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Q2: week 6 – 12/19 – 12/23

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_________________________________________                                                                                                    Jump toMonday Homework 

12/19 – Monday “B” Day  

Main focus: 

1. To complete CAT – 7

2. To Begin The Bohr model concepts.

Period  8:

1. CAT – 8 – Atomic Structure 1 .

     2nd try tomorrow.


Period  9:

1. Bohr Model of the Atom note-taking – 

Atom Structure 1 History of atomic models.pdf
View Download

Bohr worksheet 2 2015.pdf
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Bohr worksheet 2 2015 KEY.pdf
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Quantum Numbers to Electron Configurations:

Bohr model Lecture :  Today’s lesson –

12/19 –  Monday  “A” Day Homework:  
 1.  Please complete the form below on the Bohr model of the atom. You have a total of three submissions.

Bohr Model Form 1 – 22-23:                 




_______________________________________________________                                                                        Jump toTuesday Homework 

12/20 – Tuesday “A” Day – 

Main focus: 

a)  To make edits on the CAT – 7
b)  To identify of energy is being absorbed or released during electrons transitions
c)  To identify the Bohr model of the atom.
d)  To identify the energy of electromagnetic radiation by length of wavelength or the amount of frequency.
Period  9:

1.  Complete CAT – 7 retry. – 10 minutes

2.  Complete note-taking  on the Bohr Model with the worksheet yesterday.

3.  Bright Line Spectra demo





12/20 – Tuesday’s Homework: – 

1.  Please complete the form below based the Bohr model and the bright -line spectra of elements. You have 3 responses.


Bohr Form 2 :       




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12/21 – Wednesday – B Day –

Main focus: 

a) To identify an atoms bright line spectrum from a mixture of elements.
b) To describe the  absorption and emission of energy in terms of electron transitions,
Period  8:
1.  Review the CAT – 7 quiz and hand back
2. Review of the Bohr’s model and use of Bright lIne spectrum – using slides and animations from presentation.
3. Gas Tubes – diffraction lens Demo  – 
Period  9: 


1.  Flame Test Lab

Lab 10 – Flame Test Lab.pdf                                                                                                                                        View Download 


The Bright Line Spectrum of Hydrogen – This is what Neils Borh explained in his atomic model

The Flame Test Lab –

Fireworks give off different colors of light? –

 12/21-  Wednesday – “A” Day homework: –

 1. Please complete the conclusion questions from Lab 10 and write a conclusion based on why you saw different colors from different metal ions.


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12/22 – Thursday “B” Day 

Main focus:   
1.  To observe that matter or atoms are quantized due to the arrangement of electrons.

2.  To draw Bohr diagrams.                                                                                                                            3.  To  write electron configurations of atom and ions.                

Period  9:

1. Quantized demo with phosphoresent sheet 

2.  Bohr diagram – electron configuration lesson-   

Bohr Diagrams – Shells 1011 with questions.pdf                                                                                                    View Download 

Bohr Diagrams – Shells 1011 with questions Key.pdf                                                                                           View Download 

Phosphorescence vinyl :  Today’s lesson.

Bohr Diagrams:  Today’s lesson.


12/22 –  Thursday – “B” Day homework: 
1.  Please complete the form below. You have 3 submissions.

Electron Configurations Form 1:                 




____________________________________________________.                                                                         Jump toFriday Homework

12/23 – Friday – “B” Day – Lab  

Main focus: 

1. To identify electron configurations, of atoms and ions,

2. To Identify valence electrons and kernel (core) electrons. 
3. To identify the greatest number of electrons that can be held in the 1st 4 shells.                                                            

Period  8:   
1.  Review Electron Configuration Form 1 – 

       a) Students make one more submission.

2.  Complete Flame test lab – with unknowns.

     a)  Complete conclusion questions

b) Hand in


Lab 10 – Flame Test Lab.pdf                                                                                                                                        View Download 

Period  9:    
3.  Lab 13 – Synthesis of a cross – linked polymer.

Happy Holidays!




The Synthesis of a Cross Linked Polymer

               This lab might be a stretch for us right now but I hope it sticks to you.

        a) Dissolve 4 grams of polyvinyl chloride in 100 ml of distilled water. Make sure to keep the warm                   solution at or near 70 degrees Celsius.  If too warm it will denature and curl up.
        b) In a plastic cup please add 16 ml of sodium tetraborate with your choice of food coloring, glitter,               and/or fluorescent compound (if you want to have it glow in the dark).
        c)  Once the polyvinyl chloride is dissolved, POUR the hot polyvinyl solution into the plastic cup                     with the sodium tetraborate, food coloring etc and stir with wooden popsicle stick like a banshie!  
         d) Once the polymer cools enough we will test its physical properties and then dispose of it in a  ziplock baggie.

12/23 –  Holiday Homework: –

1. Please respond to the Holiday Form daily over break by writing the time left in your break with the countdown below everyday.


1: Holiday Form:


                                                                         Happy New Year!