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Archive – Q4 week 9 – 19-20

Week of June 1 – 5

6/1 – Monday – We will not meet today.
Thank you to everyone who participated in the planning and in the presentation 
on Thursday night.  I got some real positive feedback!
I will finish out the year with 2 topics that were not part of the AP Chemistry Curriculum and are part of the regents curriculum.  We will start with organic chemistry. The study of carbon – based molecules that are the backbone of Biology (Biochemistry).  
6/1 – Monday Homework:
1. Please view the lecture in Slide 1 – 32 of the Organic Chemistry Lecture 1 based on the organic presentation below:
Organic Chemistry Lecture 1: 
Presentation that lecture is based on:

Organic Chemistry 1 – Alkanes, Alkenes, Alkynes

2. Complete the Form below based on the lecture and form below: 
(its on auto-reply and you have 3 total submissions to this form)

Organic Chemistry Lecture 1

End of Monday..

6/2  – Tuesday – We will meet today at 9:00!  I have a parade to go to for the seniors.
Link to today’s Zoom Meeting that Taught how to name alkanes:
Password: 5I=.9@9z
Yesterday Started REGENTS CHEMISTRY – organic chemistry – up to slide 32!
We covered yesterday  – Slide 1 – 32
Important points:
1. How to identify an organic chemical
2. The properties of organic compounds (same as molecular or covalent).
3. How their boiling points differ based on size of hydrocarbon chain.
4. General formulas for alkanes, alkenes, alkynes.
5. Saturated vs Unsaturated hydrocarbon.
6. Structural isomers – structure is king!
7. Basic IUPAC nomenclature – Prop (3 carbons –  from table P) ane (alkane – from table Q)
Today we will complete the nomenclature of the IUPAC naming system for alkanes, alkenes and alkynes by completing the 1st presentation in our zoom session today.

The International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC)

The International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) is the world authority on chemical nomenclature and terminology, including the naming of new elements in the periodic table; on standardized methods for measurement; and on atomic weights, and many other critically-evaluated data.

6/2  – Tuesday – Homework
1. Please compete the Alkane Naming 12 Worksheet New.pdf using the concepts learned to today.
    Review with the key or with the video that will be posted that will review every organic molecule

Alkane Naming 12 Worksheet New.pdf


Alkane naming 12.pdf Key:

Alkane naming 12 NEW Key p.pdf
View Download

Alkane naming 12.pdf Video:

Play in Youtube and click on the timecode view the structure you want.
End of Tuesday..                                     

6/3 – Wednesday  We will not meet today BUT there will be a assignment posted!

6/3  – Wednesday – Homework – 
Alkane naming form: (auto-reply):
When you choose numbers for the name of the compound please go to the next set of numbers if you need multiple numbers. Do not use the same set for multiple number. Example:

Organic Naming Form

End of Tuesday..

6/4 – Thursday – We will not meet today BUT there will be a assignment posted!

I want everyone to know that I am finishing the Regents curriculum so that you have the option to take the January Regents next year if you want to. If anything else what we are doing is expanding your knowledge on topics you could see in college.
Today we will begin working with Organic Chemistry part 2 presentation based on functional groups.  Table R of you Regents Chemistry will be very helpful here.
We will start using The Regents Reference Table:
These are the most recent regents chemistry tables:
 2011 edition reference tables.pdf
View Download
 For viewing on screen
 2011 edition reference tables printable.pdf
View Download
 For Printing as a Hard Copy

 Organic Presentation – Part 2 – Functional groups- (Table R):

Organic Functional Groups – part 2

6/4  – Thursday – Homework – 
1. Please watch the Next Lecture on Functional groups and complete the form.
Functional Group Lecture:

Functional group Form: 

Functional Group Form 1

End of Thursday..

6/5 – Friday – We will meet today at 9:30!
Link to today’s Lecture: 

Password: 6i^404aJ

1. Complete Functional Groups/nomenclature
2. Organic Chemical Reactions Lecture – Via Zoom

Organic Reactions – Part 3

6/5  – Friday – Homework – 
There will be no homework this weekend but there will be an assignment posted Monday. We meet again next Tuesday ay 9:30.
As of yesterday, I have updated Powerschool and if you have work that is outstanding please get that done.  The quarter and the year is quickly coming to a close!
Enjoy the weekend!