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Summer Assignment

Fall of 2021 – STUDENTS TAKING AP CHEMISTRY without taking REGENTS CHEMISTRY NEED TO Visit the Summer institute link.

To all students taking AP Chemistry For the Fall of 2021: 

I hope you are enjoying your summer.  I have a summer surprise for you below that you can download.  Yes it is a summer assignment!!  The reason for the assignment is not to enhance your summer filled activities with the scintillating aspects of chemistry (although it may be aside effect), it is to get you ready for the start of the year, keeping your chemical skills crispy fresh.  You are embarking on a course that traditionally has been thought of as one of the most challenging AP courses that the College Board has to offer.  Admission officers are well aware of the challenging nature of the course and thus success in this course may help in your college entrance as well as earn you college credits.  AP Chemistry is taught globally and many of the students of this course start their course in mid to early August, where we start in September.  The summer assignment is necessary to equal the playing field on top of the fact that I have already exposed you to many AP topics in honors chemistry last semester.  The summer assignment is a online experience that will be explained below. The instructions are included and you can email me with questions at This assignment is due on the first day of school.

Have an extra Scintillating (ZnS) Summer!

Less than 1837 hours left! 

Mr. Grodski

1: Please fill out contact form
2: Join New Remind Class (text message service)
3: Work on assignments (summer assignment posted below) THEY WILL BE LINKED to you
     using your email that you added to the form below!
4: respond to poll (1st poll is not up yet.)
5: check to see if there are any updates (additional digital activities)
 I will be contacting you regarding your summer assignment soon and you will receive a link from me, using the email that you give me below.  You will use that email to correspond with me and to receive your summer assignment. 
Your school email will not work thus I will need your personal email.  It would be best that you use gmail.  If you do not have a gmail account it would be best if you sign up below:

AP Chemistry Institute Sign Up Form – Summer 2021


2: Please use this link or the instructions below to sign up to the Remind (class text service).

Summer Assignments – 
Please check as I will be adding assignments periodically this summer:)