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Crash Courses


The Crash Course’s are based on my Youtube videos that completely review each Unit or Topic.  Click on the unit/concept that you would like to review AND Then complete the auto-reply Google Form that will test your ability on those concepts review.  Make as many resubmissions to the Google Form as necessary to learn from your mistakes.
Crash Course 1 – Atomic Structure  
Crash Course 2 – Periodic Table and Classification of Matter 
Crash Course 3 – Bonding and Chemical Naming
Crash Course 4 – Moles and Stoichiomety 
Crash Course 5 – Solids, Liquids, Gases, Solutions –
Crash Course 6 – Kinetics and Equilibrium –
Crash Course 7 – Acid and Bases –
Crash Course 8 – Redox –
Crash Course 9 – Organic Chemistry –
Crash Course 10 – Nuclear Chemistry
Crash Course 11 – A Tour of the Reference Tables
Crash Course 12 – Chemical Reactions