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Q4: week 1 – 4/15 –  4/19

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___________________________________________________                                                                                Jump toMonday Homework    4/15 – Monday – “B” Day –  

Main focus: 

a)  To build a potential energy diagram from an ethanol combustion reaction
b)  To take notes on the different parts of the potential energy curve.                                                 

Period  6:

1.  Hand Back the Math DOG..

2.  Complete Demonstration 

3.  Complete potential energy Diagram for the chemical reaction.

Potential Energy Curve NOTES.pdf
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Period  7:

1.  Lab 24 Intro – 

LAB 24 – unknown carbonates stoichiometry II.pdf
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a) run the reaction/setup boiling off the water

2.  Calculate the predicted amount of salt produced through stoichiometry

____________________________________________________                                                                                                                             4/15 – Monday’s Homework: – 

1. View the Lecture below if you need to review today’s lesson or if you were absent.

2. Complete the Form below based on the today’s notes:


1: Potential Energy Curve Lecture – 

2 : Potential Energy Form

________________________________________________                                                                 Jump toTuesday Homework / top  4/16 – Tuesday “A” Day


 Main focus:

a) To incorporate Table I into our potential energy diagrams.

b) To model thermodynamic problems based on reported △H values.

c)  To complete a stoichiometry lab that incorporates thermodynamic principles. 


Period  6:

1.  Lab 24 complete 

LAB 24 – unknown carbonates stoichiometry II.pdf
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a) mass out evaporated and dried salts

b) determine the identity of your salt by stoichiometry and the mass of salt produced

c) demonstrated temperature change for both chemicals A and B during the experiment

d) Sketch Potential energy curves for the physical change and the chemical change that occurred based on their known reactions.

____________________________________________________                                                          jump to:  top                                              4/16 – Tuesday’s Homework: – 

1. Complete the frontside of the worksheet that was handed out.

reactions and enthalpy – ditto 2.pdf
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2.  You can use the following Video below to complete the frontside of the worksheet.

3. Make a single submission to the form below.  If you are having issues with the form please view the Potential Energy Curves and table I  review (at 10:35) for the form video below!


2: Potential Energy Curves and table I  – 

3: Potential Energy Curves and table I  review for the form- 

3 : Potential Energy Diagram Form 2

______________________________________________________                                                     Jump toWednesday Homework / top       4/17 – Wednesday – A Day – 

Main focus: 

a) To identify the Kj/mole of a reaction using Table I

b) To identify the factors that affect the RATE of a reaction

c)  To identify the 2 components of an effective collision –> collision theory.

Period  6:
1.  Table I worksheet review with handout given yesterday.

reactions and enthalpy – ditto 2.pdf
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reactions and enthalpy – ditto 2 Key.pdf
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Defined this relationship by reviewing the first slide of last nights homework form.

△H = ∑PE products – ∑PE reactants

Period  7:

2.  Begin Collision Theory – demos and concepts!!!

        a) Effective Collisions

        b) Factors that affect the rate of reaction (SPEED!)

Rate Factors worksheet 07.pdf
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Concentration Demo – Having a larger concentration means more reactants will collide with each more frequently increasing the rate of the reaction.

Temperature and the Rate of reaction in Light Sticks – Each reactants is colliding more often and has a greater force per collision.

Surface Area Demo – Exposing more reactant particles to each other to increase the frequency of collisions.

Today’s Lesson – Factors that affect the Rate of reaction

________________________________________________________________________                                      jump to:  top
4/17 –  Wednesday – “A” Day Homework: 

1. Please complete the form below. You have 3 submissions tonight. Make sure you use all of them. I gave everyone a hard copy of the questions BUT you must place your answers into the form to get credit!!

Kinetics Homework Form Questions.pdf
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1 : Kinetic Homework Form

___________________________________________________                                                            Jump toThursday Homework / top 4/18 – Thursday “A” Day 

Main focus:    

a) To identify the factors that affect reaction rate                                                                                  b)  Use table I to identify exothermic or endothermic reactions                                                          c) Identify the parts of a PE Curve

Period  6:   

1. Review the homework.

2.  We reviewed for OUR Test tomorrow on the the Kinetics and PE Diagram curve using the worksheet below: 

Kinetics and PE Diagram worksheet.pdf
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__________________________________________________________________                                               jump to:  top

4/18 –  Thursday – “B” Day homework: 

 1. Please STUDY FOR TOMORROWS TEST by completing the worksheet that we started in class and review with the key below or the video.


Kinetics and PE Diagram worksheet key.pdf
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Today’s Lesson and Review of the Kinetics and PE Diagram worksheet.

______________________________________________                                                                    Jump to: Friday Homework / top

4/21 – Friday –  “A” Day

a) To review the factors that affect rate of reaction.

b)  To take a Kinetics and PE diagram test.

Period  6:   

1. Complete Lab 25 – Rate of reaction

Period  7: 

2. Take the Rate of reaction and PE Diagram DOG!