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Q3: Week 1 – Archive

Week of 2/2 – 2/6

2/2 – Monday – period 7,8
1: Review CAT 10.
2: Lab 12 continues
Todays demo:
1: Metallic Bonding and properties
Bodacious bonding with properties chart.pdf
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1. Watch youtube lecture on metallic bonding below:
2. Answer a few form questions below on the metallic video.
3. Watch a Grodski Lecture (2.23) on properties of covalent, ionic, and metallic compounds and complete backside with me.
4. Complete Bonding Bodacious Bonanza (the side with questions)
5. Appreciate internet learning
 Metallic Bonding Youtube (not mine): I have the video below but you may want to use the direct link below for your viewing pleasures.

Metallic bonding and metallic properties –


Metallic Form for video above:
Lecture 2.23:

2/3 – Tuesday – period 7

1: Review CAT 10 
2: Front side of worksheet (identifying metallic, covalent, ionic compounds)
Todays lecture:

1.  Please complete front side of the Bodacious bonding with properties chart.pdf worksheet.
2.  Review with Key below:
Bodacoius bonding with properties chart key.pdf
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2/4 – Wednesday – period 7/8

1: Completion of Bodacious Bonding Bonanza
2:  Lab 12 – work
Today’s lesson:


Quiz form (Todays HW):
Use the following legend to use for the form:
         A: NH3 (g)     B: Cl(g)    C: LiBr (s)    D: Mg(NO3)2 (s)    E: Ti (s)      F: CO2 (g)

3: Nomenclature: This is Due Wednesday February 11th
UIC naming 4 pages – ditto 2.pdf
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Binary compounds naming review video:
Ternary (What the heck is that?) compound naming video:
1: Please complete the nomenclature naming worksheet page 1 (1-10 on top and 1 – 10 on the bottom).
2: Please also review today’s RAT with the key (it is linked to your grade in power school – 3rd quarter.)
3:  Please watch the video below:)

2/5 – Friday – period 7/8

1: RAT 35
2: Lab 12 completion
3: Nomenclature continues.