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Q1: Week 5  – Archive

Week of 9/29 – 10/3 – Five week Marking Period ends Friday 10/3

Monday 9/29 – period 7-  Coke Lab continues
1: Complete Lab 2 by finishing the calculations (I have posted a video on how)
     and write a conclusion (I have posted a video for that also below)
2.  Draw a particle diagram for coke classifying the substance and the individual components.
3. Study for CAT2 (Wednesday this week)
4. Study for DOG 1 (Thursday this week)
The weekends HW key:
Classification of Matter Regents questions 2 key (1).pdf
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Lab 2 calculations video

How to write a Lab Conclusion

Lab 2 due tomorrow!
Todays Demo:

Tuesday 9/30 – period 7 – Lab 3 – Separation of Margarine
                                 period 8 – Lab 3 – Separation of Margarine
Today’s Demo:


HW: Study for CAT 2 on classification of Matter – 
           The following has been organized for you viewing and studying pleasure. Studying for the CAT is studying for the DOG.  This is a breakdown of all the important material that we leaned in order of how you saw it. It is posted in the previous weeks but I have organized here for you.
 RAT 6  –
Lect 1.6.pdf

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 RAT 6 –
Lect 1.6 
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 RAT 7 –

 Nuts Bolts Washers Classification Review p Key.pdf
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**Remember I took the best out of the 2 classification HW assignments for RAT 7 grade. 

 RAT 7-
White Boards – Sep 18, 2014 p.pdf 
whiteboard review 918 KEY.pdf
 RAT 8-
Lecture 1.7,1.8.pdf
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 – Lecture.1.7, 1.8 KEY.pdf
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RAT 9-
Lecture 1.9.pdf
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Lecture 1.9 Key.pdf
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 Elements, Compounds, Mixtures, OH My Activity
Elements, Compounds, Mixtures, OH My Activity
Compounds Mixtures Oh My 2013 worksheet key.pdf
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 Classification of Matter – Chemicals 2014.pdf
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 Classification of Matter – Chemicals 2014 Key.pdf
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 Classification – Regents Classification 1.pdf
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 Classification – Regents Classification 1 KEY.pdf
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Review of worksheet

 Classification of Matter Regents questions 2.pdf
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 Classification of Matter Regents questions 2 key (1).pdf
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Wednesday 10/1 – Period 7 – CAT 2 -Classification of matter

Todays Demo: Hot and Cold Water Wave Tank
HW: Study for DOG 1 (Diagnostic Observational Grade – Exam 1)
It will cover everything we have done in measurement – CAT 1 and
everything we have done in Classification of Matter – CAT 2
If you want me to send you your graded CAT 2 back to you tonight please email me. The key linked to your grade and I will post a review video. I will take questions first thing tomorrow.
Review CAT 1 and CAT 2 – I have posted a blank copy of the quiz along with a key.
Blank CAT 2 Matter quiz- regents 2014.pdf
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CAT 2 Matter quiz- regents 2014 KEY.pdf
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Video Review of CAT 2 – 


Here is some review material from CAT 1:
Review Material:
              Blank RATS                                    RAT Keys                       RAT Review Videos
 Readiness Assessment Test 2
 Readiness Assessment Test 2 – KEY
 Readiness Assessment Test 3 
Readiness Assessment Test 3 KEY
View Download 
Watch the Review Video 
Readiness Assessment Test 4 
View Download 
 Readiness Assessment Test 4 KEY 
 Watch the Review Video
 Readiness Assessment Test 5 
 Readiness Assessment Test 5 KEY

  Watch the Review Video


Thursday 10/2 – Period 7 – Exam 1 – Measurement and Matter
                               Period 8 – 
HW: No homework Tonight!!
Class average on today’s Test was an 82!  Excellent Job!

Friday 10/3 –  Period 7 – Hand back DOG 1  – 
                                                 -buttery spread lab continues
1: Watch Lecture 1.10
2: Answer questions in the form as they relate to the video.
(this will count as a hw lecture 1.1o grade) – Effort counts here.
3. RAT 10 – lecture 1.10 will be on Monday
Lecture 1.10: Energy Intro
Form for lecture 1.10:

Energy 1 form – Regents

Energy – intro