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Q2: week 8 – 1/8 – 1/12

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____________________________________________                                                                       Jump toMonday Homework /top    1/8 – Monday – B Day –

Main focus: 

a) To review excited state and ground state electron configurations
b) To identify transitional metals and their valence electrons.
c)  Draw Lewis Dot structures for Atoms.
Period  8:
1.  Review Last Thursday’s Form (based on the BINGO questions!!)
     a) Students make another submission
2.  Micro – Lesson on Electron dot Diagrams for elements/ Excited State
      a) Transitional elements location and their valence electrons 
Period  9: 
3.  Complete Lab 13 – Flame Test Lab – 
 Lab 13 – Flame Test Lab.pdf                                                                                                                                        View Download

4.  Hand in Lab 12 – Boyles law lab with graph


Today’s lesson – Ground State vs Excited State –

1/8-  Monday – “B” Day homework: –
1.  You can make 1 more submissions to the BINGO Form posted again below.

2.  Complete the CAT 7 – worksheet that I handed out today.

I will collect it tomorrow.



___________________________________________                                                                 Jump toTuesday Homework  /top                 1/9 – Tuesday “A” Day 

Main focus:   
1.  To Complete CAT – 7

2.  To  Complete the note-taking for the Modern Model of the Atom     

Period  6:

1. CAT 7

2. Modern Model of the atom

Please complete these notes that we began in week 5:

Atom Structure 1 History of atomic models.pdf
View Download     

__________________________________________________                                                                                jump to:  top                               1/9 – Tuesday’s Homework: – 

1. Please complete the CAT 8 – worksheet. It will be collected.


__________________________________________________________                                               Jump toWednesday Homework /top       1/10 – Wednesday – “B” Day   

Main focus: 

1. To Review the Modern Model of the atom.

2. To collect the Atom Structure 1 History of atomic models notes completed in class.
3. DOG 4 – ATOMIC Structure Test!

Period  6:   
1.  Hand back and Review CAT – 7. 

2. Review the Modern  Model of the atom / Regents questions August 2020 – model review

Please complete these notes that we began in week 5:

Atom Structure 1 History of atomic models.pdf                                                                                    View Download

3. Take CAT 8


Period  7:    

1.  Start DOG 4!

Today’s lesson – Current Model of the Atom! –


______________________________________________________________________                                                jump to:  top

1/10 –  Wednesday – “B” Day homework: 
Please study for the Atomic Structure DOG!
Please use the key to the CAT –  7  – Atomic Structure 1
Please use the key to the CAT –  8  – Atomic structure 2 – (Today’s quiz Silly)
Please use the DOG 4 Review worksheet to review as well. It was given out in class and I have the blank worksheet and its key posted below.
DOG 4 – Review atomic structure worksheet.pdf
View Download
DOG 4 – Review atomic structure worksheet KEY.pdf


Also you could redo any of the forms from the last 2 weeks that are still in auto reply. I will changes the grades for the LAST 2 Forms that we have done if you did not get a 100 yet.



___________________________________________________                                                     Jump toThursday Homework/top     1/11 – Thursday – “A” Day – 

Main focus: 

a)  To complete DOG 4!
Period  6:

1.  Complete DOG 4.


_______________________________________________________                                                                        jump to:  top                                      1/11 – Thursday ‘s Homework: – 

1. There is No homework today!


____________________________________________                                                                     Jump toFriday Homework/top        1/12 – Friday – “B” Day – 

Main focus: 

a)  To identify that elements are arranged by their atomic number and group together 
      based on similar chemical properties (BASED ON VALENCE ELECTRONS!)
b)  To observe how the three trends of the periodic Table change according to moving 
      across  a row, (period, shell, principle energy level) AND up and down a group (family,             column).
Period  6:

1.  Unit 3 – Periodic Table intro lesson begins: 

Atomic Radii Chart Flinn rotated p.pdf
View Download

The three trends of the periodic table:
    a) Atomic Radii-  The size of the atom
    b) Electronegativity-  The attraction that an element has for (other atoms) electrons.
    c) Ionization Energy – The energy needed to pull electrons away from an atom.
These three trends are responsible for all of the properties of elements and thus defines elements as Metals, Non- metals and Metalloids.


Period  7: 


2.   Colored Pencil activity – Next year add flip out version using stock paper

– Identify Metals, Nonmetals, Mettalliods, and Reactivity

– identify the properties of metals and nonmetals

Today’s lesson – Periodic Trends –

Today’s Lecture 3.10R –

__________________________________________________                                                                                                                             1/12 – Friday’s Homework: – 

1. There is no homework tonight.