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Q4 – Week 9 – 19-20

week 9

Week of 6/1 – 6/5
6/1 – Monday – We do not meet today!
6/1 – Homework:
1:Please complete the form from the weekend.
It is posted last Friday but I have reposted below:
You may need the presentation that this was based on. 
I have posted it below the form.
Circulatory presentation:

Circulatory System

End of Monday..

6/2- Tuesday – We meet today at 12:30!
Link to today’s meeting:
Password: 4J?&8=R?
 – Completed respiratory and circulatory systems
        – heart conditions
        – Thoracic Cavity
        – artery vs vein bleed-out

Digestive System

6/2- Tuesday homework-


6/3 – Wednesday – We do not meet today!

I will have an assignment up for today on the Digestive system!
1:Please watch the the following video on the anatomy of the stomach:
2. Please complete the form based in the video:

6/4 – Thursday – We do not meet today!
1: Please view the following Video on the small intestine:

2: Complete the form in the small intestine:

Small Intestine Form

End of Thursday..

6/5 – Friday – We meet today at 12:30!
We completed our discussion of the Digestive system with todays lecture.
6/5 Weekend Homework:  
1. Please catch-up and complete any outstanding work that you may have. As of today, I have updated Powerschool .
We will meet next Tuesday and I will have an assignment posted next Monday.
Have a Nice Weekend!