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Q1: Week 4  – Archive

Week of 9/22 – 9/24

9/22 – Monday-  Period 7 – 
1. Review RAT 1.8
2. Elements, Compound, Mixtures, OH My activity.
                                  Period 8 – Compounds mixtures Oh My Activity Continues
Todays Demo: 
Time Lapse:
1: Watch Lecture 1.9 – Classifying Chemicals (Based on today’s Activity)
2: Complete worksheet below and review with key.
Classification of Matter – Chemicals 2014.pdf
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Classification of Matter – Chemicals 2014 Key.pdf
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Lecture 1.9 – How to classify matter with chemical formulas
RAT 1.9 tomorrow

Compounds Mixture Oh My Key


9/23 – Tuesday   Period 7 – 
LAB 1  due today!
1. RAT 1.9
2. Chromatography Demo
3. Total Cereal Demo
Todays demo:
1: Please complete the following worksheet that I gave out in class.
Classification – Regents Classification 1.pdf
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2. Use the form below to place you answers from the worksheet. Be careful with what number you are answering.  This will count as RAT 1.10 (2nd RAT this week). I will grade and email your score before tomorrows class. Please be ready with questions.

Classification – Regents Questions 1 Form

9/24 – Wednesday –  Period 7 – 
Last nights HW counts as a graded quiz equal to one RAT, however if you did not do it I will not drop the lowest RAT of the week.  I do not drop zeros. I drop da Base!
1:  Hand back and Review RAT 1.9
2: Review HW assignment
3:  Handback and review Lab 2 – Density of Liquids
Today’s lecture:
This polymer can absorb 800 times its own mass in water thus for every 1 gram of the polymer it can absorb 800 grams of water. Since the density of water is 1 gram for every 1 ml (Density of 1 g/ml)  each gram of the polymer can absorb 800 ml.  I used about 2 grams of the polymer so I was able to absorb 1600 ml or 1.6 L of the yellow liquid.  We also learned that a cube 1cm by 1cm by 1cm can hold  1 ml.  A cm cubed equals 1 ml.
1. Please complete worksheet below by placing answers in form below. I did not give you a hard copy. You can print out the questions or you can view it below.  All answers must be in the form by 12:00 am Sunday!! or it will be a doughnut! (zero!).  Please use your notes or each other to answer. What this assignment is doing is making you study for next week’s CAT 2 (quiz on classification) and DOG 1 (exam on measurement and classification).
Classification of Matter Regents questions 2.pdf
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View the HW worksheet:
HW Form:

Classification of matter – Regents Questions 2


2. Complete Conclusion for Lab 2 questions (optional):


9/25 – Thursday –  Off

9/26 –  Friday –  Off