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Q1 – Week 2 – 9/9 – 9/10

9/9 – Thursday – A Day 


      1. Contact – email:

      2. RemindPlease join below


     3. One more Day for the Safety Form.

Main Goal1. Classification of Matter – Element, Atom, Molecule, Compound, mixture

In class we completed Note-taking on the following worksheet –

Matter Classification Flowchart Lecture Homework.pdf
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 9/9 Homework

1. If you have not completed the Safety Video form then you have one more day to complete it.  It is due tomorrow at class time. Anytime after that the assignment will be scored a zero in powerschool. The form is posted under Friday in week 1.

2. Please complete the form below which is really the back side of the today’s worksheet posted above. It is based on today’s notes. You will have 3 submissions to the form. Once you fill submit your form, you will get an immediate reply that will grade your work.  Please review and do this 2 more times. I will take the highest grade.

Homework form:


Classification of Matter Form 1:   You have 3 total submissions tonight.



9/10 – Friday – B Day 

       Main Goal: 1. Use a model through white boards to classify Element, Atom, Molecule                                             and Compounds

      If you have not joined the RemindPlease join below



Today’s NOTES:

1.   Your White – boards or drawings of assigned matter.


9/10 Weekend Homework/Classwork –  Due Thursday – 9/9

1: Watch the Nuts Bolts Washers classification video and when asked to please classify below in the form below that will be an immediate feedback form.  Carefully use the multiple choice list below to make your choices of classification.

2: Complete the Form below based on the video posted below:


1 – Nuts and Bolts video for the form:  This is for the homework form below..


2 – Nuts and Bolts Form –  You have a total of 3 submissions to this form.


End of Week 2!