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Q1: week 8 – 10/17 – 10/21

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10/17 – Monday “B” Day – Lab  – 

Main focus: 

1. To identify an exothermic or endothermic reaction and its △H.
2. To complete a potential energy diagram for an exothermic or endothermic process.
3. To predict the temperature change of the of the surroundings in an exothermic or endothermic process.
4. To predict the whether more energy was needed to break bonds or make new ones in a chemical change.
Period  8:
1.  We will revisit the gummy bear demo and take notes on the accompanying worksheet that was given out Friday.
Regents Gummi Bear and Very Cool Demo Notes.pdf
2.  View the very Cool demo and take notes on the demo.
Period  9:          
1.  Lab 4 – Cooling Curve Lab – Complete the conclusion questions and write the conclusion.
Matter Classification Flowchart Lecture Homework.pdf
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Today’s Lesson:   Based on this presentation

Gummy Bear Demo Notes:
In this demonstration potassium chlorate – K2ClO3 was heated to a liquid demonstrating an endothermic phase change and then decomposed into O2 and KCl.  The oxygen reacted with the sugar in the Gummi Bear exothermically. 

1. melting the white solid:                  KClO3(s)  +  heat   —> KClO3(l)

2. hot liquid reacts:                            2KClO3(l)  +  heat    —>   2 KCl(s) +   3 O2(g)


3.  Sucrose (table sugar in gummi bear reacts with oxygen: 

                               C12H22O11  +   35/2 O2   —>   12CO2  +   11H2O   +   heat (5635 kJ)                                                                                     sucrose


10/17 –  Monday  “B” Day Homework:  Due tomorrow by 9:00 pm
1.  Please View your notes from the 2 demos that we did today and complete the Energy Intro Form below. You will have 3 submissions. Please have your 3 submission submitted by 9:00 pm. I will post a handwritten key for this form so you can review incorrect answers. 
2.  Please Study for a CAT  3  – Heating and Cooling Curves (and the basics of energy – Last Friday and Today’s lesson.)
You should use the questions in your lab and the keys to the following Forms from last week. MAYBE YOU WANT TO REDO THE FORMS AS THEY ARE STILL ON AUTO-REPLY.

1: Energy Form 1:  

End Of Tuesday!

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10/18 – Tuesday “A” Day    

Main focus: 

1. To TAKE a CAT in class quiz.

The CAT 3 Quiz is an individual quiz that will be printed out for you. YOU will not need your reference table to complete. Please move to testing conditions for this quiz. One person per table and sit opposite of each other in Lab tables.



10/18 –  Tuesday  “A” Day Homework: 
1.  There is no homework today!                                                                                                       


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10/19 – Wednesday – A Day – 

Main focus: 

1. To take a CAT 3 in person quiz.
2. To identify the thermal equation to measure energy.
3.  To Calculate the energy needed to change the temperature of water,
Period  8:
1.  We will review Monday’s Review form with the key
Energy Intro Form 1 – Key.pdf
2.  We will TAKE the quiz you were supposed to take yesterday.

Period  9:
1.  We will learn how to measure energy using one of the Thermal equations posted in Table T!


Joule vs. Calorie 

I need to change this worksheet so that there are not the density conversions in this worksheet. Questions 2,4,6. The key is also wrong for number 6.

Calorimetry Problems 1 .pdf
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Calorimetry problems 1 Key.pdf
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Today’s Lesson:   Based on this presentation – Slides 32 – 37

Today’s Lesson:   Lecture 1.13 – Measuring energy

 10/19 –  Wednesday – “B” Day homework: –
1.  Please complete today’s worksheet that was given out and review with the key below. ONLY Complete Page 1!
Calorimetry problems 1 Key.pdf
View Download 

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10/20 – Thursday “A” Day – 

Main focus:   
1. To Complete CAT 3 – Second Chance points
2. To calculate mass, joules, change of temperature and final temperature using the thermal heat equation.
1. 15 minutes to make second chance answers in CAT 3.
2.  Complete Calorimetry worksheet 1 (backside).
Calorimetry Problems 1 .pdf
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Calorimetry problems 1 Key.pdf
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10/20 –  Thursday – “A” Day homework: 
1. Please complete the form posted below. It is based on the following worksheet that was handed out in class.
Calorimetry Problems 2 .pdf
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You have 3 graded submissions to the form tonight.

1: Calorimetry Form 1:  

End Of Tuesday!

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10/21 – Friday “B” Day 

Main focus:   
1. To calculate the joules of energy in a Cheeto (Cheese Curl).
2. To Calculate the Calories in a Cheeto.
3. To perform a simple calorimetry lab.
Period  8/9:
1. Review the CAT 3 Quiz and hand back
2.  Review the Conclusion/Graph and collect Lab 4.
3.  Discuss the concepts in  Lab 5 – The calorimetry of a cheese curl.
2. Perform Lab 5 – Data collection
Lab 5 – Calorimetry of a Cheese Curl .pdf
View Download

Today’s Lesson:   Based on this presentation – Slides 32 – 37

Calorimetry of a Cheeto:   Today’s Lab

10/21 –  Friday – “B” Day homework: –
No Homework this weekend!