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Q1: Week 1  – Archive


Week of 9/3 – 9/5 

Wednesday 9/3 
period 7 – Welcome! Intro demos! 
(whoosh, whoosh  FT, Nitrocellulose, Books!)
1. How is chemistry different than living environment?
2. How we will run course? Team based learning! 
Teams, responsibilities, peer evaluations, breakdown in grading.
Chief today is _________.
3. Remind 101 
4. website – texts, layout
5. HW is a must/bring a computer every day is a must.
Todays demos: (well my whoosh bottle was not that impressive the first time,  I will try again tomorrow!):
1: Complete Personal History Form (below)
2: Watch Mr. Grodski Rules of Engagement.
YOU will have a individual quiz on #2 and #3 tomorrow. You will have a Team quiz on same questions right after. I will average the individual quiz with the team result for your first Team grade.

Regents Chemistry 2014-2015 Contact Form

Mr. Grodski Rules of Engagement Video:

Thursday 9/4 
period 7 & 8
1. Team activity 1.1: Individual Quiz on HW – RAT (Readiness Assessment Test)
2. Team Quiz with the same questions. (Team and individual quiz will be averaged for your first Team Grade).
3. Reteach
4. Team activity 2: Lab Safety – 
    a) watch safety videos
    b)white board individual safety rules
    c) prioritize your rules
    d) report to your Teams and white board all rules and prioritize your rules (from most important to least                         important and why.
    e) Demonstrate and grade the other groups: (100, 95, 90, 85, 80, 75).
1. Watch lecture  1.1 : Metric System and Conversions
Standard 1, Key Idea, M1.1 – recognize and convert various scales of measurement
length – Kilometer (km), meters (m), centimeters (cm), millimeters (mm)
2. Do some selected problems on the following worksheet. I have posted the key for you viewing pleasure.
metric conversions ditto 0607.pdf
View Download
metric conversions 1 key.pdf
View Download
3. You will have a RAT tomorrow on the this info.
Lecture 1.1 (used for Thursday’s night HW)
Safety Video Playlist – What we looked with.
Todays white boards on safety videos:


Friday 9/5
Students who need to complete the personal history form:
Period 7 – RAT on skill 1 – Converting between units
1. individual quiz on converting units
2. give back RAT 1 with score, review the scoring.
3. Cross Cutting – Put the concept 1.1 into context.  
        a. Class Notes – hand out and where on website
        b. English vs. Metric (expanded) worksheets shown
4. Team scratch off quiz
5. Review / Reteach
HW: Due Monday 9/8
1. Review Friday’s RAT (Readiness Assessment Test) with the video key below if you had trouble with the factor label method . You are being held responsible for this method.
Video Review of  RAT 1.1:


2. Watch lecture 1.2 – Converting to the metric system from english units
Standard 1, Key Idea, M1.1 – measure and record experimental data and use data in calculations
-choose appropriate measurement scales and use unit in recording
-Show mathematical work, stating formula and steps for solution
3. Work on Conversions 2 steps worksheet
conversions 2 step.pdf
View Download
conversions 2 step key.pdf
View Download
Lecture 1.2 :