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Archive – Q4 week 6 – 19-20

Week of 5/11 – 5/15

* Please Free Your Schedule For Thursday from 1:30 – 3:00. Please let your Family know that you are taking your AP at that time.  Please have your family OFF the Internet if possible to limit any disruptions or etc.
5/11 – Monday – We will meet at 10:00 am!
1. Review of Practice Test 6 / Statistics
2. Plan for the week.
5/11 – Monday – Homework – 
1.  Please Review the following documents that the College Board WANTs every student to review before the test AND “TRY” the TEST DEMO below to get yourself acclimated to the test day experience.
TEST DEMO:  It will ask for your TEST ID which you do not have yet. Just put in any 8 character value and it will work.
2. Extra Credit – Practice Test 7 – This test has been linked you with answer keys and review videos. You will need to use the Form posted in the Review Page for the MC. You will need to upload your work in the shared doc that was sent over the weekend.  The College Board Key is linked. The MC choice video and Free Response Review Videos are posted. I should have the links for the Free Response Video done today.
I am not grading this but just checking for completion.
3. Also if you have a Free Response Weekend Homework that is not complete, now is good time to complete it as it would make no sense to complete them AFTER the AP. Therefore if there is a zero for a Free Response Homework it must be completed by this Thursday.
The following Free Response Questions have been assigned:
        Year       Assigned           
        2017 –        4/8
        2016 –        4/17
        2018 –        4/24
        2019 –        5/1
End of Monday- 

5/12 – Tuesday –  We will meet at 9:25!
1. Mock AP EXAM – I will using the College Board’s Practice Exam for this years Exam.  It was released last week and this test is the same format as you will see on your actual test.  I will administer this test using the College Board’s Demo to simulate your test THURSDAY. This test is the same format as you will see on your test.  
Question 1 : 30 minutes Total (Last 5 minutes to submit)
You must submit in the Last 5 minute period. You will not be able to move to question 2 until you have submitted in the last 5 minute period AND the time for question 2 has started.
I picture per page page of work. 5 pictures total can be uploaded
Question 2: 20 minutes Total (Last 5 minutes to submit)
I will post my answer key and a video for the practice test.  I will grade your AP and send it back to you by Tomorrow so that we can review it Wednesday. College Board did not publish a key nor any scoring worksheet with these questions so I will be guesstimating the Rubric for an AP Grade based on previous Rubrics we have used.
5/12 – Tuesday –  Homework:
1.  Please review Your MOCK practice TEST with linked resources.
I will get this back to you by Tuesday Evening…
End of Wednesday!

5/13 – Wednesday – We will meet at 10:00am!
1. WE will review the MOCK Practice Test!
5/13 – Wednesday Homework:  
1. Relax!  If you have done everything that I have asked then you ARE READY!

5/14 – Thursday – No meeting scheduled unless you have questions..

I will be interested with any information on the test you want to share.. I will not see the test today.

5/15 – Friday – No Meeting scheduled!
5/15 – Friday – Homework –