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Archive – Q4 week 7 – 19-20

week of 5/18 – 5/21

5/18 – Monday   – We will not meet today!
5/18 – Monday  – There is no homework!

5/19 – Tuesday   – We are meeting today at 10:00am.
2020 AP Chemistry Test questions released May 26th.  
There we are many as 20 versions of this test.
June 2nd at 4:00 is the AP Chemistry Make-up
1. Preparation for the virtual Elementary/Middle School Demo Expo
We have been asked to create a virtual online live production for both the Middle School and our elementary school.  We will be using Zoom Web Conference to connect to these students.  
Obviously you cannot be in the classroom with me but my 2 boys will be my assistants.  My plan and please interject if you have a better idea is for you guys (my AP Chemistry students) to host and narrate what I will be doing in the classroom.  Yes we are bringing back Ben the Lab Assistant! (And introducing Ben IV and Brady the lab assistants!) I would like you the students to design this show and narrate this productions.  Me and my assistants will perform the demos that you chose in the order you choose to cohesively teach and demonstrate scientific principles interconnect. Each Lab of the 8 labs groups will be in charge of a certain part of the production.  This is historic as we have never done anything like this before.  
Basic Themes that all Lab groups presentations must adhere to. Think in the same way I taught you this year. Big picture connects to individual concepts.
Atoms/Particles —-> Kinetic Energy ——-> Phases, pressure, reactions, etc.
More details to follow..
If are planning to take the make-up for ant reason I need to know so that I can keep sending you practice materials!
So please fill out the form below:
Last year 2018 – 2019:


2017 – 2018:


2016 – 2017:


2015 – 2016:


5/19 – Tuesday – Homework
 1. Preparation for the virtual Elementary/Middle School Demo Expo
    a) Please fill out a google form for the people you want to work with. It does not have to be in the same lab group or period.
    b) Please look for the link for a google doc that will be linked per group based on the form above.
        i) Name your group!
        ii) Start brainstorming what demos that you want to narrate and describe that fits your  
              smaller theme that connects to the Big Picture.

5/2o – Wednesday – We are meeting today 10:00!
Possible Presentation Teams:
1. Ali, Selena, Julia , Amanda, Matt K, Alex
2. Rose, Gianna Ciappa, James, Madison 
3. Maddie, Lola, Josie, Val!, Debra
4. Conor, Gavin, Gavin, Griffen, Cole
5. Ellen, Matt, Ryan, Emily, Jackie
6. Joseph, Luke, Brooke, Emily, Brandon
a)  Naming your group!
b)  Groups idea – focus – demonstrations
c)  Open for brainstorming
5/2o – Wednesday – 
1. Start building a list of possible demos that will teach your group’s focus. Please add that to the shared doc that will be sent out today linked per team.

5/21 – Thursday   – We are meeting today 10:00!

