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Q2: week 5 – 12/11 – 12/15

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I WILL NOT ACCEPT HOMEWORK AFTER 5:00 am the following day.  IF THERE IS A Problem YOU NEED TO EMAIL ME. IF YOU DO NOT and you do not complete your homework on time YOU WILL EARN A ZERO!    
LAB 9,10,11,12 are very LATE!! 

_______________________________________________                                                                          Jump toMonday Homework    12/11 – Monday “B” Day  

Main focus: 

1. To view Real gas behavior from a plot of PxV = k.

2. To Take Dog 3 – Pressure Test

Period  6:

1.  Complete PxV vs. Pressure Graph for lab 12

– mark up the graph to identify real gas behavior
Please Download the files on your computer:  


2.  Start and complete DOG 3!


 Mole Diagram:



Fire Syringe:  Compressing gas together creates an increase in temperature that can ignite cotton. Cotton being ignited with pressure : Errors for Lab 12!

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12/11 –  Monday  Day Homework:  
 1.  There is no homework tonight/

__________________________________________________                                                              Jump toTuesday Homework /top    12/12 – Tuesday – “A” Day  

Main focus: 

1. To Review DOG – 3 – Pressure Test

2. To begin the Review Homework / Retest ticket.

Period  6:   
1. Review DOG 3 – pressure!
DOG 3 KEY.pdf

2. DOG 3 – Retake ticket!

CAT 6 and DOG 3 Review.pdf


CAT 6 and DOG 3 Review KEY.pdf


_____________________________________________________                                                                      jump to:  top                           12/12 – Tuesday’s Homework: – 

1.  Please Complete DOG 3 retake worksheet. It will be collected and it must be completely finished with work shown to take the 2nd test tomorrow. The key for the review worksheet given out is posted below.

Tomorrows 2nd test will taken from this worksheet!

CAT 6 and DOG 3 Review.pdf                                                                                                             View Download  

 CAT 6 and DOG 3 Review KEY.pdf


______________________________________________________                                                       Jump toWednesday Homework/top  12/13 – Wednesday “B” Day  

Main focus:

1.  To take the second try of the gas law test.

2. To Begin Atomic Structure – History and Early concepts of particle (atom theory) Theory.

Period  6:

1. Complete DOG 3 – retake.

Period  7:   

1.  History of the particle (atom) theory and early experiments lesson.

Atom Structure 1 History of atomic models.pdf
View Download

2. Complete till Earnest Rutherford – Gold Foil –  with the note-taking . 


Atomic Structure Lecture 1:  Today’s lesson.

Particle / Mole Theory Presentation:

Cathode Ray Tube – CRTS and the old TV’s:  Can a magnet affect the picture?

12/13 – Wednesday Homework:  
 1.  Please view the lecture 2.9 below ON THE NEXT MODEL of the atom. Please add this to today’s notes.
2. Please complete the form below that represents a review of the notes we took today on the early models of the atom.  You have three submissions.

Lecture 2.9:  Earnest Rutherford “gold Foil” 

Atomic Structure Regents Form 1 – 22-23:                 




______________________________________________________                                                            Jump toThursday Homework/top  12/14 – Thursday “A” Day – 

Main focus: 

1. To complete the Atomic Structure notes up till the Gold Foil experiment.

2. To Review the basic models of the atom through John Dalton, JJ Thompson, and Earnest           Rutherford.
Period  6:

1. Continue with the note-taking . 

a) Review of Greeks —-> John Dalton —–> Avogadro ——> JJ Thompson ——-> Earnest Rutherford

2.  Complete the Notes for the Gold Foil experiment.

3. Play the flash animation – Gold foil experiment!

4. Continue with Atomic Structure 2 – subatomic particles – (Boron, B & Fluorine, F)

a) differences between them —> Table O!

b) Obtain the neutrons, protons, and electrons from atoms (and ions)


Atomic Structure 2 – subatomic particles.pdf
View Download
Atomic Structure 2 – subatomic particles Key.pdf
View Download



Particle / Mole Theory Presentation:

Atomic Structure Lecture 2.10:  Today’s lesson –

________________________________________________________                                                                           ump to:  top                   12/14 – Thursday’s Homework: – 

1.  Please complete the form below based on the models of the atoms. You may have to watch the lecture above to review today’s lesson.


Atomic Structure Regents Form 2 – 22-23:       




_____________________________________________                                                                              Jump toFriday Homework                 12/15 – Friday – B Day –

Main focus:


a)  To obtain the number of electrons, protons, and neutrons from an atom.

b)  To identify the main conclusions from gold foil experiment.
c)   To identify the changes in the subatomic particles when atoms get charged.
d)   To Identify the differences in the subatomic particle – Table O!
Period  6/7:
1.  mini – lesson review – Connect Gas Laws to atomic structure
“the  particle was deflected by a high positive charge in a very small volume the atomic nucleus!!!”
2.  Atomic structure Activity – Google Slides
3. Review Last nights Form.
      a) Students can make one more submission as I review.  
2. Classwork Reinforcement  – 
Atomic Structure – Ions 2013..pdf
View Download
Atomic Structure – Ions 2013 key.pdf
View Download
Atomic Structure 2 – subatomic particles.pdf
View Download
Atomic Structure 2 – subatomic particles Key.pdf
View Download


Atomic Structure Lecture 2:  Today’s lesson –

 12/15 –  Friday – “A” Day homework: –

 Please complete the Atomic Structure activity (slides) from today and you can make 2 more submissions to the last nights form posted under Thursday night.