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Q1 – Week 5 – 19-20

week 5

Week of 9/30 – 10/4

9/30 – Monday  –  Rosh Hashanah – Happy New Year
10/1 – Tuesday  –  Rosh Hashanah

10/2 – Wednesday – Period 7 – Academic Study hall
                                    – Period 8
 1: Start Test 1 – Part 1
 10/2 – Wednesday HW Bonus Question for Test 1  Due by Friday morning 4:00 am- 
1: Read and try to interpret research article on peppered moths.
You will have to answer questions on this article and there are no exceptions.  If you do not complete the form with effort you will lose 10 points on the test but if you answer the form with effort and get some things incorrect you will lose no points.
I have posted a lecture below to help you interpret the statistics.  Expect me to ask you make conclusion statement from the data, table 2 and figure 1.  This is the only part of the test you may have open discussions on but your answers must be your own words.
Research Article – Peppered Moths.pdf
View Download
Lecture on Peppered Moth Research Article:
Extra Credit Form:

Test 1 – Bonus Question – Pepper Moth Predation Study

End Wednesday..

10/3 – Thursday – period 7/8
    1:  Test 1:  Part 2 of 1 hopefully..
                       Some started Part 3 of Part 1
HW:  No homework but you may want to revisit the extra credit article/video that is posted yesterday.
     1.  You could get a head start on Friday’s Homework as those forms are  
             posted and open.

10/4 – Friday – period 7 – Academic Study hall
1. Complete Test – part 3 of part 1 🙂
10/4 – Friday / Weekend Homework:  
             Morphology – relationships between organisms based on structure
1: Please view the activity below
2: Watch the 2 youtube videos
3: Complete the form below.
Morphology = physical structures that organism have for comparison of evolutionary decent.
For questions 2 and 3 you will need to view in FIREFOX Browser or in CHROME to run the javascript that this page require. It will not work in safari!
For questions 4, 5, 6:
For question 7, 8:
Questions 9,10…based on overall knowledge of Morphology learned.
Form for Morphology:

Evolution of Homo sapiens – 1920




National Geographic article:
End of week 5!!!