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Q1 – Week 7 – 19-20

week 7
Week of 10/15 – 10/19
10/15 – Monday – period 7  – Academic Study Hall
                                       – period 8
1.  Collect Field Trip permission slips 
2.  Review of Homework Form – Tay Sacs
Evolution 3a- Hardy-Weinberg Principle key p .pdf
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3. Brine Shrimp Lab setup
      Brine Shrimp Lab – Which saline solution did Natural Selection favor?

Raising Brine Shrimp

Monday night’s homework:
HW:  Period 8 please watch video above for page 1.
1: Rock Pocket Mouse activity done on the packet given out. 
    This is due in class Tuesday 10/16. 
Evolution 5 – Pocket Mouse Activity.pdf
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10/16 – Tuesday –  – period 7/8
1. Classwork: Classwork – Evolution 4 – Hardy-Weinberg Principle 2 .pdf
    May not have time for this today..
Evolution 4- Hardy-Weinberg Principle 2 .pdf
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Evolution 4- Hardy-Weinberg Principle 2 Key p.pdf
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2. Questions on the packet/collect?
3.  Brine Shrimp Observations:
Evolution 6- Harvey-Weinberg modeling activity.pdf
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Tuesday night’s Homework:
1.  One more night to Review and complete Evolution 5 – Pocket Mouse Activity.pdf
      Due Wednesday!
2. Complete Hardy- Weinberg form posted below:
The form has all the information you need to complete on its own.

Hardy Weinberg Principle Form 2

End of Tuesday!

10/17 – Wednesday – period 7  – Academic Study Hall – log into Pearson – get the etext
                                                 – period 8
*Collect Pocket mouse packet

1.  Brine Shrimp – Lab observations.

2. Continue – Modeling Activity
Hardy Weinberg Ugly/Pretty activity – 
Evolution 6- Harvey-Weinberg modeling activity.pdf
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We got to mate 5 generations with selective mating (Ugly!)
10/17 – Wednesday HW:  Due Friday Morning 10/19 (4;30 am) 
1: Please complete the form below using your text if necessary from Chapters 22 and 23.
Fast Plant Time Lapse BY DYLAN (last year)!!

10/18 – Thursday – period 7/8 – I will not Have EXTRA HELP TODAY – my son’s conformation
1. Brine Shrimp Data gathering
2: Complete Hardy Weinberg Ugly/Pretty activity – 
3: Genetic Drift activity – 
Hardy Weinberg Ugly/Pretty activity – 
Evolution 6- Harvey-Weinberg modeling activity.pdf
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Genetic Drift activity – 
Please download
Grodski Excel Modeling HWP lab .xlsx
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Evolution 2

10/18 – Thursday Homework
Please complete the form posted Wednesday using your text if necessary from Chapters 22 and 23.  

10/2o – Friday – period 7  – Academic Study Hall – 
                                1: collect Lab 1 phenotypes and add to class data – google sheets
                                             F2 generation:   4 phenotypees
                                       LINK TO GOOGLE SHEETS for FAST Plants for class DATA:
                                      2: Calculate the % Hatching Viability – Brine Shrimp Data for 72 hour period
                                      add to marbles and class data – google sheets
                            LINK to GOOGLE SHEETS for Brine Shrimp Class DATA
                                     – period 8    
1:  Evolution – presentation – Genetic Drift

Wisconsin Fast Plants

10/2o – Friday Weekend HW:  : 
1. Resubmit the Chapter 22 and 23 Form posted Wednesday.  The form will open again this weekend.
2. Please complete the following in bold for Brine Shrimp Lab.
    All sections of Lab with the google doc that I am will/have shared with you.
1.  Title Page – 
2. Background – write about the Brine Shrimp – anything that may help you understand it better or                                                          that is relevant to the lab.  (make sure that any sources you used are listed in the  
                                     sources section.
3. Question – What question is this lab answering based on your background?
Your background should be written so that it leads to a final question.  The hypothesis is then a measured statement that is an attempt to answer this question THROUGH the experiment.  The beginning of the lab report is really a cohesive document that connects the background to the question which the Hypothesis attempts to answer through the collection of data. If you are not sure why we are doing this lab please view the Brine Shrimp presentation earlier in the week. It gives hints.
3. Hypothesis – Measurable statement
4. Procedure – List the steps that you completed so that others could repeat the      
                               experiment successfully.
5. Materials –  List all of the materials that were used in this lab
7. Results
8. Conclusion
9. Sources
End of week 7!