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Q4: Week 2 – Archive

Week of 4/27 – 5/1

4/27 – Monday – period 7/8 – 
Lab day:
1: Complete Lab 23 – titration lab
2: Lab 22 – Table M indicators
3: Lab 21 – Heat of solution
Assigning oxidation numbers 1011.pdf
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Assigning oxidation numbers key.pdf
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1: Please watch the lecture tonight and complete the front side of the worksheet.
2: Review with key or video.

4/28 – Tuesday – period 7 – 
1: Review assigning oxidation state (skill #1)
2: How to write half reactions (skill #2) , identify redox reactions, who gets reduced, who gets oxidized and  the agents.
Today’s lecture:
half reactions worksheet 1112.pdf
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half reactions worksheet 1112 key p .pdf
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1:Please complete the 1st side of the half reactions worksheet 1112.pdf worksheet.
2: Review with the key above.
3: If you have any problems please review with the video below that reviews todays new skill.
Skill #2:


4/29 – Wednesday – period 7/8 –
1: Review Writing Half Reactions- 
2: Redox Homework 1 – 

Redox Homework Form 1

4/30  – Thursday – period 7 – 
1: Review yesterday’s Hw activity
Skill #3 
2: Using Table J to predict whether redox reactions work.
Classwork (1st page) :
Net potentials Demonstrations worksheet 1112 new.pdf
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Net potentials Demonstrations worksheet Key.pdf
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Todays Lecture:
Today’s Demo:
Net potentials and expanded table J problems.pdf
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net potential table and table J KEY.pdf
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1:  Please complete the second side of the Net potentials and expanded table J problems.pdf worksheet.
     The side that says “Table J prediction”.
2: Review with the Key above or the video above starting at 14:50.

5/1  – Friday – period 7/8 – 
Skill #4
1: How to balance redox net ion reactions.
2: Lab 25 – Activity Series of Metals
Classwork (the side that says, “Regents Land”)
Redox balancing redox equations AP regents.pdf
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I reviewed some questions from the worksheet above of in my class lesson below but I go over each one these in the lecture below as well.
Today’s lesson and demo:


1: Please Complete the Castle Learning Assignment. (10 questions). Due Monday.