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Q1 – Week 2 – 19-20

Week of 9/9 – 9/13

9/9 – Monday – period 7/8 Lab day!
1. Classwork:
Complete the Form in class below:

Week 1 Roundup Form

The beginning part of the form is based on the lecture below:
                                period 8 –  
Day 3 – (Day 0 – Friday)
1.  Fast Plant Data Lab 1 Collection in Marbles:  Phenotype identification
2.   Fast Plant Data Lab 2 Collection in Marbles:  Percent Germination
What is happening right now with our FAST PLANTS?



AP Biology Statistics

*Connections – We have been learning about “Central Tendencies” primarily at home but I want you to understand  that Central Tendency statistics is very appropriate to BIOLOGY because of the alleles that organisms have are the result of natural selection or evolution.  A synonym for central tendencies is Normal Distribution and the distribution of alleles from populations of organisms will generally fit in a normal distribution or bell curve.
There will be more individuals near the mean (norm) than any other because this allele measured at the mean gives the organism advantage to survive in its current ecosystem.  Individuals at the far left and right of the Normal Distribution curve do not have the same advantage and thus few of them survive before reproducing.  The key here is that the individuals that are multiple standard deviations away from the mean (norm) provide the population with VERY IMPORTANT DIVERSITY that may result in preventing the extinction of the species.  Those few individuals with very different forms of the “norm” allele may struggle to survive in current condition but their frequency COULD rise if condition change and their allele NOW gives them the advantage.  This is Natural Selection. The KEY is that the population must have the diversity before the change in conditions.  If it does not the species will go extinct which is the fate of most species.
If we were measuring the height of a corn stalk, what would be so disadvantageous to the corn plant to have very small stalks and very tall stalks?
9/9 – Monday – Homework:
1. Please make one more submission to the Week 1 Roundup Form.
     Use the same form above for the second submission.  You have 2 submissions. The form is on auto-reply that will identify your incorrect your answers.  Make your edits and resubmit (the entire form).  
2: Please view my lecture below on SEM (Standard Error of the Mean)
3: Complete the Stats 3 worksheet based on what I teach you on SEM . 
   I gave this worksheet in class.
Biology statistics 3 – SEM.pdf
View Download
3: Review with the key.
Biology statistics 3 – SEM Key p.pdf
View Download
End of Monday..

9/10 – Tuesday – period 7 – Academic Study Hall
1. Review your math from the last form using the key below.
2. Start your Homework.
                                period 8 –  
1. Observations from our FAST Plants
2. Design of experiment:  
        Fast Plant Data collection /discussion /Study design
        pill vs. Being Happy (anti depressant medication)
        Control / placebo effect / double blind
        Hypothesis /Graph
9/10 – Tuesday Homework:
1. IN your marbles please Calculate the following from your groups data of FAST PLANTS:
Baseline: DAY 4 – Before we place some in LED LIGHTS. – DO NOT Do this by hand!
    A) Mean height (cm)
    B) Standard Deviations
    C) Range of heights (cm) in 95% of a normal population
    D) Calculate the Standard Error of the mean (SEM) for your data
2. Review your week one round up form with math Key:
Week 1 Round up Form math key:


3:  Whole article due Friday  9/13 at 4:30 am  – The Ant Odometer Article: (quiz x3)
Tonight – Questions 1 – 6 are due Tomorrow but the whole set of questions are due Friday
ant odometer full article – student.pdf
View Download
    a) I will share a google doc with questions that I want you to answer from the article.  Some of you have changed the email that you are now using. I will use the email from your Personal history that you gave me last week. If you need permission to get in I will link to your new email.  
Make sure that you are logged into google with your personal email NOT the school gmail!
End of Tuesday..

  9/11 – Wednesday  – period 7/8
1. Review the basics of the Ant Article – 
  with NPR Video of the ANT research media.
2: Observations on Fast Plants/Marble notebooks
    Measuring germination only today…New observations
     Notes on seed coat and Life cycle.
3. Excel activity with Height data begins
3. Review the basics of the Ant Article with media
NPR Video of the ANT research:

AP Biology Statistics

9/11 – Wednesday Homework: Statistics in real research.
1. Please enter you labs group’s Data in your excel spread sheet.
2. Please continue with the article’s questions.
3. Review Whisker box statistics/if needed – I did review this statistic in class.
– The Ant Odometer Article:


The following is a short video on whisker box statistics that they use for their error bars. You will need this to understand the data.  The error bars they use on the boxes are not Standard error.  I did go over theses box plots in both classes but if you need to review the video is waiting.
Remember the box plots are just middle 50’s which just mean 50 percent of the middle of the Normal Distribution of values with the Median in the middle.  They call these box plots IQR’s  (Inter Quartile Range’s) .  The whiskers are the outliers AND WE DO NOT use the outliers (or whiskers)  to see if they overlap!!!  I am an outlier (+2 or more SD from the mean in height) and you would not judge or make any statistical  judgements on my height FOR the entire population. Example:  How does the airline industry determine the size of seats and the distance between them? Would they use the my height to make these determinations?  We care about the population around the norm (mean or median) and we care about the majority of the ants are doing and not the outliers.  So we look to see if the boxes overlap or not for a determination of significance.
End of Wednesday..

9/12 – Thursday  –    period 7 – Academic Study Hall
                                      – period 8
1. Observations – Fast Plants /marbles – measure growth from day 6
We are measuring the heights of our Fast plants grown in fluorescence lights and those growing in under the LED lights to see if there is a statistical difference using the Standard Error of the mean.
2.  SEM Activity – LAB 2! – Just started – added our individual data the class Google Sheet
Class Google Sheet:
We took a baseline Tuesday and today we will determine the SEM from the 2 groups to see if there is a statistical difference between the two groups.
This will review Homework review of Central Tendencies, mean, variance sStandard deviation s and now SEM (standard error of the Mean) . All of these formulas are found in your AP Biology table.
AP Biology Reference Tables.pdf
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AP Biology Statistics

9/12 – Thursday Homework:  
1.  Complete adding your data to the Class Google Sheet for Lab 2.
2. Complete the Ant Article in shared doc.

9/13 – Friday – period 7,8 Lab
1.  Created a AP central account and was entered into my AP Classroom.
2.  C0ntinue making DATA spreadsheets for out data tables and our Graphs for Lab 2.
      We used excel and used actual data from Day 0-4 and DAY 4..
Design of experiment:  
        Fast Plant Data collection /discussion /Study design
        pill vs. Being Happy (anti depressant medication)
        Control / placebo effect / double blind
        Hypothesis /Graph
9/14 – Friday (weekend) Homework
        1.  Complete the Meiosis and Mitosis form below. 
              This form is due Monday morning at 4:30 am
                Please use your book chapters 12 and 13 or YOUR 1st NORT!!!
                There will only be one submission for this form!

Meiosis and Mitosis Quiz – 19 – 20


End of week 2 !!!! well when you finish homework!