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Q3: week 10 – 4/8 – 4/12

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_________________________________________________                                                                                Jump toMonday Homework    4/8 – Monday – “A” Day –  

Main focus: 

a)  To use conservation of mass concepts and balance chemical reactions

Period  7:

1.   Balance and Identify chemical reactions Lesson.  

Balancing and identifying reactions 2014.pdf
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This Year – Period 4 AP Chemistry : Hydrogen Balloon Explosion Comparison:

2 H2 (g)  +  O2 (g)  —>   2 H20  +   Energy 



There are 3 different type of reactions that we identified today and If we include the double replacement reaction that we learned in the solubility unit we know have 4.


*Reactions are not balanced..

                                                  A B               +         C D                    →           A D                 +         C B    

1. Double Replacement –      NaCl (aq)  +   AgNO3 (aq)  →  NaNO3 (aq)   +   AgCl (s)

                                                                                A     +      C D        →         A C         +         D     

2. Single Replacement                            Zn   +   HCl     →   ZnCl2    +    H2

                                                                                A     +        D          →         A D     

3. Synthesis –                                           H2   +   O2     →     H2O    

                                                                                              A  D         →         A       +      D     

4. Decomposition –                                               H20     →     H2   +    O2   


4/8 – Monday’s Homework: – 

1.  Complete tonights worksheet by completing questions 4 – 7 using my video below.

2.  Complete the Form below based on the worksheet below:

Balancing Chemical Reaction Concoction 2015.pdf
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1: Worksheet Review –  : Questions 4 – 7.

2 : Chemical REaction Form: THERE are 3 submissions TONIGHT!

_____________________________________________________                                                          Jump toTuesday Homework / top            4/8 – Tuesday “B” Day – Lab


 Main focus:

a) To Balance chemical recations.

b) To identify Chemical Reactions and predict products and reactants

c) To introduce stoichiometry Reactions. 

Period  6:

 * review of question 10 of the form from last night –> reactants mass = mass of products

1.  Complete the discussion of the Conservation of Mass presentation.

– We balance because it gives us mole (how many) ratios of the chemicals in the reaction.

– These ratio help us figure out the recipe!!

– Challenger vs Hindenburg

2.  Complete the Synthesis of copper (?) Iodine

Lab 23 – Empirical Formula of a Copper Iodide.pdf
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Period  7:

2.  Complete the Synthesis of copper (?) Iodine

Conservation of Mass Presentation: 

Lab 22 : Copper Iodide lab

2 Cu (g)  +  I2 (g)  —>   2 CuI  

Todays Lesson –  on using mole ratios to answer question of moles of another chemical – 

 ____________________________________________________                                                                                 jump to:  top                    4/8 – Tuesday’s Homework: – 

1. Complete the balancing worksheet that was handed out Monday.

Balancing and identifying reactions 2014.pdf
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 I will collect it tomorrow for a quiz grade.

2.  You can use the following Video below to complete it. 

3. Please complete questions 1 – 10 on the new worksheet given out today.  The test will be very similar. There are 20 questions but I am assigning only the first 1

Math DOG Review for form.pdf
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1: Worksheet Review –  : Questions 8 – 11.

______________________________________________________                                                     Jump toWednesday Homework / top         4/9 – Wednesday – A Day – 

Main focus: 

a) To Balance and Identify a chemical reaction.

b) To Determine the experimental empirical formula.

c) To determine the moles of one chemical from another using the mole ratios (coefficients) in a balanced chemical reaction.

Period  6:

1.  Start Lab 23

Lab 23 – Stoichiometry of Al & CuCl2.pdf
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Todays Lesson –  on using mole ratios to answer question of moles of another chemical – 

Pringles CAN DEMO : Hydrogen  Explosion:

2 H2 (g)  +  O2 (g)  —>   2 H20  +   Energy 

Pringles CAN DEMO 2 : Hydrogen  Explosion:

2 H2 (g)  +  O2 (g)  —>   2 H20  +   Energy 

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4/9 –  Wednesday – Homework: –

1. Please complete today’s form based on the worksheet I handed out last night.  Last night you completed 1 – 10.  Tonight you will complete 11 – 20 and put all the answers into the form below. It is on auto- reply and you will get three submissions.

I gave out a hard copy of this form so that you can do the math on the paper BUT I need you to select the correct answer in the form to get credit.

Math DOG Review for form.pdf
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1:  Math Form 2: THERE are 3 SUBMISSIONs TONIGHT!

_______________________________________________                                                                  Jump toThursday Homework / top             4/11- Thursday “B” Day 

Main focus:    

a) To use mole ratios from a balanced reaction to determine the theoretical mass of the experiment.

b) To balance and identify the reaction in Lab 22.


Period  6:   

1. Mass out the dried copper from the experiment.

2.  Determine the experimental mass of copper.

3.  Calculate the theoretical mass of copper using mole ratios of the balanced reaction.

4. Complete the lab 

Period  7:   

1. Review for the Math DOG tomorrow using the the Math DOG review:

Math DOG Review.pdf
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Math DOG Review Key.pdf
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__________________________________________________________________                                                  jump to:  top

4/11 –  Thursday – “B” Day homework: 

Study for your Math DOG!!!

Please study the Math DOG Review worksheet (20 questions) that we completed in class. You could review with my fancy key or my video below.  You are welcome Ava!!!

Here is the key:

Math DOG Review Key.pdf
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Math DOG REVIEW Video:

________________________________________________                                                                       Jump toFriday Homework / top           4/12 – Friday – “B” Day – 

Main focus: 

a) To Take the Math Dog!


Period  6:   

1.  Math DOGGGGG!!!!!



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4/12 –  Friday Homework: –

There is no homework this weekend.