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Q2: Week 10 – Archive

Week of 1/26 – 1/ 30

1/26 – Monday – (we did not have class)
1: RAT 33 – Covalent bonding – lectures 4.14, 4.15, 4.16, 4.17

1/27 – Tuesday – SNOW DAY

1/28 – Wednesday – SNOW DAY

1/29 – Thursday – 
period 7: 
Please complete RAT 33.
Hand in individual RAT and scratch off ticket
period 8
Grodski Live:

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If you are registered with our Google+ class page you can connect here with this link and be able to chat with me your questions:
Review of RAT 33/ model kit lab continues (you should be finished with all structures by the end of today).
1:Please complete the following questions and place answers into form below.
Homework questions:


1/30 – Friday – 
1: No RAT today – I will take the best grade out your RAT yesterday and the homework last night.
2: Review of Homework & Lesson on Polyatomic Ions.
Grodski Live:
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3: Check to see if grades are accurate.  I will be making adjustments to DOG 5, as some of you have done some excellent work on that assignment. I will be dropping the lowest RATS from previous weeks.
4: All late work needs to handed in. Do not make me average in a zero. Please hand it in to Mrs. Mongiello. Any issues please email me.
HW: CAT 10!!!
a) Please complete CAT 10 and place answers into the form by SUNDAY by 12:00am!
CAT 10 – bonding 1.pdf
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Review Material for CAT:
 Readiness Assessment Test 31 – 4.10r,4.11R.pdf
Intro to bonding
Ionic Bonding
electronegativity differences
Binary Compounds Naming
 Readiness Assessment Test 31 – 4.10r,4.11R KEY.pdf


 Readiness Assessment Test 32 – 4.12R.pdf
Properties on Ionic Compounds
metal conductivity
 Readiness Assessment Test 32 – 4.12R KEY.pdf

 Readiness Assessment Test 33 – 4.14- 4.17R.pdf
Covalent Bonding
nonpolar/polar bonds
polar molecules
geometry of molecules
 Readiness Assessment Test 33 – 4.14- 4.17R Key.pdf
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 Short lecture on polar/nonpolar bonds
 Short lecture on polar/non molecules


review of homework:
covalent ditto 2 – Form A.pdf
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Review of RAT 33 and part of Lab 12:

Polyatomic ions
Table E:
Ternary ionic naming

CAT 10

CAT 10 Form