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Q4 – Week 8 – 19-20

week 8

Week of  5/26 – 5/29

5/26 – Tuesday – We will meet today at 12:30!
5/26 – Tuesday – HW: 
End of Monday..

5/27 – Wednesday.. No meeting today..

5/28 – Thursday – No meeting today..
5/28 – Thursday – Homework :
Please complete all that you were to finish in Fold it, including the Corona activity.

5/29- Friday – We will meet today at 12:30 pm
From this point we will meet Tuesday’s and Fridays at 12:30 only.  We will learn about human organ systems. 

Circulatory System

We will begin our tour of the human body systems with the circulatory and respiratory systems.
5/29- Friday – Due by Tuesday – 
Please view the OPTIONAL videos in order for the circulatory and respiratory systems in Khan Academy using the following link and complete the form BASED ON THE circulatory presentation slides 1 – 29 that is posted above.
I have a screenshot below: Please view and click through the learn column and Practice.
Circulatory and Respiratory Form:
This will be posted over the weekend..