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Q2: week 5 – 12/12 – 12/16

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    _________________________________________                                                                                            Jump toMonday Homework 

12/12 – Monday “A” Day  

Main focus: 

1. To complete the Atomic Structure notes up till the Gold Foil experiment.

2. To Review the basic models of the atom through John Dalton, JJ Thompson, and Earnest           Rutherford. 

Period  9:

1. Continue with the note-taking . 

a) Review of Greeks —-> John Dalton —–> Avogadro ——> JJ Thompson ——-> Earnest Rutherford

Atom Structure 1 History of atomic models.pdf
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2. Complete till Earnest Rutherford – Gold Foil –  with the note-taking . 


Particle / Mole Theory Presentation:

Atomic Structure Lecture 1:  Today’s lesson – We did not finish Friday.

Cathode Ray Tube – CRTS and the old TV’s:  Can a magnet affect the picture?

12/5 –  Monday  “A” Day Homework:  
 1.  Please complete the form below that represents a review of the notes we took Friday and today on the early models of the atom.  You hav three submissions.

Atomic Structure Regents Form 1 – 22-23:                 




_______________________________________________________                                                                        Jump toTuesday Homework 

12/13 – Tuesday “B” Day – 

Main focus: 

a)  To obtain the number of electrons, protons, and neutrons from an atom.
b)  To identify the main conclusions from gold foil experiment.
c)   To identify the changes in the subatomic particles when atoms get charged.
d)   To Identify the differences in the subatomic particle – Table O!
Period  8:

1.  Complete the Notes for the Gold Foil experiment.

2. Play the animations – the flash animation

3. Continue the presentation to obtaining protons, and nuetrons.

      a) differences between them —> Table O!

4. Obtain the neutrons, protons, and electrons from atoms (and ions)

Atomic structure puzzle and ions.pdf
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Period  9:

1.  Complete the Atomic structure Puzzle.

2.  Start the Lab or begin the homework.



Particle / Mole Theory Presentation:

Atomic Structure Lecture 2:  Today’s lesson –


12/13 – Tuesday’s Homework: – 

1.  Please complete the form below based on Last Friday through today in Atomic Structure.

2. You may have one more submission to last nights form. The video that repeated was on slide 71 not on slide 43.


Atomic Structure Regents Form 2 – 22-23:       




________________________________________                                                                                           Jump toWednesday Homework 

12/14 – Wednesday – A Day –

Main focus:

a) To identify all of the subatomic particles of an atom and an ion.
b) Identify the differences between the subatomic particles. 
Period  9:
1.  Review Last nights Form.
      a) Students can make one more submission as I review.  
2. Classwork Reinforcement  – 
Atomic Structure – Ions 2013..pdf
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Atomic Structure – Ions 2013 key.pdf
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Atomic Structure 2 – subatomic particles.pdf
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Atomic Structure 2 – subatomic particles Key.pdf
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Atomic Structure Lecture 2:  Today’s lesson –

 12/14 –  Wednesday – “A” Day homework: –

 Please complete the form below. You have three submissions.

Subatomic Particle Form:       




___________________________________________                                                                                           Jump toThursday Homework

12/15 – Thursday “B” Day 

Main focus:   
1.  To identify an isotope.

2.  To determine the most abundant isotope of each element.                                                          3.   To calculate the weighted average of all naturally occurring isotopes.                   

Period  8:

1.  Review the homework – Last nights form.

2.  Isotope Lesson – 

Atomic Structure 3 – Isotopes 2012.pdf
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Atomic Structure 3 – Isotopes 2012.pdf key
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Period  9:

1.  RAT #24  – Quiz – on all topics on the Atomic Structure Unit.



Isotopes:  Today’s lesson.

Isotopes:  addition video on IONS and isotopes!


12/15 –  Thursday – “B” Day homework: 
1.  There is  NO homework tonight !

____________________________________________________.                                                                         Jump toFriday Homework

12/16 – Friday – “B” Day  

Main focus: 

1. To Review Atomic Structure Concepts including Isotopes and the weighted mass problem.

2. Review all concepts from the  Atomic Structure (part 1) – using class notes.

Period  9:   
1.  Review the RAT 24 – Isotope 


RAT 24 Isotope Key.pdf
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2.  Review the Atomic Structure unit by reviewing pages 1 – 7 from class notes handed out today.

Atomic Structure Notes pages 1 – 8 .pdf
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3.  Grab Bag Assignment: Pick one activity from the list of three below
1) Crossword puzzle: Complete the puzzle below below and print!
2) Draw atoms/ions/ isotope activity: Complete worksheet and hand in.
Atomic Diagram worksheet.pdf
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3) Regents Questions Activity – 
   a)  Use the following link to open past regents tests:
   b)  Cut and paste 6 questions that are from our current unit to a google doc.  Print it and answer the questions and hand in.  USE MUST USE AUGUST 2022 AND JUNE 2022 to find the 6 questions.




12/16 –  Friday – homework: –
1. We will have a CAT – 7 – atomic structure 1 Monday!  Please review the class notes and all forms from last DOG.  All forms are still open.
I handed out the Atomic Structure Notes (pages 1 – 6 – NOT including Bohr model) today but here is a digital copy:
Atomic Structure Notes pages 1 – 8 .pdf
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