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Q4 – Week 1 – 19-20

week 1

Week of 4/6 – 4/10 – Spring Break? – We will not have class Thursday and Friday this week!

4/6 – Monday – We will NOT have a short meeting by a tall teacher at 12:30.
Today will not be an extra-help session. I will review selected questions from MC finished Friday and the Part 2 Free Response section that should of been completed by today tomorrow!!!!
4/6  – Monday Homework:
1.  None if you have completed both the review of the MC questions and the part 2.

4/7 – Tuesday – We will meet today at 12:30 !
1. Review your class statistics from practice test 1
2. Selected question review
3. Chief Reader’s Report on 2019 Free Response:
2019 – AP Biology Free Response – Chief Reader Report p.pdf
View Download
How much did we review?
Lets see the mean raw score was 42 questions correct thus:
69 – 42 =  27 ( average incorrect )
27 x 14 (students) = 378 questions incorrect
672 minutes viewed/ 378 questions incorrect  =   1.78 minutes viewed per question.
Not sure if  1.78  minutes per question is enough!
4/7 – Tuesday – Homework:  (Due Thursday)
1. Start/Complete Practice Test 2 MC.
Part 1 – 63 Multiple choice & 6 Grid – In math questions – 
                               Pace:    90 minutes / 69  =   1.3  minutes per question
2. Review incorrect questions from MC practice test 2 using the posted review video in the AP Bio review Page!
 That  video will be posted or opened once I receive all responses.
End of Tuesday..

4/8 – Wednesday – We are not Meeting Today!
1. Please finish Practice Test 2 – (Multiple Choice Test)
2. Review your incorrect or guessed correctly questions with the review video.
I will open that up shortly..

4/9 – Thursday –  We are not Meeting Today!
1) Make sure your Practice Test 2 is completed and you have REVIEWED IT with  video.
4/9 – Thursday – (weekend homework) Homework:
Please complete the 2018 AP Biology Free Response .I will send you a link to a Google Doc to place your answers into. Completed and satisfactory Free Response Questions will count.
Once you complete this part 2 section please review to see how many points your earned for each question WITH the AP Central Key then Review with my Key to understand how complete each question.   I wrote my key days after the AP questions were released last year.
2018 Free Response Questions: (you have a hard copy given out Friday)
2018 AP Biology Free Response .pdf
View Download
AP Central Key:  
2018 AP Biology Free Response Scoring Guidelines.pdf
View Download
Grodski Key:  
2018 AP Biology Free Response Solutions p – Mr. Grodski.pdf
View Download
4/10 – Friday –  We are not Meeting Today!
Due Next Tuesday morning:
                                                a) is the Multiple Choice Practice Test 2 AND YOUR REVIEW!
                                                b) 2018 Free Response Questins AND REVIEW
End of week 1 of quarter 4!