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Q1: Week 10 – Archive

Week of 11/3 – 11/8

Monday 11/3 – period 7 
1: RAT 16 Handback and review
2: DOG 2 Handback and review
Manometers 1112.pdf
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Manometers KEY 1112 New Key.pdf
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HW: Due Wednesday 11/5
1. Please view the following 2 lectures.
2. Complete the selected questions that are assigned in the video from Manometers 1112.pdf.
There is no form with this homework.
3.  Review with the key above.



Tuesday 11/4 – No school – Election Day
HW:  Please complete a short quiz:

We will using Socrative a unique way for me to poll your answers to short quizzes from a tall teacher.  It is very simple to use.  

Please take your device (computer or phone) and log into
My room number is : 852557
Answer questions..

Wednesday 11/5 – period 7/8
1. Complete the review of DOG2
2. REview HW (Manometers 1112.pdf)
3. review Socrative Quiz (not grading).
4. Prove there is pressure
Todays in class demonstration:
Thank you Lily and Chris!!!
– Glass /cardboard 
– Large Flask/ cardboard
– Shrink Wrap students
– Marshmallows in chamber
– Air on Beach ball
– Air on balloon Inverted
– blowing a bag
– ping pong launcher

Pressure intro

THis lecture review last nights socrative quiz:

1: Please use the whiteboards below to answer the form (which will count!)
THis due by 12:00 am!

Manometers student whiteboard Quiz

Thursday 11/5 – 
1: Homework review:
+10 for doing the homework!  +5 if you were selected as a lide! +5 for RACHEL for helping another student. 
+5 For Chris getting wet yesterday (on accident?). I am readjusting the Hw grades since my key was in error.
2: Rat 17 – I will count the better of the two grades wednesdays night homework and todays RAT for RAT 17.  
Bernoulli’s Priciple Demos: Lowering the pressure by organizing the fluid (air)
– blowing a bag
1: Please takes notes on the slides 37 to slide 46 in the presentation below (Gas Law Pressure Intro):
I will collect these notes on Friday, tomorrow. The 10 best notes will earn points on tomorrows RAT.
2: Your Focus is to gain an intuitive understanding of how the following variables 
Volume, Moles, Pressure, and Temperature affect gas behavior.
3. You will be asked to play animations or videos for each slide. Please do so. Without these visuals it will be very difficult to be successful in this topic.
Here is a sample question for tomorrow:
If a gas at constant pressure and moles, has its temperature increase its volume will?
answer:  increase (direct proportion).


Friday – 11/9 – period 8/9
RAT 18 – The variables of that affect gases.
Bernoulli’s Principle Demos:


1. Watch Lecture 1.18R and use page 1 of gas law regents level dittos 0910.pdf worksheet as you will write notes into the worksheet.
2. Complete selected questions from worksheet.
Questions 4,5 and 9 – 16 on the Boyles,charl,Gay 0506 combined.pdf worksheet.
3. Review with Key.
Lecture 1.18R:
gas law regents level dittos 0910.pdf
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gas law regents level dittos 0910 key.pdf
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Boyles,charl,Gay 0506 combined.pdf
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Boyles,charl,Gay 0506 combined. KEY.pdf
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Quarter 1 has been completed!