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Q1 – Week 1 – 21-22

9/2 – Thursday – A Day 

       1. Gmail accounts/web page

      2. Grades –        10% of all quizzes – homework, notes, activities

                                 30% of all Labscompleted as a group

                                 60% of Tests – open notebook using  your daily notes

      3. Note-taking – daily 

      4. Homework – one assignment a week.

      5. Contact – email:

      6. RemindPlease join below


      7. Teamwork-

          8. Watch “old safety video”


9/2 Homework – None today!


.9/3 – Friday – B Day 

       Main Goal: 1. Safety Rules in the Laboratory

                            2. Classification of Matter – Element, Atom, Molecule Compound

      If you have not joined the RemindPlease join below


     Note taking begins today- 

     A)  “old safety video” review

     B)  Review of homework – posted below:

     C) Whoosh bottle demo review with Classification of matter terms

Today’s NOTES:

1.  Chemical reactions react can unpredictably. 

2.  Do not do any of your own experiments.

Yesterday’s Demo:


9/3 Homework –  Due Thursday – 9/9

 1. Complete the Chemistry Safety Form below – 

           Lab Safety Lesson–  (this is due Thursday 9/11 ) Use the Lab safety contract pdf that is posted below to complete
                                                                                                     this activity.
Grodski Safety Contract  – 2013.pdf
View Download
In this activity, you will write the safety rule (just one sentence) ,its number from the safety contract (that I gave you and is posted below),  AND WHERE IN THE VIDEO (: timecode) that is demonstrated in four safety videos.  You need 10 different safety rules and you must use 3 out of the 5 videos. You must use 3 videos and you must have 10 different Safety rules written total.
Let me restate: You must find 10 unique safety rules throughout 3 of the 5 videos of your choosing. 
Example of a COMPLETE answer:
               1: Jefferson High VIDEO – #45. Examine glassware before each use. (3:23)
I  know what #’s each video covers and where thus will grade your work based on this accuracy.
The video playlist is posted below the lab safety form for your convenience.


Safety Video Playlist – There are six videos in this playlist (which is also available in the youtube channel).  You must choose 3 of the 5 videos in the playlist below.  To select the video from the playlist click on word icon on the upper left corner  to toggle between the list and the video 
As you may have figured it might be easier to write you responses in a word doc then cut and paste 
it into the form when you are done. This way you have a record which might come useful if there is a issue with submitting
End of week 1!.