Today’s Recorded Zoom Session: 
* District – wide Science Demo Show (middle school, 4th graders elementary school)          will be on May 28th, NEXT THURSDAY!
I was given this date and we need to be ready for next week so unfortunately we need to accelerate our planning!
1. You need to solidify what group is doing (narrating) what demos.
    a) What are the demos we are doing? What demos are your group narrating? Who will be doing the  
         narrating?  YOU MUST ALSO LEARN THE DEMOS!
2.  We need a master list of all demos and their order for that day.
I will be looking at your work from this point on to make suggestions and etc.
3.  You need a to begin writing your “scripts” of your explanations.  I would love for everyone in each group to be “narrate” but I will not make anyone do anything they are uncomfortable doing. I recognize that they are many talents people have and people who choose not to narrate can contribute mightily in other ways.
Everyone in the group must learn these “scripts” in the event the person that is doing the narrating loses connection, someone in the group can step in and complete.  I will only step if this absolutely necessary!  This is your show not mine!
In order to coordinate all of this I need the teams to be able to view the other teams shared docs so that there is no duplicity in demos.  No other outside team has editing rights to another team so it is up everyone to work together and come up with a consensus.  If I have to I will step in to facilitate.
1. Ali, Selena, Julia , Amanda, Matt K, Alex
2. Rose, Gianna, James, Madison 
3. Maddie, Lola, Josie, Val, Debra
4. Conor, Gavin, Gavin, Griffen, Cole
5. Ellen, Matt, Ryan, Emily, Jackie
6. Joseph, Luke, Brooke, Emily, Brandon
5/21 – Thursday   – 
1.  Theme of your group?
2. List of demos?
3. Begins Scripts and explanations.
I will be reading your work and making suggestions all weekend long.  
Here is a possible List of Demos to help with awaken you memories:
Maybe there are demos we should not do?
1.   Whoosh Bottle (with a twist) – 
2.   Whoosh bottle Flame thrower (cyclohexane)
3.   Flaming Book
4.   Burning cotton vs. guncotton(nitrocellulose).
5.   Precipitation Demo – (clear solutions to yellow)
6.   Flaming cyclohexane pour – Complete combustion
7.   Hydrogen Balloon vs. Helium , combustion
8.   Butane Bubbles vs Hydrogen bubbles
9.   Pringles Hydrogen Can –
10.  Dynamite soap – (soap with hydrogen and oxygen mixed)
11.   Clear Tube limiting Reagent demo.
12.  Clear – Pink – Clear – Acid/Base/phenolphthalein/ magnetic stirrer
13.  Blowing Air through a straw into a solution with acid/base indicator (color change- CO2 acid)
14.  Hollow out penny demo..
15.  Underwater fireworks..
16.  Nitric Acid / Copper —> blue solution/siphon demo
17.   Syring on manometer.
18.   Helium on manometer.
19.   Sulfer Hexafluoride on manometer.
20.  Vacuum chamber: accordion tube, marshmallow, shaving cream
21.   Crush the can
22.   Egg in and out of the bottle – heat
23.   Egg in and out of the bottle – cold
24.   Water in the glass/cardboard/ screen!
25.   Large Flask Demo/cardboard
26.   Boiling cold in baggie/ gets bigger/ flaming out of hole.
27.   Shrink Wrapped Student (Brady!!!)
28.   Density of He and SF in balloons.
29.   He and SF sing along…
30.  Bernoulli – Bag filled with one breath
31.    Bernoulli – Leaf blower with beach ball/ upside down
32.    Bernoulli –Air Cannons – 
33.    Smoke rings – with air cannons
34.    N2(l) with radio
35.    N2(l) with Raquet balls
36.    N2(l) with Light sticks, some heated , some room temperature
37.    N2(l) with flowers
38.    N2(l) with balloon
39.    N2(l) Large Classroom Fog
41.     I dream of genie demo
44.    Ruben’s Tube
45.    Super heated steam.
46.    Dry Ice air hockey
47.    Dry ice leaky faucet
48.    Dry ice large bubble in flask
49.   Dry ice with universal indicator in large graduated cylinder
50.   Sodium in water
53.   silver plating a flask – ( we did this to a christmas ornament)
54.   Dry ice and magnesium turnings – 
56.  Cool reaction – stirring 2 solids and beaker freezes to a the board.
57.  Ping pong and ethanol in a battery bulb – I did not demonstrate this one this year
58. Bernoulli – ping pong ball launcher
59. pressure – inflation demo – 2o dollar bill becomes 1 dollar bill as liquid nitrogen “shrinks it”
                          This is always best when followed by the balloon and liquid nitrogen.
60. Pressure – large tornado tube! – Boyles Law demo!
61. Pressure – Potato rife demo – Boyles law!
62. Paint can explosion – liquid nitriogen
63. Fog horn Liquid nitrogen
My son playing the piano with Rubens tube 6 years ago!  when we made it in the garage..
light demo’s ?? not sure if these types are applicable.
I know there is more.. I will add more later..
Enjoy Memorial Day! –

5/22 – Friday – We will not meet today !  
The day will be a social-emotional learning/wellness day for students.  A variety of resources and activities will be placed on the District’s website for students and families.  
Happy Memorial Day Vacation!
We will meet nest Tuesday at 10:00am to continue our planning…