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Q1: week 5 – 9/28 – 9/30

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9/28 – Wednesday “A” Day – 

Main focus: 
1. To Review the CAT 2 – Classification of Matter quiz
2. To Identify and classify mater from chemical formulas.
Standard 4 – Performance Indicator 3.1- 
Explain the properties of materials in terms of the arrangement and properties of the atoms that compose them.
3.1q -Matter is classified as a pure substance or as a mixture of substances.
3.1r – A pure substance(element or compound) has a constant composition and constant properties throughout a given sample, and from sample to sample.
3.1s -Mixtures are composed of two or more different substances that can be separated by physical means. When different substances are mixed together, a homogeneous or heterogeneous mixture is formed.
3.1t – The proportions of components in a mixture can be varied. Each component in a mixture retains its original properties.
 and 3.1u ,3.1w, 3.1x, 3.1cc, 3.1dd,  


 1. Review of Last Friday’s Quiz.

CAT 2 KEY – Lecture 1.9 – 22-23.pdf                                                                                                                View Download 

2Revisit the Elements Compounds Mixtures OH my activity sheet.  WE will continue identify how compounds and mixtures differ by using this key.
Compounds Mixtures Oh My 2013 worksheet key.pdf
View Download
 Compounds are always prepared chemically separated chemically
– as a result the individual components of a compound (elements) lose their individual properties and when they bond to form a compound. 
 Example:  Sulfur and Iron separation of a Magnet Vs. Pyrite.
Mixtures are always prepared physically and separated physically!
– as a result the substances in a mixture ALWAYS KEEP THEIR individual properties in a mixture.
– which means that they can be separated bases on their individual PHYSICAL Intensive PROPERTIES. 
 Example:  Distillation of Coke
3. Separation techniques for mixtures: Distillation, Filtration, evaporation, Chromatography 
– Chromatography Demo.                                                                                                                           

Pyrite : When Fe and S bond to make a compound Fe loses it ability to be attracted to a magnet

Fe and Sulfur mixture: When Fe and S are mixed Fe retains its individual properties and is attracted to a magnet.

Distillation of Coke: Separate a mixture by its Boiling points

Chromatography: Separate a mixture of many inks based on solubility


 9/28 –  Wednesday – “A” Day homework: –
1.  Complete the worksheet below by answering the question into the form posted below.
Classification – Regents Questions 1. pdf
View Download

 1: Classification of Matter – Regents questions 1

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9/29 – Thursday “A” Day – Lab

Main focus:   
1. To separate a mixture based on solubility – Chromatography
2. To Identify physical intensive properties of substances of a mixture.
3. To Identify the amount of subtances in a mixture can vary..
Period  8:
1. We will review the Classification of Matter – Regents 1 form.
Classification of Matter – Regents Questions Form 1 Key .pdf
View Download
2. We will complete the chromatography demo 
a) Sharpie ink in hexanes/acetyl acetate
b) KoolAid demo
Period  9:
1. Separation of a homogeneous mixture = Lab 3
Lab 3 margarine lab.pdf


a) Separate a homogeneous mixture = into individual substances
b) Calculate the percent oil in Regular and Light Margarine.  
                                   Regular                                                                            Light  


liquid Chromatography: Separate a mixture of red and blue dye (food coloring) based on solubility


9/29 –  Thursday – “A” Day homework: 
1: Please complete the form below based on Regents Questions in this topic: Classification of Matter. You have three submissions to this form.
 1: Classification of Matter – Regents questions 2 Form

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9/30 – Friday “A” Day 

Main focus:   
1. To calculate the percent of oil in Light and Margarine.
2. To separate a mixture by its density using a centrifuge.
1.  Total Cereal and the Magnet demos
   – petri dish 
   – blender 
2. Continue with Lab 3 – separation of margarine
     a) centrifuge your 2 samples
     b)  measure your layers
     c) Calculate the percent oil in both light and regular Margarine 
      d) complete your diagram of both test tubes  in the  data page. 

Cereal that has minerals added (mixed) with it:  Magnetic flakes?

   9/30 –  Friday – “A” Day homework: –
 There is no homework this weekend!!!!