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Q2: Week 9 – Archive

Week of 1/19 – 1/23

1/19 – Monday – MLK – OFF

1/20 – Tuesday – Period 7 – 
1: Please take out your covalent worksheet from last week:
2: Watch the class lecture today:

It will be published here soon..
Covalent ditto 1 -Electron Dot Diagrams 1112.pdf
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Covalent ditto 1 – Electron Dot Diagrams key 1112.pdf
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1: Complete worksheet by
a) writing Lewis dot diagrams
b) identifying polar bonds
c) identifying polar or nonpolar molecules
d) Review with key and view the short lectures below to further your understanding:
I understand that you will not understand everything today but with tonights lecture you will have some understanding.
No RAT tomorrow.

1/21 – Wednesday –  period 7,8

1: Take out worksheet from yesterday
2: Watch Grodski Live review polar and nonpolar bonds, shapes
Grodski Live:
Please use your ear buds or head phones and your own computer to follow me in class today.

3: Covalent bonding lab:
Please print this lab: (save a tree and print double sided).
LAB 12 regents model kit 1011 .pdf
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In your lab group you are to:
A) Draw the Lewis DOT Diagram for each molecule.
B) build the molecule using the appropriate colors for each atom.  Fill in all the holes, (some will be lone pairs). You will need bendy connectors if you are making double triple bonds. The shape of your model will help you determine molecular polarity.


1: Please complete the 1st sheet in your lab.
2: Watch the videos above and see if you can recognize when the balloons become
        a: linear
        b: tetrahedral
        c. Trigonal Pyramidal
        d: Bent 
Do not get intimidated by the VSEPR,  just means that electrons repel themselves into stable shapes that are discussed.  There are more shapes in these videos and you are only responsible for knowing the shapes listed a – d above.

1/22 – Thursday –  period 7,8 – 
1: Polar Bonds vs. Nonpolar Bonds
2: Polar molecules vs. Nonpolar molecules
Todays: Lesson

covalent ditto 2 – Form A.pdf
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covalent ditto 2 – Form A key.pdf
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1: Please complete covalent ditto 2 – Form A.pdf worksheet that I gave out in class today.
2: Review with the key.
3: Please join the Google Community I created for the class.  I have emailed everyone an invitation.  This will allow you to chat me you questions if am not here tomorrow and I teach from home. Let me know if you have trouble.

1/23 – Friday –  period 7,8 – 
1: Review of Homework
Please check your email as I have given you a link to watch the lecture in a format that you can ask questions. You may watch below as well.
Live Grodski: (Review of homework with molecular models)

2: Molecular Model Lab Continues –
Study for RAT Monday – Covalent bonding, polar bonds, nonpolar bonds