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Q2: week 7 – 1/2 – 1/6

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1/2 – Monday – New Years Day Observance  


_______________________________________________________                                                                        Jump toTuesday Homework 

1/3 – Tuesday “A” Day – 

Main focus: 

a)  To identify the ground state and excited state configurations of atoms.
b)  To review all the concepts of the the Atomic Structure Unit.
Period  9:

1.  Ground state, Excited State lecture


Congrats Tasso and Charlotte !



Today’s lesson – Ground State vs Excited State –



1/3 – Tuesday’s Homework: – 

1.  Please complete the form below based on todays BINGO game, You have ONLY ONE response tonight!




 ________________________________________                                                                                           Jump toWednesday Homework 

1/4 – Wednesday – B Day –

Main focus: 

a) To review excited state and ground state electron configurations
b) To identify transitional metals and their valence electrons.
c)  Draw Lewis Dot structures for Atoms.
Period  8:
1.  Review Last nights Form (based on the BINGO questions!!)
     a) Students make another submission
2.  Micro – Lesson on Electron dot Diagrams for elements
      a) Transitional elements location and their valence electrons 
3.  Complete Lab 10 – Flame Test Lab – 
Lab 10 – Flame Test Lab.pdf                                                                                                                                        View Download  
Period  9: 


1.  Complete the worksheet given below:
Electron Configuration Ecstasy.pdf
View Download
Electron Configuration Ecstasy KEY.pdf

View Download

2. CAT 8 – 1st  attempt  – 

The Flame Test Lab –

 1/4-  Wednesday – “A” Day homework: –
1.  You can make 2 more submissions to the BINGO Form posted last night.

2.  Study concepts that you did not know from today’s CAT 8 using past forms or worksheets.

All past forms are still open!!!


___________________________________________                                                                                           Jump toThursday Homework

1/5 – Thursday “B” Day 

Main focus:   
1.  To Complete edits to CAT – 9

2.  To  Complete the note-taking for the Modern Model of the Atom     

Period  9:

1. CAT 8 – 2ND TRY

2. Modern Model of the atom

Please complete these notes that we began in week 5:

Atom Structure 1 History of atomic models.pdf
View Download

Today’s lesson – Current Model of the Atom! –



1/6 –  Thursday – “B” Day homework: 
Please study for the Atomic Structure DOG!
Please use the key to the CAT –  7  – Atomic Structure 1
Please use the key to the CAT –  8  – Atomic structure 2 – (Today’s quiz Silly)
Please use the DOG 4 Review worksheet to review as well. It was given out in class and I have the blank worksheet and its key posted below.
DOG 4 – Review atomic structure worksheet.pdf
View Download
DOG 4 – Review atomic structure worksheet KEY.pdf


Also you could redo any of the forms from the last 2 weeks that are still in auto reply. I will changes the grades for the LAST 2 Forms that we have done if you did not get a 100 yet.



 ____________________________________________________.                                                                         Jump toFriday Homework

12/23 – Friday – “B” Day – Lab  

Main focus: 

1. To Review the Modern Model of the atom.

2. To collect the Atom Structure 1 History of atomic models notes completed in class.
3. DOG 4 – ATOMIC Structure Test!

Period  8:   
 1.  Hand back and Review CAT – 9. 

 2. Review the Modern  Model of the atom / Regents questions August 2020 – model review

 3. Collect the atomic history notes

 4. Start DOG 4!

Period  9:    
1.  Complete DOG 4!



1/6 –  Friday Homework: –

No homework.