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Q2 – Week 2 – 20-21

week 2

Week of 11/16- 11/20

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The 5 day – A, B, C, D cycle looks like this:
                                                       Day                      Period
                                                                             7                                  8                              
                                        In class:         A         Academic Study               AP BIOLOGY                  
                                   Remote:                       Academic Study                   AP BIOLOGY              
                                         In class:         B         AP BIOLOGY                   AP BIOLOGY                      
                                                          Remote:                    AP BIOLOGY                 AP BIOLOGY           
                                                In class:              C         AP BIOLOGY                   AP BIOLOGY              
                                   Remote:                     AP BIOLOGY                AP BIOLOGY       
   Monday                    In class:          D         Academic Study               AP BIOLOGY  
                                   Remote:                     Academic Study             Academic Study     
This week’s 5 day Schedule:   I = In person,  R = Remote                                                                                 
11/23 –  Monday  – “D” Day   – period 7D,8D – I   7(D)  AP BIO ACADEMIC STUDY / 7(B) 8(B,D) AP BIOLOGY
                                                        – period 7D,8D – R  7(D)  REMOTE INS  / 7(B) 8(B,D) AP BIOLOGY REMOTE INSTR
11/24  – Tuesday – “A” Day  – period 7A, 8A –  7(A) AP BIO ACADEMIC STUDY(ASH) / 7(C) 8(A,C) AP BIOLOGY
                                                            –period 7A, 8A -R  7 (A) REMOTE INSTR –  ASH  / 7(C) 8(A,C) 20-21 REMOTE INSTR
11/25 –  Wednesday – Thanksgiving Recess
11/26  – Thursday –  Thanksgiving Recess   
11/27  – Friday –  Thanksgiving Recess      

11/23 –  Monday  – “D” Day   – period 7D,8D – I   7(D)  AP BIO ACADEMIC STUDY / 7(B) 8(B,D) AP BIOLOGY
                                                        – period 7D,8D – R  7(D)  REMOTE INS  / 7(B) 8(B,D) AP BIOLOGY REMOTE INSTR
The Blue Team is Remote today.  Please move to the Remote Instruction page.
 1. Protein folding activity continues!
        a) It should only take a few minutes to fold our proteins.
Origin of Life Presentation for Class discussion:

Origin of life

2. DNA activity begin – everyone will have individual google slide to complete along with me.
Please make sure you open that email and link before we begin.
DNA is another example of a polymer because it is made up of repeating nucleic acids.
Remember that proteins are also polymers because they are made up repeating amino acids.
Each individual nucleic acid bonds to other nucleic acids by removing water to make a phosphodiester bond that links the phosphate group to the sugar. An H is removed from the phosphate and and OH is removed from the sugar and thus a water is removed. This is another example of dehydration synthesis!
Now we have 2 nucleic acid, RNA and DNA.  They only differ by they type of sugar in the nucleic acid AND they use the nitrogenous base uricil instead of thymine.
Given the differences between ribose found in RNA and deoxyribose in DNA what nucleic acid was being synthesized above?
Here is the Codon Chart that represents the nucleic acid code for all amino acid.

11/23 –  Monday  – “D” Day – Homework – 

1: For those that thought I went too fast please watch the following video to catch up. Theo asked me to record so here it is.


2.  Please watch my video below that will complete the slide that we were working on today.  Please work with with me to finish the slide that we were working in class with. I will give you instructions on how to complete your homework from the sheets that I gave out today in the video as well.
Please take a look at my screenshot that I did after you guys left today. All I did was number the carbon in the deoxyribose (sugar). We always count starting from the Carbon next to the Oxygen.
Also notice that I bonded the third nucleotide by creating a phosphodiester bond that links 3 Carbon (on the sugar) to the phosphate of another nucleotide. I used white boxes to take out the 2 hydrogens and 1 oxygen (that becomes water in another example of dehydration synthesis).
Please add this to your presentation before you begin viewing the video.
2.  Please correctly cutout, tape a double stranded DNA molecule that correctly codes for the first 2 amino acids in your protein that you folded last week. It must be anti-parallel!  You will need a total of 12 nucleotides that will make a 6 nucleotide code from 5′ to 3′.
A) Make sure that you create phosphodiester bonds by cutting out 2 H’s and 1 O atom (removing  
      water) to link nucleotides AT THE 3rd Carbon.  
B) Make sure you mark with dots the correct H-Bonding that occurs between nucleotides.
C) Make sure you put a A,T,C,or G inside the nitrogenous base of each nucleotide.
D) Make sure you label each of the four ends with 5′ or 3′ ending!
E) Make sure that your DNA correctly codes for your amino acid sequence from the 5′ to the 3′          direction.
F) Put your name on your DNA!
IF you need more nucleotides!
nucleotide 1920.pdf
View Download
It will be collected and graded.
I have posted each lab’s groups primary amino acid sequence ( the first 2 amino acids from the 
N terminus from your protein that was constructed.
Blue Team:
Red Team:
End of Monday..

11/24  – Tuesday – “A” Day  – period 7A, 8A –  7(A) AP BIO ACADEMIC STUDY(ASH) / 7(C) 8(A,C) AP BIOLOGY
                                                      –period 7A, 8A -R  7 (A) REMOTE INSTR –  ASH  / 7(C) 8(A,C) 20-21 REMOTE INSTR
*Ordered  Sordaria Firmcola from Wards to arrive Next wed.
The Red team is remote today. Please move to the Remote Instruction Page.
Period 7 –
1.  Watch some videos on protein folding.
2.  Look at the 3D folded protein, hemoglobin.
3. Fold your proteins – finish your activity.
4. Continue with the DNA activity!


DNA Activity Instructions:

1: Title Page, with your name: slide page 1

2: 1st Notes page:
General Label Nucleotide: nucleotide, sugar, phosphate and nitrogenous base on slide page 2
3. 2nd Notes pagePyrimidines, Purines, Name of the nucleotides based on nitrogenous bases on slide page 3
4: 2nd Notes page with small DNA fragment(6 nucleotides total with 3 on each complimentary strand):
Illustrate and label:  phosphodiester bonds, identified all nucleotides (Adenine, Thymine, Guanine, Cytosine),
On slide 4                          5′ or 3′ direction of DNA fragment, correct H-Bonds with dots between the nucleotide  
                                             pairs,  Make sure your nucleotide pairs are correct and your orientation of your  
                                             complimentary strands.
Write the DNA’s fragment code for both strands:   example:   5′ ATA 3′
                                                                                                                               3′ TAT 5′
Part 2 : 3D DNA model building.
5:  Take a photo of the 4 nucleotides of the model kit of your color and
Label: nucleotide name, Purines, Pyrimidines and place carbons, Nitrogens and oxygens on top of the models
On slide 5   
6.  Take a photo of the Sugar Phosphate backbone and 
Identify and label:  the phosphate, and deoxyribose (sugar).  
On slide 6   
Number the carbons on the sugar.
7.  Build the SAME 6 nucleotide DNA segment that you created in step 4 above.
8.  Take a Photo of the DNA segment and label the image with arrows and labels with the same list from step 3.
On slide 7   
9. Connect your segment with others in your group or class to create a very large DNA segment.  
      a) Take a photo and label the direction on a new slide On slide 8 
      b) and Write the DNA Code for both strands on the slide
10.  Make sure you have Titled every page.

11/24  – Tuesday – “A” Day Homework – Thanksgiving Recess Homework – 
There is none!
Have a nice break! 
I hope you do not fold under the pressure! – Thanks Charlie and Connor!
End week 2!