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Q3 – Week 5 – 19-20

week 5

Week of  3/2- 3/6 – 

3/2 – Monday – period 7 – Academic Study Hall – Study
                              period 8
Photosynthesis and Cell Respiration Test –  Today Part 2 – Part 2 vocabulary, diagrams
Test Breakdown:
The test has will be 3 periods with 3 sections. Each section will be timed (single period). You will not be able to go back to any section or come after to finish.
Part 1 MC – AP Questions
Cellular Respiration/ Photosynthesis/ A little Ecology/ cell anatomy
Part 2 Vocab/diagrams – TOMORROW!!
Photosynthesis vs. Cellular respiration
Diagram of Chloroplast
Part 3 Expanded Questions
Regulation of enzymes
Cell Anatomy uses
Photosynthesis Lab
3/2 – Monday Homework:  
 There will be no study homework..
End of Monday!

3/3 – Tuesday – period 7,8 – 
Complete Test:
                                 Part 1  – MC – ( period 7)
                                 Part 3 – Free Response – ( period 8)
3/3 – Tuesday Homework Our focus to the end of the year is cell to cell communication and that starts with the cell membrane that defines the inside of the cell (intracellular) and the outside of the cell (extracellular).  The cell membrane determines what components can enter or leave the living space (intracellular) and it also is responsible for the protruding protein receptors that allow for chemical messengers to communicate.
1: Please use Chapter 7 in your Text to answer the following form:

Cell Membrane Form 1 1920
End of Tuesday..

3/4  – Wednesday-  period 7 – Academic Study Hall
                                      period 8
1. Homework review – key was sent out.
2: Chemistry of soap
3: Cell membrane – permeable to (in terms to ) 
small nonpolar
small polar
Big Nonpolar
Big Polar
4: White board activity

Cell Membrane

Water Potential Lab – Cell Model


3/4  –  Wednesday’s night HW:
1. Please read below:
Tonight we are learning how water and why water passively diffuses into and out of cells through integral transmembrane proteins called aquaporins.  This diffusion of water is specifically called osmosis and its ability to move across the cell membrane is based on a mathematical concept called water potential (ψ).  Do not get intimidated by the ψ symbol.
The greater the ability for water to reach the aquaporins at the cell membrane the greater the abiity the water has to perform osmosis.  We say that in this instance water has high water potential.
The highest water potential water can have is zero.  This would be with water with no solute particles.
                                                                ψ water = 0
The lower the ability for water reach the aquaporins at the cell membrane, the lower the ability water has to perform osmosis. We say that in this instance water has low water potential.  The lowest water potential will have the most negative number.
                                                            ψ water = negative
The factors that determine the ability of water to undergo movement across a membrane include the dissolved particles in the solution called the solute potential ψsolute  (solute potential) and ψpressure (pressure potential).  Pressure potential can be both positive or negative depending if the pressure helps water get to the membrane (positive) or if it prevents it (negative).
                                                            ψ water =   ψ  pressure  +  ψ solute
Dissolved particles get in the way of water reaching the aquaporins in the cell membrane and thus solute potential is always negative.
                                                         ψsolute = – iCRT
              i = the number of particles the dissolved particle breaks apart into.
                           Example:   NaCl   —->  Na+   +   Cl–   (2 particles)
                                           So NaCl (table salt) has an i = 2
              C = Concentration value 
              R = Gas Law Constant
              T = Temperature (kelvin scale)


There is movement of water in both directions BUT there is OVERALL NET movement of water TO THE Right!
 THis is because there is higher water potential on the left side of the semipermeable membrane AND there is Lower water potential on the right side due the dissolved particles (getting in the way of water reaching the membrane).  
The formulas for water potential and solute potential are located in your reference table:
2.  Please follow along with the Water Potential worksheet.pdf worksheet while listening to the lecture posted below:
3. Complete the form after the video.
Water potential worksheet Key p.pdf
View Download
Water Potential worksheet.pdf
View Download
Water Potential worksheet review lecture:
Tonights form:  You have 2 replies tonight!

Water Potential Form 1920


End of Wednesday..

3/5 – Thursday – period 7,8
1. Complete the cell membrane group white boards
2.  Water potential = presentation slides 1 – 16
3.  Homework review – Water potential worksheet p.pdf .  It was emailed back to you last today.
Isotonic / Hypotonic / Hypertonic
equilibrium = water potential extra cellular = water potential intracellular
Osmosis vs. diffusion
Active vs. Passive transport
3/5 Thursday Homework
1.  Please complete Water Potential 2 worksheet fixed.pdf and review with the key.
Please skip questions (i) on page 1 and 2.
Water Potential 2 worksheet fixed.pdf
View Download
Water Potential 2 worksheet KEY final.pdf
View Download
2. Please complete second water potential form below. 
*Also there is water potential review lecture that I posted (below the form) if what I did in class is getting you down like a very concentrated solution. 🙂
Water potential form 2:   It’s on Auto-grade!
Use last nights key to figure it out!
In the last question please SCROLL TO SEE THE LAST COLUMN!!

Water Potential Form 2 1920


Water potential Lecture:
Cell Membrane Whiteboards:  And the winner is!!!!!!!
End of Thursday…                            

3/6  – Friday-     period 7 – Academic Study Hall
                              period 8
1: Hand Back test energy 2 test. Review selected problems.
2: Homework review:  selected problems modeled
3/6  – Weekend Homework – HW:  
1.  Review your test with the posted key in powerschool.  If you questions about problems that you cannot solve or would like to argue any points that you think you should have earned, please prepare those statements for Monday.
2. Review Thursday nights homework with my key:
3. Finish the Water Potential 2 worksheet fixed.pdf worksheet and review with the key.
Water Potential 2 worksheet fixed.pdf
View Download
Water Potential 2 worksheet KEY final.pdf
View Download
4: Please write a multi-step (at least 3 steps) water potential problem that is similar to the ones you have been answering the last 2 nights. Use the 2 worksheets and /or water potential form as a guide.
    a):  Please write a key for the problem.
  I will email a google doc that you will use to complete this assignment.problem.
On the first page of the google doc please compose your problem.
One the second page of the google doc please provide an accurate key.
End of week 5!