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Q4: week 2 – 4/24 –  4/28

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___________________________________________________                                                                                Jump toMonday Homework   

4/24 – Monday – “B” Day – Lab 

Main focus: 

a)  To review the factors that affect an reactions rate including the nature of reactants
b)  Introduce types of Equlibrium systems

Period  8:

1.  Hand Back and Review the Exit Ticket from Last Friday – Counts as a RAT grade.

2. Final Rate Factor Demos 

     a) – Elephants Toothpaste

       b) Occillating reactions

3.   Complete the Equilibrium Equality worksheet


Equilibrium equality worksheet 2015.pdf
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Period  9:

4.  Complete Lab 22 and collect

4.   Take a RAT Quiz

a) To review the factors that affect rate of reaction.

b)  introduce the concepts of equilibrium.

Period  9:   

1. Complete Lab 22 – 

2. – Complete review of rate factors

Rate Factors worksheet 07.pdf
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3. Equilibrium – Water tanks and Film Canister Demo

Equilibrium equality worksheet 2015.pdf
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Today’s Lesson – Equilibrium Introduction

Today’s Lesson – Equilibrium Introduction

Today’s Demo – Oscillating Reaction.


4/25 – Monday’s Homework: – 

1. No homework tonight.


_______________________________________________                                                                                Jump toTuesday Homework  4/25 – Tuesday “A” Day


 Main focus:

a) To Review Phase and solutions equilibrium principles

b) To Introduce Le Chatelier’s Principle.


Period  9:

1.   Hand back and Review Equilibrium Exit Ticket RAT

2.   LeChatelier’s Principle Lesson. 

LeChateliers principle worksheet p.pdf
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LeChateliers principle worksheet KEY 2012 p.pdf
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Today’s Lesson – Le Chatelier’s Principle


4/24 – Tuesday’s Homework: – 

 There is no homework!


______________________________________________________                                                                 Jump toWednesday Homework         4/25 – Wednesday – B Day –  LAB

Main focus: 

                                                                                                                                                                                a) To review the basics of the Le Chatelier’s Principle

b) To identify the shifts due to Pressure/Volume stresses.

c)  To identify the shifts due to adding a common ion

d) To introduce the concept of ENTROPY

Period  8:
1.  Hand back and Review the Exit Ticket from yesterday.


2.  Pressure/Volume/Common ion stresses


LeChateliers principle worksheet p.pdf
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LeChateliers principle worksheet KEY 2012 p.pdf
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3.  Entropy – lesson

Period  9:

1.  Complete Le Chateliers Lab – 23 

Lab 23 – Le Chateliers Principle Lab.pdf
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For Today’s Lab – Lab 23

4/26 –  Wednesday – “B” Day Homework: 

1. Please complete the lab if you did not complete in class.

2. Study for the Test using all the Exit Tickets.

3. REview the parts of the potential energy curve. I have reposted the potential energy curve lesson.

Topics for the Test:

a) Parts of the potential energy curve – Review Video below

b) △H and Table I – Review Video below

c) Factors that Affect Rates of reaction

d) Equilibrium concepts

e) Le Chateliers Principle


1: Potential Energy Curve Lecture – 

2: Potential Energy Curves and table I  – 

3: Crash Course in Kinetics and Equilibrium  

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4/27- Thursday “A” Day 

Main focus:    

a) To take a KInetics and Equilibrium Dog!


Period  9:   

1.  Kinetics and Equilibrium Dog.




4/27 –  Thursday – “A” Day homework: 



______________________________________________                                                                      Jump toFriday Homework

4/28 – Friday –  “B” Day

a) To define an acid and a base by the Arrhenius and Bronsted Lowry definitions

b) To evaluate the pH of a solution based on concentrations of the ions from water.

c) To identify the pH of a solution by the color changes of acid base indicators – Table M


Period  8:   

1.  Hand back Kinetics and Equilibrium Dog 

2. – Acid Base Guys lesson


acid and base guys Regents.pdf
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Conjugate Acid Base Pairs 2.pdf
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3.  – pH lesson – 

ph worksheet.pdf
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ph worksheet key.pdf
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Period  9:   

*CO2 – Dry Ice with Chemical indicators Demo – same as carbonated water

4.  Lab 24 – Table M indicator – Household chemicals Lab

Lab 24 – Table M indicator – Household chemicals Lab
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1: Acid/Base Definitions Lesson – 

2: Intro to pH Lesson –