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Q4: Week 3 – Archive

Week of 5/4 – 5/8

5/4 – Monday period 7 – 
1: Review Redox RAT (Castle Learning over the weekend) – most incorrect answers.
Lab 24 – completion – 
2: Please revisit your test tubes and make additional observations with the water tests.  The reaction rate is slower in water thus we should see more information regarding which metals are more reactive from sitting over the weekend.
3: Please write and complete all half reactions, net potentials, conclusion questions and rank.
4: Compare your ranking with Table J.
Lab 24 – Observations you should have made:
With Acid:      
If we had Sodium:                                     2Na  + 2HCl  =   2NaCl  +  H2
                               oxidation:                               2 Na     =      2Na+1   + 2e
                              reduction:             2e     +     2H+1    =      H2

With Water:

If we had Sodium:                                       2Na  +   2HOH   =    2NaOH   +    H2
                              oxidation:                              2Na     =      Na+1   + 2e
                              reduction:          2e     +     2H+1    =      H2
Because we make a base from this reaction, we add  phenolphthalein which goes pink in the presence of the a base.
1: Please complete  Redox HW 2 – 2015.pdf and place answers in the key.  You will automatically get an email back with the key once you submit.
Redox HW 2 – 2015.pdf
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Redox Homework 2



5/5 – Tuesday  period 7 – 
1: Review Homework – 
2: Lab 24 completion and Hand in!
3. Lab 24 wrap up – 
You should have a strong grasp of the reactivity series of metals.  
You should be able to identify and rank which metals were the most reactive (oxidize the best) and compare your results with the net potential table and table J.  You should be able to predict whether a metal will spontaneously react to form hydrogen gas in water or acid.
I will be demonstrating these concepts with 2 demos:

YouTube Video


4.  Voltaic/Galvanic Cell (Battery intro):
Complete Lab observations:

Classroom lecture Today:



voltaic cell worksheet 07.pdf
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voltaic cell worksheet 07 key.pdf
voltaic cell worksheet 2 0809.pdf
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1:  Please complete the second side of the voltaic cell worksheet 2 0809.pdf worksheet with the lecture  4. 9 below:
2: Review with key above if needed.


This a complete lecture on the Voltaic Cell:

Nice animation:


YouTube Video


5/6 – Wednesday  period 7 – 
1: Review Voltaic Cell Homework
Today’s Lesson:


2: Voltaic Cell Classwork:
voltaic cell worksheet 07.pdf
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voltaic cell worksheet 07 key.pdf
1: Please complete the 10 questions below and place into the form below.
You could also download the homework worksheet or view below:
Redox Hw 3 – 2105.pdf
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5/7 – Thursday –  period 7 – 
1: Review Homework
2: Battery in anything
3: Lab 25 – Gerber cell
Today’s lecture:
Lab 25:

HW: 1: Complete LAB 25.


5/8 – Friday –  period 7 –
1: Sacrificial Anode
    a) pipes
    b) Boats
    c) Statue of Liberty –
    d) Bridges
2: Electrolytic Cell
    a) electroplating
    b) Electrolysis of a fused salt
Today’s Lecture:




Lecture on Electrolytic Cells: Electroplating, Electrolysis of a fused salt

YouTube Video


CRASH COURSE in REDOX! – Everything you need to know for this unit!
1: Complete electrolysis worksheet and review with key.
2: Complete Redox DOG in Castle learning by Monday!
Electrolylitic Cell worksheet.pdf
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Electrolylitic Cell worksheet KEY.pdf
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