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Q3: Week 3 – Archive

Week of 2/23 – 2/27

2/23 – Monday – Period 1 – 
1: Review Bonding Test
2: Formula mass (review)
3: Percent by Mass
formula mass ditto and composition 0607.pdf
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formula mass ditto and composition 0607 key old p.pdf
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                             Period 2 – 
1: Lab 15 – Percent by Mass of a Hydrate.
Today’s lectures: 



This was the lecture that reviews the hydrate worksheet exactly!


1: Watch Hydrate worksheet lecture and fill out sheet along with me.
2: Complete the backside.
3: Review with key.
Hydate intro 1213 regents .pdf
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Hydate intro 1213 regents key complete.pdf
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2/24 – Tuesday – Period 7 – 
1: Review hydrate worksheet (Hydate intro 1213 regents .pdf)
2: Teach Skill 3 (empirical formula determination)
3: Teach Skill 4 (Box question – Molecular formula determination)
empiri&molec manga – 0607 ditto 3.pdf
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empiri&molec manga – 0607 – KEY ditto 3.pdf
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Todays Lesson on skill 3 and 4:
1. Complete empiri&molec manga – 0607 ditto 3.pdf  worksheet . (both sides)
2. Review with Key.
3. RAT tomorrow on formula mass, percent by mass and hydrate questions.

2/25 – Wednesday – Period 7 – 

1: HW review of empirical and molecular mass determination.
2: Classwork: empiri&molec ditto hydrate combination 1314 .pdf
3: Jmol view of the Hydrate CuSO4·5H2O and the annhydrate CuSO4.
4: Lab 15 complete.
empiri&molec ditto hydrate combination 1314 .pdf
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empiri&molec ditto hydrate combination regents 1314 COMPLETE key .pdf
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                                    Period 8 – 
1: Lab 16 – Determine the formula of a Hydrate.
1: Complete your lab:
    A: Write objectives. (On your own.  What did we look to accomplish in this Lab? Write at     
          least 2  objectives
    B:  Complete the Data Table by showing all work on how you determined the number of water              molecules in the following formula:
                                                              MgSO4· ? H2O
    C:  Please write the formula with your experimentally determined water molecules!
    D: No conclusion on this Lab.
    E: Hand in first thing in class tomorrow.
2: Please answer the following questions and place into the form below:
HW questions:
1. What is the formula mass of copper (II) phosphate?
     (Round off to a whole number integers)
2.  What is the empirical formula of  C6H6?
3.  How many moles of oxygen atoms are in .5 moles of CuSO4·5H2O?
4. What is the percent by mass of nitrogen in (NH4)2CO3 ?
     (Round off to a whole number percentage)
5.  What is the empirical formula of an unknown compound if was determined by a laboratory experiment that it is made up of 27% by mass of Carbon and 73% by mass of Oxygen?
( PLEASE PLACE C in front)
Given the following data for questions 6, 7 and 8 from an exciting hydrate Lab:
        Crucible and Hydrate: 12.35 grams
        Empty Crucible:            9.56 grams
        After 1st heating:         11.89 grams
        After 2nd heating:        11.63 grams
        After 3rd heating:        11.63 grams
6.   What is the mass of the hydrate?
       (Round off to 2 DECIMAL places)
7.  What is the mass of the annhydrate? 
      (Round off to 2 DECIMAL places)
8.  What is the percent by mass of water experimentally?
    (Round off to a whole number percentage)
9.  If the empirical formula a compound was determined to be CH2O and it molecular mass was also determined to be 90 g/mol, calculate the molecular formula.
      (PLEASE PLACE C in front)
10.  Calculate the percent by mass of the following hydrate:  Na2SO4∙10H2O
        (Round off to a whole number percentage)

2/26 – Thursday – Period 7 –

1. Hw form review – I have posted a blank version and the key below for your review.
HW questions 1 regents 2015.pdf
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HW questions 1 regents 2015 new key.pdf
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2. Lab 16 complete
3. RAT 38
1: It would be cool if we had no homework.
2: Lets be cool:)

2/27 – Friday – Period 7 –

1:- RAT 38 completion in teams
2: Conservation of Mass.
Balancing and identifying reactions 2014.pdf
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Balancing and identifying reactions Key 2014.pdf
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Today’s Balloon demo:
Today’s Pringles demo:

YouTube Video


Law of Conservation of Mass

1: Complete Balancing and identifying reactions 201
4.pdf worksheet.
2: Review with key above and or lectures that review every problem.
3: There will be a RAT on this Monday!
1st page of worksheet:
2nd page : 4 – 7:

2nd page : 8 – 12: