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Q4: week 3 – 5/6 –  5/10

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___________________________________________________                                                                              Jump toMonday Homework      5/6 – Monday – “B” Day  

Main focus: 

a)  To Review the Equilibrium, Kinetics, Entropy Dog
b) To define an acid and a base by the Arrhenius and Bronsted Lowry definitions

c) To evaluate the pH of a solution based on concentrations of the ions from water.                d) To identify the pH of a solution by the color changes of acid base indicators – Table M


Period  6:

1.  Hand back Kinetics and Equilibrium Dog 

2. – Complete Lab 26 – LeChatelier’s Lab – 

                                               Fe+3 (aq)  +  SCN (aq)  ⇔ FeSCN2+
                                            pale yellow                                                                blood red

Period  7:

3.  – pH lesson – 

ph worksheet.pdf
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ph worksheet key.pdf
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1: Intro to pH Lesson – 

____________________________________________________                                                                     jump to:  top                                   5/6 – Monday’s Homework: – 

1. Please complete the Form Below based on today’s pH lesson. 

You may want to review today;’s lesson with the video above.


1: Acid Base Form 1 



_______________________________________________                                                                         Jump toTuesday Homework / top    5/7 – Tuesday “A” Day 

 Main focus:

a) To review the concepts of pH.

b) To define an Acid or Base by the Arrhenius and Bronsted – Lowry definitions

c) To identify the Conjugate Acid/Base and pairs in weak acid/base equilibrium.


Period  6:

1.  Review pH concepts and acid/base definitions by reviewing last nights form.

Acid Base 1 Form worksheet.pdf
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____________________________________________________                                                                         jump to:  top                                 5/7 – Tuesday’s Homework: – 

 There is no homework tonight due to the AP Exam that decimated my class.


______________________________________________________                                                      Jump toWednesday Homework / top        5/8 – Wednesday – B Day – 

Main focus: 

                                                                                                                                                                                a) To identify an acid/salt/base as an electrolyte                                                                                    b) To define an acid/base based on Arrhenius and Bronsted Lowry                                                    c) To use Table M to identify pH values using chemical indicators


Period  6:

1.  To complete Acid Base Guys Lesson – define acids and bases (first side)

Acid Base Guys worksheet.pdf
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2.  To complete the Conjugate Acid base pairs lesson with presentation and worksheet.

Conjugate acid Base Pairs worksheet.pdf
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Period  7:


3.  Lab 27 – Table M indicator – Household chemicals Lab

Lab 27 – Table M indicator – Household chemicals Lab
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1: Acid/Base Definitions Lesson and Conjugate acid base pairs- 

Acid Base Notes –  Presentation for acid base definitions:

______________________________________________________________________                                              jump to:  top
5/8 –  Wednesday – “B” Day Homework: 

1. Please complete the Form Below based on today acid/base definitions and Conjugate . 

You may want to review today’s lesson with the video above.

1: Acid Base Form 2 



_________________________________________________                                                            Jump toThursday Homework / top      5/9 – Thursday “A” Day – 

Main focus:    


 a) To identify an acid/salt/base as an electrolyte                                                                                     b) To identify the a neutralization reaction                                                                                             c) To determine the products of a neutralization problem.

Period  6:

1.  Review the last nights form.

2.  Neutralization Demo

    a) water in bromothymol blue

     b) table salt in the water solution

Neutralization ditto.pdf
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Neutralization ditto key 2012.pdf
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Neutralization Lesson – 

__________________________________________________________________                                                     jump to:  top

5/9 –  Thursday – “A” Day homework: 

1. Please complete the Acid / Base form 3 below.  You have one submision.

1: Acid Base Form 1 



_________________________________________________________                                                          Jump toFriday Homework / top     5/10 – Friday –  “B” Day – LAB

a) To solve Acid / Base Titration Problem                                                                                                    b) To experimentally determine the concentration of an acid by an acid/base titration..

Period  6:   

1.  Bromothymol Blue and blowing bubbles – Carbon dioxide as an acid?  Arrhenius acid?

2.  Homework form review.

3.  Lab 27 – pH of household chemicals – 

      Test 1 – Vinegar – completed Wednesday

      Test 2 – Baking soda

      Test 3 – carbonated water

Lab 27 – Table M indicator – Household chemicals Lab
View Download

Period  7:   

4.  Acid / Base Titration Lesson.

Lab 28 – Volumetric Titration

LAB 28  – Acid/Base Volumetric Titration.pdf
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Titration problems Lesson – 

Lab 27 – Today’s Lesson/Lab – 


______________________________________________________________                                                                 jump to:  top

5/10 –  Friday – “B” Day homework: 

1. Please Complete Lab 27 from the video posted below. I will be testing 2 more household chemicals and then reviewing the conclusion questions.

I am collecting this Lab Monday.  The Conclusion questions must be completed. There will no late labs accepted. 


2.  Please complete the form from the link below. It will be the Test of the Acid/Base Unit. Obviously it is open note-book BUT it is timed!! So I would not start this until I have reviewed my homework’s this week, worksheets, and videos posted. You might find the Crash Course in Regents Chemistry posted below useful.

You may want to view the CRASH COURSE IN ACID BASE video below:

Please have your reference table, calculator, scrap paper and reference table ready when you begin the form!

Weekend Form Link: 20 questions (MC) timed form (40 min):


1: Finishing Lab 27 – 2 more tests and the conclusion questions! 

2: Crash Course in Regents Chemistry: