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Q1: Week 7 – Archive

Week of 10/14- 10/17

Monday 10/13 – Off 

Tuesday 10/14 – Period 7-  Review Metal Block activity
                                                        Lab 4 – Calorimetry of a Cheeto!
1: Complete the CAT 3 Review Worksheet ( I suggest you use a separate sheet of paper for your work on the math questions as I probably did not give you enough room.)
CAT 3 – Regents review questions 2.pdf
View Download
2: Fill out form below: (due by 10:00 pm tonight
3: REview with key that will be posted after 10:00 pm. Once posted and I do not have your answers you will get a doughnut for the HW.
4: Optional: I have a worksheet that lists all the skills needed for CAT 3 with an example of a question for each skill.
DOG 2 – Matter and Energy – Energy skills.pdf
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I will post a video that review this worksheet.

CAT 3 – Regents Review questions 2

Key to worksheet:
CAT 3 Regents questions review 2 Key.pdf
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Most problems with questions 4,6,8,14,23

Wednesday 10/15 – Period 7  – 
1: Reviewed last nights homework quiz
2: Calorimetry of a Cheeto calculations
                      Period 8 – CAT 3- 
HW: Reminder that LAb 3 – margarine  is due Friday
Other than that enjoy a night off from me 🙂

Thursday 10/16 – Period 7  – 
1: Review CAT 3
2: Phase changes intro demo discovery
3: Completion of Lab 4 – Cheeto lab – due Monday 10/20
    You only have to do questions 1,6,7 from the conclusion question page.
    AS always you must write a conclusion.
Today’s Demo time lapse:

Ice melting animation (please come and join me inside the ice crystal as it begins to melt)-



Notice that the water molecules are initially in the solid phase, which is a 3 dimensional geometric pattern (crystal formation). They are initially vibrating in their fixed positions very slowly (low temperature) and as they absorb kinetic energy (heat) their vibration increases.  The vibrations increase up until the molecules start pulling away from each other(melting). Why would the temperature stay constant at this point.

1: Please watch the ice melting animation (35 secs above) 
    and lecture 1.15 – heating and cooling curves
Heating and Cooling Curve Review worksheet.pdf
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Heating and Cooling Curve Review worksheet KEY.pdf
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2. Complete page 1 only of the heating/cooling curve worksheet and review with key.
3. RAT 13 Tomorrow on heating and cooling curves.


Friday 10/17 – Period 7/8-  
   1: RAT 13 – Heating and cooling curves – Lecture 1.15
   2: Class Whiteboard activity – phases changes:


   3:  Lab 5 – Heating and cooling curve of an unknown substance.
1. Please use the worksheet below to answer questions on the FORM BELOW!
(I gave you a copy but here is a digital one for your viewing pleasures)

Heating curve worksheet 2 NEW 1112.pdf



Heating Cooling Curves worksheet HW