Light theories (Maybe)


Period 3b,4:


1.  Connect the Max Planks Ultraviolet Catastrophe to Einsteins Photoelectric effect.

2.  Use the PHet simulation to teach the Photoelectric effect = E becomes the E (p)!

       a) redox implications Na vs, Cu!

3.  Review the light equation and Photoelectric homework

4.  Light theories (Maybe)


1.  Plank and Einstein’s contribution to the development of the duality of particle and wave behavior of light. 
Plank Energy was quantized by a multiple of (h) = Plank’s constant
Einstein = Light was quantized into packets called photons and each electron interacted with a single photon
    a) Review of the photoelectric effect with animation.
These ideas was on a crash course towards the particle model of the atom
Up to this point we have discussed how Plank gave us the concept of quanta – discreet energy requirements for the oscillators in a Black Body Radiator. And how Einstein gave us the concept of photons (light existing as a particles of energy) in his explanation of the photoelectric effect.  Einstein postulated that light is quantized and that matter (atoms) is quantized by the quanta of light it can accept.  His contribution was vital to the development of quantum mechanics in that electrons and photons are paired with one another in energy changes of matter.  Also the contribution that light can have particle (mass) properties and wave properties (particle/wave duality) was monumental for the development of quantum mechanics.
So Plank uncovered the secret to the Ultraviolet Catastrophe and Einstein the photoelectric effect.  Both were phenomenon that classical  physics could not explain.  
Bright Line Spectra was another phenomenon that know one knew how to explain and yet since the 1850’s it was used to identify elements based on the type of light emitted by elements when they are subject to high energy.



Light into the Bohr Model:

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1/31 – Tuesday’s Homework: – 

1.  Timeline Activity

2.  Photoelectric Effect FormYou need to complete tonights Timeline assignment first!! If you need to review the concepts of the Photoelectric effect please view the lectures posted above the form below.

 Clash of the Titans:  Clash of the TITANS – movie note taking – (instructions below)

Timeline activity – from 00:00 – 27:35 only this weekend!
   Please make a timeline of important events that lead to the 
   development of quantum mechanics (our current model of the atom).
Time line activity – Trace the important moments in the development of the atom.
Scientists – dates – places – accomplishments – anecdotes – 
This will be collected once it is completed and YOU ARE ONLY STARTING it!
I am asking that you start your timeline from 00:00 to 27:35 of the Clash of the TITANS movie below. 
Clash of the Titans   or
I will be collecting this once we complete the entire timeline next week!
I have an example posted below which you should model the rest of your Timeline from.
My Example:


                                                                                                                                   . \

Photoelectric effect Explained – Phet demo 

Photoelectric effect Explained with PHet Simulation: 

2 : Photoelectric Effect 21-22 Form: 

End of Tuesday!


2/1 – Wednesday – A Day – 2/3a Lab, 4  

Main focus –                                                                                                                                                         

    a) To 


Period 2/3:  


2.  Mass
    a) Isotopes
3.  Particle Theory

Period 4:



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2/1 – Wednesday Homework: –


2/2 – Thursday – B Day 2, 3b Lab/4

Main focus –                                                                                                                                                         

    a) To 

    b) To 

Period 2:  – 


2: C
3.  ph


Period 3/4:  – 




2/3 – Thursday Homework: – 


1.  Complete 


2/3 – Friday – A Day – 2/3a Lab, 4  

Main focus –                                                                                                                                                         

    a) To 

    b) To

c) To 


Period 2/3:  – 

1.  Connect 

2.  Use 

a) redox

3.  Review 

4.  Light 

Period 4:  – 

1.  Quick 

2.  Review

3.  Light 




Light into the Bohr Model:


2/3 – Weekend Homework: – 

1. Don’t worry it be a lot! 🙂