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Q1: Week 3  – Archive

Week of Sep 15 – 19
9/15 – Monday – Period 7 – Comprehensive Assessment Test 1 (CAT 1)
Based on the topics of RAT 2,3,4,5
1. Please view Lecture 1.6 – Chemical vs Physical change (For RAT 1.6 Tomorrow!)
Standard 1 – S1.1 – use theories and or models to explain observations
Standard 4 – 3.2 i – distinguish between chemical and physical changes
Standard 4 – Performance Indicator
3.2a – A physical change results in the rearrangement of existing particles in a substance. A chemical change results in the formation of different substances with properties.
2. Complete the backside of the worksheet as directed by me in the video.
3. Review with a key
Classification Properties Ditto 2011 p.pdf
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Classification Properties Ditto key.pdf
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Lecture 1.6 = Chemical vs. Physical Change (also starring Physical intensive and Physical extensive properties)
RAT 1.6 Tomorrow!!

9/16 – Tuesday – Period 7 –
                                                       Review CAT 1 – Hand back
                                                        RAT 1.6 – Chemical vs Physical Change (Extensive vs. Extensive)
                                                    Page 10 demo
                                                    Bubble Demo
                                Period 8 –  same as period 7
1. Please view Lecture 1.7 – Classification of matter (for RAT 1.7)
Standard 4 – Performance Indicator 3.1- 
Explain the properties of materials in terms of the arrangement and properties of the atoms that compose them.
3.1q -Matter is classified as a pure substance or as a mixture of substances.
3.1r – A pure substance(element or compound) has a constant composition and constant properties throughout a given sample, and from sample to sample.
3.1s -Mixtures are composed of two or more different substances that can be separated by physical means. When different substances are mixed together, a homogeneous or heterogeneous mixture is formed.
3.1t – The proportions of components in a mixture can be varied. Each component in a mixture retains its original properties.
 and 3.1u ,3.1w, 3.1x, 3.1cc, 3.1dd,  
2.  Complete the backside of the worksheet (with the shapes) and review with key.
Matter Classification Flowchart Lecture Homework.pdf
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Matter Classification Flowchart Lecture Homework key.pdf
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Lecture 1.7 
Today’s Demo:

9/17 – Wednesday – Period 7 –
1. Hand Back RAT 1.6
2. Review Hw (Matter Classification Flowchart Lecture Homework.pdf) and 
                               Classification Properties Ditto 2011 p.pdf homework
1: Watch the Nuts Bolts Washers classification video and classify when asked below in form below that will be graded as your individual RAT.  Tomorrow you will work in your teams and take a group RAT and combine this individual RAT (below) with it. We will call it RAT 1.7.
Bolts/nuts/washers classification- There are 7 questions so please SCROLL!

Nuts Bolts Washer Classification Form

Multiple choice answers for video:
A) Element    
B) Compound    
C) heterogeneous mixture of  2 elements 
D)heterogeneous mixture of 2 compounds
E) Homogeneous mixture of  2 elements
F) Homogeneous mixture of 2 compounds
G) Heterogeneous mixture of  3 elements
H) Homogeneous mixture of 3 elements
I) Heterogeneous mixture of a compound and 2 element
J)Homogeneous mixture of a compound and 2 elements
K) Heterogeneous mixture of a compound and three elements
L) Homogeneous mixture of a compound and three elements
M) Heterogeneous mixture of a compound and element
N) Homogeneous mixture of a compound and element

9/18 – Thursday – Period 7 –
        1. Review Nuts Bolts Washers Individual RAT (HW last night)
        2.  Whiteboard activity – every student makes one slide of a particle diagram using there own legend for atoms
                                     Period 8 – Lab 1 – calculating percent error and writing lab conclusion
1: Please View Lecture 1.8 – Diatomic Elements and Monoatomic Elements 
Rat 1.8 will be on topics from Lecture 1.7, 1.8,  and the Nuts Bolts Washers activity.
2. Using the whiteboards of matter (atoms, molecules, mixtures) that you and your classmates made today  fill in the form. You will be classifying these models of matter in the form.  
RAT 1.7 will be the best out of two grades.  If you received a grade of 70 on last nights classification and a 90 on tonights then you will get a 90 for RAT 1.7. (Remember I drop the lowest RAT of the week).
Lecture 1.8 : 

Todays Whiteboards: to move to next whiteboard please click on the arrow on the upper right side of this gadget.  You can also zoom in and out.  If you are having trouble viewing please refresh browser.

Please scroll down in the form so you can still view the whiteboards above.


Classroom Whiteboard Classification Form


9/19 – Friday – Period 7 –
LAB 1 due Monday 9/22
1. RAT 1.8 
I have graded Rat 8 (1.8) and have dropped the lowest RAT out of 3 (RAT 1.6, 1.7, 1.8)
For those that are still having problems with classifying diagrams I have posted a key of the first 6 whiteboards for your review.
HW – No Homework! Great Job this week!!
End of week 3!