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Q4: Week 6  – 5/30 – 6/3

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5/30 – Monday – Memorial Day





5/31 – Tuesday – A Day – 2/3a Lab, 4

Main focus –                                                                                                                                                         

    a) To write nuclear equations for alpha, beta, and positron decay.

    b) To solve Half – life problems

    c) identify artificial Transmutation, fission and fusion.


 Period 2/3, 4 : 

1. Practice Nuclear equation writing

2.  Artificial vs. Natural transmutation

3.  Fission vs, Fusion

Practice Nuclear Equations.pdf
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Half Life Practice Problems
View Download 

Nuclear Chemistry Presentation: 


5/31 – Tuesday Homework: –                                                                                                                                                               

1. View the Crash Course 3 on Bonding
     These are the topics that are covered in the Regents curriculum.  Some we covered in the Summer Institute.      
     Some we covered in the AP course.
2.  Log into Castle Learning and complete the Bonding Assignment 
      It will include past regent questions from this unit. This will count as a quiz grade and I will give half credit on retries.


Crash Course 3 – Bonding


6/1 – Wednesday – B Day – 2, 3b/4 Lab

Main focus –                                                                                                                                                         

    a) To solve Half – life problems

    b) identify artificial Transmutation, fission and fusion.


Period 2 , 3/4   

 1. Complete the particle accelerator discussion into Half – Life problems

 2. Complete the Half-life problems or practice

 3. Fission vs. Fusion


Half Life Practice Problems
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Nuclear Chemistry Presentation: 


6/1 – Wednesday Homework: – 


1. Complete Review Book pages 177 – 185 and review with the key: Link to key

2. Complete questions 75 – 85 of the August 2018 Chemistry regents. 

a) Please take a look at the answer booklet to see how the state wants to answer these Part 2 questions.

b) Please use the scoring guidelines to review.

August 2018 Regents Chemistry Exam.pdf
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August 2018 Regents chemistry answer booklet.pdf
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August 2018 Regents Chemistry Scoring Guidelines.pdf
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6/2 – Thursday – A Day – 2/3a Lab, 4

Main focus –                                                                                                                                                         

    a) To complete the review of Fission vs. Fusion

    b) The atomic bomb vs the H-bomb 

    c) To identify the radioisotopes used in dating, treating and medical diagnosis.

Period 2/3, 4: 

1. Complete the nuclear chemistry unit for both classes.

      a) Mass defect

      b) Nuclear reactions vs. chemical reactions

      c) Binding energy differences in Fission and Fusion

      d) radioisotopes

                                            Exothermic Chemical Reactions  <   Fission  <    Fusion

                                                                         Conservation of mass                     mass defect.     most mass defect

2. Complete selected questions from August 2018 Regents


Nuclear Chemistry Presentation: 


6/2 – Homework: –  HW:  Crash Course: 

1. Please view the Crash Course 2 – Review of the Reference Tables
2. Log into Castle Learning and complete the Review of the Reference Tables assignment 
 It will include past regent questions from this unit. This will count as a quiz grade and I will give half credit on retries. 
 Everyone has this assignment as of now! 🙂             

Crash Course 11 – A review of the Reference Tables:


6/3 – Friday – B Day – 2, 3b/4 Lab

Main focus –                                                                                                                                                         

    a) To Complete the Fission and Fusion devices.

    b) To identify selected radioisotopes and their uses.

    c) To review the concepts of colligative properties. 

    d) Review spontaneity with table J questions

Period 2, 3/4:
 1. Complete the Nuclear Fission bombs for period 2
 2. Complete the end of chapter questions  from the presentation.
 3. table J review
3. Colligative Properties.’

4. table J review with Castle Learning assignment.

colligative properties – electrolytes 07.pdf
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4.  Regents Chemistry Sprint – 


Colligative Properties Presentation: 

Practice Exam 1  – Part 1 – THIS IS FOR PERIOD 3/4 TODAY! 

THis is not for your homework!


6/3 – Homework: –  

 Period 2 only:
1 Complete the Table J Castle Learning assignment.                                                 
 Period 3/4 Only
1.   Review your incorrect answers from The Practice Test 1 multiple Choice that was taken in class today with the review video that was linked to you through the grodski grader.
Both Classes
2.   Please complete the 1 – 50 multiple choice questions from the Regents Chemistry Review 1 Castle Learning  assignment.
5 more days left 🙁