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Q1: week 11 – 11/7 – 11/11

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11/7 – Monday “B” Day  

Main focus: 

1. To Review the concepts from the Energy Test
2. To  complete a Review lesson for DOG 3
3. To  complete data collection for the Heat of vaporization of nitrogen lab.
Period  8:
1.  Hand Back Tests and review the test.  
2. Start the homework  – TEST 3 – Tuesday or Wednesday. It will count 2 times and will be very much like the worksheet below.
Hv and Hf problems 2.pdf
View Download


Hv and Hf problems 2 key.pdf                                                                                                                   View Download

Period  9:

Completed the review worksheet!

11/7 –  Monday  “B” Day Homework:  
1.  Please complete the Hv and Hf problems 2 worksheet and review with the key below:   
Hv and Hf problems 2 key.pdf                                                                                                                               View Download

_______________________________________________________                                                                             Jump toTuesday Homework 

11/8 – Tuesday “A” Day – 

Main focus: 

a)  To Review for the DOG 2a.
b) To identify the sublimation and the deposition phase changes
c) To incorporate thermal equations with this new phase change.
Period  9:
1.  Iodine sublimation tube demo
2.  Dry-Ice (carbon dioxide in the solid phase) – Demo 
3.  Review the DOG 2a – review worksheet.


11/8 –  Tuesday  “A” Day Homework: 
1.  Tomorrows test will look very similar to today’s review worksheet. Please review with the key OR THE REVIEW VIDEO below!!!
DOG 2a – Review worksheet KEY.pdf
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Blank Copy:   
DOG 2a – Review worksheet.pdf
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Dry Ice Faucet Demo:

 ________________________________________                                                                                           Jump toWednesday Homework 

11/9 – Wednesday – B Day – Lab

Main focus: 

1. To Begin the Heat of Sublimation lab
2. To take DOG2a – Energy 3 test
 Period  8:
1.  Begin Heat of Sublimation of Carbon Dioxide
Lab 7 – Heat of of Sublimation of Carbon Dioxide.pdf
View Download
Period  9:   
1.  Take DOG2a

Deposition Demo:

 11/9 –  Wednesday – “B” Day homework: –

No homework tonight!!!!


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11/10 – Thursday “A” Day 

Main focus:   
1.  To review the DOG – 2a – Energy Test 3
2. Define vapor pressure, boiling,
3. To identify the variables the affect boiling. 


Period  9:

1.  Hand Back Tests –

Explained how it went into powerschool.

2Vapor pressure lesson –  We will be studying  intensive properties of liquids called vapor pressure.

                        a) boiling is relative – boiling is not based on temperature – baggie demo

                                     – Intermolecular forces is a factor in boiling

                                  – atmospheric pressure is a factor in boiling- how do we know that is exists?


Pressure animation:

Vaporization Presentation:





11/10 –  Thursday – “A” Day homework: 
1.  No homework tonight.


11/11 – Friday – Veterans Day – OFF – enjoy

End of Quarter 1!