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Q2: week 2 – 11/21 – 11/25

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11/21 – Monday “A” Day  

Main focus: 

1. To calculate with the combined gas law formula

2. To determine the absolute zero from a plot of pressure and temperature.
3. To Extrapolate a best fit line.


Period  9:

1. Lab 8- Determine the experimental value of absolute value of Temperature in Kelvins.

LAB 8 Determination of absolute zero.pdf 

Vaporization Presentation:




Combined Gas law Formula animation:

11/21 –  Monday  “A” Day Homework:  
 1. Please complete the form below based  on vapor pressure and gas laws.  This is a review for the CAT 5 – Pressure 1 tomorrow. You have a total of three submissions. 

1: CAT 5 – pressure 1 – review Form:                 



End of Monday!!!


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11/15 – Tuesday “B” Day – 

Main focus: 

a)  To Take CAT 5.
Period  8:

1. CAT 5 – Pressure 1 


Period  9:

1. CAT pressure 1 retake



11/22 – Tuesday’s Homework: – 

1.  Please enjoy your family and dispell any tryptophan myths!

Tryptophan is an essential amino acid:
It is found in all foods that have complete set of amino acids (that out body cannot make) !


Based on the above chart you can see that turkey does not have the greatest amount of proteins with tryptophan.
AND NO tryptophan does not make you sleepy!!!  If it did vegetarians would always be asleep because they love tofu which is made of soybeans!
Also if that myth was true turkey sandwiches would have warning labels like, 
                “Do not operate heavy machinery while digesting turkey!”
        How many tryptophan related accidents would we have on Thanksgiving?
Acidic or Basic Foods:



11/23 – Wednesday – A Day – THanksgiving Eve – Gobble




11/24 – Thursday – B Day –  Happy Thanksgiving!!!




11/25 – Friday – A Day – Post Thanksgiving.