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Q3 – Week 4 – 19-20

week 4

Week of 2/24 – 2/28 – 

2/24 – Monday – period 7/8
Use the .2 % solution ( 2 grams in 1000 ml of water).
1: Guided inquiry Photosynthesis lab continues-
All lab groups completed their data gathering today including another control.

Colors for Lab

Monday 2/24 – Homework:  
*All four ecology forms are due Wednesday 2/26!
The slide-up lab – Photosynthetic Pigments is due tomorrow!
1. Please view the videos below and answer the form:
Video 1: Overview of Cell Structure: It will not play from this page. Click on video to play in youtube.

Video 2 :  Endoplasmic Reticulum:

Video 3:  Protein Trafficking:

Tour of the animal cell:
Cell Anatomy Form:

Cell Anatomy – Cell organelles and Function 1920

End of Monday..

2/25 – Tuesday – period  7  – Academic Study Hall
1.  Make a second submission to last nights form if you need to.
2. Start your Formal Lab Write- up on the Photosynthesis Lab.
I will expect that you give me very detailed lab that is focused on the inner working of  photosynthesis.
Period 8:
1: Cell organelles review/cytoskeleton 
2: Cyclic and Non-Cyclic photo phosphorylation, anoxygenic photosynthesis
3: Fermentation-  alcohol and lactate  – Diagrams started – slide 7 – go back and review.
Fermentation Diagrams.pdf
View Download
   I have emailed everyone a link to the Google Doc to begin your write-up of the lab .                           
2/25 – Tuesday Homework:
1:  Begin the Photosynthesis Lab write- up. I have sent this!
Tonight I am asking for you to complete 
a: The background
b: The question or questions.
c: the hypothesis.
d: the procedure
This lab will be due at 12:00 midnight Friday !

2/26- Wednesday- period 7/8
1.  Complete Fermentation through enzyme regulation:
2/26 – Wednesday Homework: 
1.  Make another submission to today’s form. 
     It will be auto-email reply.  You will have 3 total submissions tonight!
This below is optional and I will discuss what I want done in the lab in class:
1. Please watch the lecture on how to deal with your data.  We will be generating ET50 values.
  Make sure you have Logger pro installed on your computers. Please open Self – Service and download from   SCHOOL logger pro.
2: Create your graphs and include the procedure and data into your labs.
You will need graphs to obtain the ET 50 values. Remember that we are investigating RATE = how fast is photosynthesis occurring and thus we need to use the SLOPE of these initial graphs to obtain the ET 50’s, just like we used slope in the Catalase lab. Once you obtained your ET 50 value from each TRIAL then you need to create another graph (bar maybe) that illustrates the possible trends that the independent variables may be influencing the dependent variable. 
What else would be necessary when using graphs ?  HMMM….
3.  So tonight you should complete the Materials and Procedure section and start the DATA section.
      If you are not complete with your data YOU should start making tables or graphs.  Tomorrow             night you are completing the data, results, and conclusion section.
New ET50 calculation video:
How to make error bars in Excel.  I am showing you how thus is done for a line graph but how would you could apply the same technique with a Bar Graph.
End Wednesday..

2/27 – Thursday – period 7 – Academic Study Hall
1.  Work on the Data Table/Results/Graphs part of your Lab
2.  Conclusion writing
2/27- Thursday Homework:  
1: Complete your Lab write- up of your Photosynthesis Lab
    Complete the Data, REsults, and Conclusion.
Write your conclusion ready and have your conclusions ready for me to review.  
    If you did not complete your conclusion then I will not read what you write in class Friday.
*REMEMBER – The smaller the ET50’s the greater the photosynthesis!!! OR if your use 1/ET50 then you will have a direct relationship.
This video is for only those students that did not measure the range of disks that floated in time intervals.  If you measured the middle disk time directly then that time is the Et 50 or the medium value and you do not need to use the linear algebra method of determining of the ET 50 that the video describes below:
New ET50 calculation video:
2:  Also I tested the cellophane filters and the following light traveled through each of the filters.
Here are the pictures of the wavelengths of the light that traveled through the films:
It appears that the cellophane filters did filter some the light but it did reemit the color of the cellophane. 
Complete spectrum: No filters


Clear cellophane: Some light from light bulb is filtered.
Blue cellophane: A lot of red is filtered out but a lot of Blue is emitted. 
Green Filter: Some blue is filtered and some red is but green is emitted.
Red Filter: A lot of greens are filtered but a lot of red is emitted.

2/28 – Friday – period 7,8 

1: Photosynthesis Lab write-up/QA
2. Lab write-up completion.
3.  Photorespiration discussion:  


 C3 vs C4 and CAM metabolic pathways
2/28 – Friday Homework   Photosynthesis lab due Today on February 28th at 12:00 midnight.
1: Photosynthesis Lab due.
2:  Study for test this Monday 3/2 on cellular respiration and photosynthesis
      Vocabulary review for test Monday.
Period 8 (1 period):       Part 2 Vocab/diagrams,
The test has will be 3 periods with 3 sections. Each section will be timed (single period). You will not be able to go back to any section or come after to finish.
Part 1 MC – AP Questions
Cellular Respiration/ Photosynthesis/ A little Ecology/ cell anatomy
Part 2 Vocab/diagrams – Monday!!
Photosynthesis vs. Cellular respiration
Diagram of Chloroplast
Part 3 Expanded Questions
Regulation of enzymes
Cell Anatomy uses
Photosynthesis Lab
End week 3!