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Q1: week 3 – 9/12 – 9/16

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9/12 – Monday “A” Day – 

Main focus: 

1. To Round calculates values either by the Accuracy Rule or the Precision Rule.
2. To Round a conversion correctly.
3. To Identify constants as numbers that are not considered for rounding.
Standard 4 – Performance Indicator 3.1- 
Explain the properties of materials in terms of the arrangement and properties of the atoms that compose them.
3.1q -Matter is classified as a pure substance or as a mixture of substances.
3.1r – A pure substance(element or compound) has a constant composition and constant properties throughout a given sample, and from sample to sample.
3.1s -Mixtures are composed of two or more different substances that can be separated by physical means. When different substances are mixed together, a homogeneous or heterogeneous mixture is formed.
3.1t – The proportions of components in a mixture can be varied. Each component in a mixture retains its original properties.
 and 3.1u ,3.1w, 3.1x, 3.1cc, 3.1dd,  
Period  9:
1.  We will review the homework form based on the following worksheet.  
Measurement and Sig Figs – RAT 4 – 22-23.pdf
2. Quick review of significant figures and their origin (measurements!!)
3.  We will spend more time reviewing and understanding how and why we round using significant figures (Accuracy Rule) and decimal places (Precision Rule) using the worksheet handed out last Thursday and our class notes.
       a) We will also revisit the metric conversion worksheet 2 – AND NOW round correctly!!!!
          Remember that we only compare sig figs with measured value. Constants like 3.14 are not used to                                    determine  the rounding.
sig fig ditto1.pdf
View Download
sig fig ditto1 key.pdf
View Download
metric conversions 2 step key ROUNDing.pdf                                                                      View Download
4 Lab Safety Lesson – Review the safety equipment in the school and describe the Lab Safety Assignment.

Lecture 1.5 : How we round in calculations  – Todays lesson

9/12 –  Monday  “A” Day Homework:  Due tomorrow by 5:00 am
1.  Please complete the form below based on the worksheet below. Readiness Assessment Test 5,6 – Lect 1.5 22-23.pdf  
Readiness Assessment Test 5,6 – Lect 1.5 22-23.pdf  
View Download   
2Please complete the Lab Safety Assignment by following the instructions below:   DUE THURSDAY, 9/15!                                                            

1: Measurement and Significant Figures Form :

2:  Lab Safety Lesson Use the Lab safety contract pdf that is posted below to complete this activity or the hardcopy I gave you in class.
Regents Chemistry Safety Contract .pdf
View Download  
In this activity, you will write the safety rule (just one sentence) ,its number from the safety contract (that I gave you and is posted below),  AND WHERE IN THE VIDEO (: timecode) that is demonstrated in four safety videos.  You need 10 different safety rules and you must use 4 out of the 6 videos. This means if you find 7 in the first video you will need 1 each from the three others to successfully complete the activity.  There are many other combinations but you must use 4 videos and you must have 10 different Safety rules written total.
Let me restate: You must find 10 unique safety rules throughout the four of the six videos of your choosing. 
Example of a COMPLETE answer:
                  1: Jefferson High VIDEO – #45. Examine glassware before each use. (3:23)
I  know what #’s each video covers and where thus will grade your work based on this accuracy.
The video playlist is posted above the lab safety form for your convenience.
Lab Safety Video playlist: 

Click on icon on upper right to view the playlist.

As you may have figured it might be easier to write you responses in a word doc then cut and paste it into the form when you are done. This way you have a record which might come useful if there is a issue with submitting.     
2:  Safety Form:

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9/13 – Tuesday “B” Day – Lab  – 

Main focus: 

1. To identify measurements with the least significance or precision
2. To round calculations based on the accuracy rule or the precision rule.
3. To identify unknown metals by measuring, calculating their density, rounding correctly, and using table S.
Period  8:
1.  We will review last nights form – Measurement and Significant Figures Form 2.
Readiness Assessment Test 5,6 – Lect 1.5 22-23.pdf  
View Download   
2. Complete the bottom questions of the sig fig ditto.pdf – Specifically we will use scientific notation to help round number that would normally be impossible.
sig fig ditto1.pdf
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sig fig ditto1 key.pdf
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Period  9:         


1: Continue with Lab 1
      a) Calculate Volume and Density.  
      b)  Determine the Percent error
      c)  Identify the metals
      d)  Write a conclusion – requirements
LAB 1 Density of Solids.pdf
View Download                                                                      

Today’s NOTES: from the Class Notes 
Scientific Notation and rpunding-
9/13 –  Tuesday  “B” Day Homework:  Due tomorrow by 5:00 am
1.  Please study for a CAT quiz on all concepts we have learned from day 1. It might be helpful to study by re-doing some of the forms (homeworks). I have keys posted below and blank copies
Readiness Assessment Test 4 Key- Adjusted – 22-23.pdf
Readiness Assessment Test 5,6 – Lect 1.5 22-23.pdf  
View Download   
Readiness Assessment Test key 5,6 – 22-23 .pdf
Measurement and Sig Figs – RAT 4 – 22-23.pdf
View Download                                                                   

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9/14 – Wednesday “A” Day 

Main focus: 
1. To Take a CAT – Comprehensive Assessment Test (in person quiz) on all metric conversions, measurement, and significant figures (and rounding);


Period  9: 

1. CATS are worth 4 RATS!  So it is a quiz that is 4x greater than a single form.


 9/14 –  Wednesday – “A” Day homework: –
1.  If you need to complete the safety assignment posted under Monday this week (above !) please complete it as it due Tomorrow 9/15!
2. If you have completed the Lab safety assignment then THATS IT!   



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9/15 – Thursday “B” Day – Lab – 

Main focus:   
1. To complete the CAT 1 Measurement Quiz.
2. To begin Lab 2 – Density of Coke and Diet Coke.
Period  8, 9:  LAB 1  – due Today!
1. To complete the CAT 1 from yesterday. I will give you a new last page with questions 9 and 10 with a new ticket (for those questions) as I had a mistake on yesterday’s quiz.
2. To begin Lab 2 – Density of Diet Coke and Coke.
LAB 2 Density of Liquids – Coca Cola .pdf
View Download


9/15 –  Thursday – “A” Day homework: 
1.  Please complete the conclusion questions on Lab 2 if you did not complete it today in class.




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9/16 – Friday “A” Day 

Main focus:   
1. To distinguish between chemical and physical changes.
2.  To identify Physical intensive and Physical Extensive properties of matter
Standard 1 – S1.1 – use theories and or models to explain observations
Standard 4 – 3.2 i – distinguish between chemical and physical changes
Standard 4 – Performance Indicator
3.2a – A physical change results in the rearrangement of existing particles in a substance. A chemical change results in the formation of different substances with properties.

Period  9: –

1. Part 1 Lesson – Chemical vs Physical Change Lesson (same as lecture 1.6) posted below.
a) work on the first side of the worksheet (teacher modeling)
b) bubble demos.
2. Complete the backside of the worksheet as directed by me in the video.
3. Review with a key
Classification Properties Ditto 2011.pdf
View Download
Classification Properties Ditto key.pdf



Chemical vs. Physical:  Today’s lesson – part 1

   9/16 –  Friday – “A” Day homework: –
1. Please watch Lecture 1.6 – Chemical vs. Physical Change posted above.  
2.  Complete the Classification Properties Ditto 2011 and review with key.
Classification Properties Ditto 2011.pdf
View Download
Classification Properties Ditto key.pdf

3.  Complete the form below:  You have a total of three submissions due Monday morning at 5:00 am.

The form is posted below.

 3: Classification Properties RAT 1.6 Form:

End of week 3!