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Q2: Week 8 – Archive

Week of 1/12 – 1/16

1/12 – Monday – period 7- 
1: Hand back and review CAT 9
2: Complete Periodic Graph lab.
                            period 8 – 
1: DOG 5
1: There is no homework tonight

1/13 – Tuesday – period 7- UNit 4 begins
1: Basics of Bonding
2: Ionic Bonding
Ionic ditto 1 -Electron Dot Diagrams 1415 regents.pdf
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Ionic ditto 1 -Electron Dot Diagrams 1415 regents KEY.pdf
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1: Please do the backside of Ionic ditto 1 -Electron Dot Diagrams 1415 regents.pdf worksheet that you received in class. This is the side where you draw the lewis dot diagrams.
2: Review with the Key above.
3: RAT 31 tomorrow on (all things covered in class)
You could review with the lecture that I recorded from today’s class below
a) elements become more stable when they bond.
b) energy must always be released when you get stable (lower energy level).
c) atoms become ions to have electron configuration that are the same as  
     noble gases (filled orbitals that have 2, or 8).
d) Ionic bonding results in a transfer of electrons (to make ions that attract each other).
e) A large difference in electronegativity is needed to create Ionic bonds.(Ionic compounds result from     
    Metals and nonmetals.
f) Writing Lewis dot diagrams of ionic compounds.
g) writing formulas
f) Writing the chemical name.
Lecture 4.10 – Ionic Bonding intro class lecture.

1/14 – Wednesday – period 7/8 – 
Ionic Bonding – Writing Lewis Dot Diagrams/ Chemical Formulas/ Chemical Names
1: Review Backside of homework
2: Ionic Bonding activity- using worksheet below..
Ionic ditto 2 -Electron Dot Diagrams .pdf
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The answers are on your whiteboards below:
3: Identifying salts formulas based on crystal formation


Today’s Whiteboards:

Today’s Review of the Homework lecture – Lecture 4.11 R:

1: Study for RAT 31. ( listed all topics yesterday).
2: Review Lectures 4.10 and 4.11.
3: There is no form or formal assignment tonight.

1/15 – Thursday – period 7 – 

1: RAT 31
2: Na and Cl reaction
3:  Properties of ionic compounds
1: Watch Lecture 4.12 – Properties of ionic compounds
2: Answer questions inside the form below (it based on the lecture).
3. RAT 32 tomorrow.

Ionic Compounds Property Form 2015

1/16 – Friday – period 7-  
1: RAT 33 – properties of Ionic compounds
2: Covalent Bonding intro
                           period 8 –   DOG 5 Review activity
Today’s Lecture:

Covalent ditto 1 -Electron Dot Diagrams 1112.pdf
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Covalent ditto 1 – Electron Dot Diagrams key 1112.pdf
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1. Please complete the backside of the covalent bonding worksheet and review with key.
2.  Complete the “DoG 5 Review activity”. I have emailed everyone a new link.  Let me know if you have issues.. This is due Tuesday when we get back.  I said I was going to post the key but I decided not to because there are people who have yet taken of finished the test.
I have 2 quick lectures that will review how to write Lewis structures of covalent molecules: