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Q1: week 4 – 9/26 – 9/29

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LAB 1 – Density of Solids IS DUE! 
LAB 2 – Density of Coke IS DUE!

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_____________________________                                                                                      Tuesday Homework / top              9/26 – Tuesday “B” Day –  LAB 

Main focus: 

1. To identify matter as Homogeneous or Heterogeneous
2. To classify matter as either a mixture or pure substance.
3. To classify a substance as either a compound or an element.
4. To classify matter using chemical symbols. 
Period  6:
1.  We will complete the classwork form based on the artistic renditions of matter from the class whiteboards. We started this Friday.


2.  Begin Compounds, Mixtures, Elements Oh My Activity.


Period  7:

 1. Complete Compounds, Mixtures, Elements Oh My Activity.

Compounds Mixtures Oh My 2013 packet.pdf 
View Download 

  Classwork Form!

Elements Compounds Mixture OH My videos:


Elements Compounds Mixture OH My Presentation:




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9/26 –  Tuesday  “B” Day Homework:  Due tomorrow by 5:00 am

1. Please complete the following form based on today’s activity.   

Use your packet from today’s activity to help to complete the form.                                                   

 Compounds, Mixtures, Elements, OH My Form

 _____________________________________________________                                                              Jump toWednesday Homework           9/27 – Wednesday “A” Day 

Main focus: 
1. To Classify matter as mixture, compound or an element.
2. To identify elements as either monoatomic or diatomic. 


Period  6: 


1. Complete the Elements, Compounds, Mixtures, OH My activity and collect.

Compounds Mixtures Oh My 2013 worksheet key.pdf
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2.  Mixtures vs. compound from the homework review.
3.  Total cereal Demo – Components of a mixture retain their individual properties

 NOTES or things we learned from the activity.

Compounds are always prepared chemically separated chemically
– as a result the individual components of a compound (elements) lose their individual properties and when they bond to form a compound. 
 Example:  Sulfur and Iron separation of a Magnet Vs. Pyrite.
Mixtures are always prepared physically and separated physically!
– as a result the substances in a mixture ALWAYS KEEP THEIR individual properties in a mixture.
– which means that they can be separated bases on their individual PHYSICAL Intensive PROPERTIES. 
 Example:  Distillation of Coke


Total Cereal Demo:  A the substances in a mixture (Fe) retain their individual properties.

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 9/27 –  Wednesday – “A” Day homework: –
 CAT QUIZ Tomorrow on Classification/Properties/Mixture vs. Compound
1: Watch Lecture 1.9 – Classifying Chemicals (Based on today’s Activity)
2: Complete worksheet below and review with key.
Classification of Matter – Chemicals 2014.pdf
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Classification of Matter – Chemicals 2014 Key.pdf
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3: Study for CAT Quiz!
a) Use Class Notes: 
Unit 1 – Classification Notes- pgs 11-15 .pdf                                                                                     View Download 
c) Use the Tall Chemistry teacher’s website:
Every form, activity, and worksheet from last TUESDAY!


Lecture 1.9 : Classifying with real Chemicals  

_________________________________________________                                                                              Jump toThursday Homework.      9/28 – Thursday “B” Day –  LAB   

Main focus:   
1. To take the CAT 2 quiz.
2. To separate a mixture to determine the percent by composition.
3. To determine the percent of oil and water in regular and light margarine.
Period  6: 
1. Review the Homework.

Classification of Matter – Chemicals 2014 Key.pdf
View Download 

2. Take CAT 2!!!  

Period  7: 

Lab 3 – Percent oil in Regular and Light Margarine.

1. Separation of a homogeneous mixture = Lab 3
Lab 3 margarine lab.pdf


a) Separate a homogeneous mixture = into individual substances
b) Calculate the percent oil in Regular and Light Margarine.  
                                   Regular                                                                            Light  



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9/28 –  Thursday – “B” Day homework: 
1: Review today’s CAT Quiz with key below:
CAT 2 KEY – Lecture 1.9 – 22-23.pdf                                                                                                                View Download 
2. Please complete the form below based on Regents Questions in this topic: Classification of Matter. You have three submissions to this form.

 Classification of Matter – Regents questions 1

_________________________________________                                                                                      Jump toFriday Homework.       9/29 – Friday “A” Day 

Main focus:   
1. To complete another CAT quiz
2. To contininue with the Lab 3.

Period  6: 

1. Centrifuge and take photo of testubes of light and regular margarine.
2. Measure the layers with Logger pro.
3. Take CAT 2 – Classification 

9/29 –  Friday – “A” Day homework: 
1: The homework is light tonight. Use your curser to read it below: