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Q3: week 5 – 3/6 –  3/10

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3/6 – Monday – “A” Day –  

Main focus: 

a)  To Review the basics of solutions that include the concepts of “like dissolves like”.
b)  To identify the factors that affect solubility
c)  To introduce the solubility curves and Table G.


Period  9:

1.  To Review the general concepts of solubility.

2.  We will investigate the attractive forces of water soluble and fat soluble vitamins

3.  Table G lesson —> Notes written on the following worksheet:

Solubility Notes with Table G.pdf
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Solution Introduction and Table G lesson:


Water Soluble and Fat soluble Vitamins:

Last weeks dem0::


3/6 – Monday’s Homework: – 

1. Complete the Form below based on today’s notes (todays worksheet.)



 Solubility Form 2 – Table H:




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 Main focus:

a)  To complete Table G questions (Temperature/amount of solvent factors on solubility).

b) To identify a concentrated and a dilute solution.

Period  8:

1.  Complete the Notes from yesterday on Solubility curves.

Solubility Notes with Table G.pdf
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2.   Begin with the following worksheet – we did get to this but you could do this with the video posted below the form if you need review.

Table G worksheet 07.pdf
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Table G worksheet 07 KEY.pdf
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Period  9:

1.   Lab 13 – Complete and Hand in.

2.   Pre-Lab 14 – solubility of potassium nitrate

Lab 14 – solubility of potassium nitrate.pdf
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Todays supersaturated demo:

. ____________________________________________________

3/7 – Tuesday’s Homework: – 

1. Please complete the following form based on today’s notes and Solubility Curves

If you are having problems with table G questions please use the following video to review these type of question.


 Solubility Form 3 – Solubility Curves



Table G worksheet review:

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3/8 – Wednesday – A Day – 

Main focus: 


a) To Review Solubility Curve questions – Table G

b) To Introduce quantitative values of solubility specifically percent by mass and part per million.

c) To calculate the percent by mass and part per million of solutions.


Period  9:
1.  Review last nights form.
2.  Percent by Mass and Part Per Million Lesson using the following notes:

Percent by mass and PPM intro notes.pdf
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From the TABLE S on our Reference Tables:

Part Per Million lesson:

Molecule Ion Attractions – Ion Dipole: (animation)

3/8 –  Wednesday – Homework: –
1. Please complete questions 4 and 5 (side 1) and 5 and 6 (side 2) in today’s new worksheet
2. Please review with the key posted below:   
Percent by mass and PPM intro notes key.pdf
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3/9 – Thursday “B” Day – Lab

Main focus:   

a) To experimentally plot a solubility curve for potassium nitrate

b) To observe a precipitate that occurs when a solution becomes supersaturated.


Period  8,9:   

1. Review the homework with the key:

Percent by mass and PPM intro notes key.pdf
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2. Lab 14 Pre-lab discusssion.  

Lab 14 – solubility of potassium nitrate.pdf                                                                                                        View Download

3.  Collect data on Lab 14.




3/9 –  Thursday – “A” Day homework: 
1.  There is no homework tonight.  

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3/10 – Friday – “B” Day 

I had to take an unexpected absence today. 🙁

Main focus: 

a) To Review the Concepts of Intermolecular Forces.

b) To Review the Concepts of solutions.

c) To Review Table F, Table G problems


Period  9:   

1. Please complete the classwork Form.

Only 1 submission!


Solubility Form 4: 



3/10 –  Friday Homework: –

Please make 2 more submissions to the classwork form.