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Q4: week 3 – 5/1 –  5/5

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___________________________________________________                                                                                Jump toMonday Homework   

5/1 – Monday – “A” Day  

Main focus: 

a)  To Review pH concepts and Acid/Base definitions
b)  To identify the products in neutralization reactions.
c)  To write the net ion reaction in neutralization reactions.

Period  9:

1.  Review pH concepts and acid/base definitions by completing last weeks Exit ticket

2. Neutralization Lesson

Neutralization ditto.pdf
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Neutralization ditto key 2012.pdf
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3. Exit Ticket

Neutralization Lesson – 


5/1 – Monday’s Homework: – 

1. No homework tonight.


_______________________________________________                                                                                Jump toTuesday Homework  5/2 – Tuesday “B” Day – LAB


 Main focus:

a) To identify all chemical species that are electrolytes

b) To solve titration problems


Period  8:

1.   Hand back Acid Base exit ticket 2 and review.

2.   To identify all chemical species that are electrolytes 

3.   To solve for titration problem. Backside of neutralization worksheet

Period  9:

4.   Continue with Lab 24 – Indicators of household chemicals


5/2 – Tuesday’s Homework: – 

 1. complete the Neutralization worksheet and review with the key. 

Neutralization ditto.pdf
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Neutralization ditto key 2012.pdf
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Titration problems Lesson – 

______________________________________________________                                                                 Jump toWednesday Homework         5/3 – Wednesday – A Day – 

Main focus: 

                                                                                                                                                                                a) To solve neutralization problems

Period  9:

1.  Hand Back Acid Base Exit Ticket.

2.  Review the Acid Base Presentation with questions – Exit Ticket 4

3. Neutralization problems

Acid Base Notes –  Presentation:

5/3 –  Wednesday – “A” Day Homework: 

1. Complete the Form below:

1: Acid Base Form 1 



End of Wednesday!

___________________________________________________                                                                        Jump toThursday Homework

5/4- Thursday “B” Day – LAB

Main focus:    


a) To complete Lab 24

I know many of you will be taking the AP SEM test today. Good Luck.

You will need to view the video that will posted later this afternoon that will review the last test and the conclusion questions.

Period  8,9:   

1.  We will complete Lab 24.  We will do one more Acid/Base Indicator test with sugar water.


LAB 24 honors – Table M – Household chemicals.pdf
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5/4 –  Thursday – “B” Day homework: 

 1.  Please make one more submission to Acid Base Form 1. 

                                           I will take the average of the 2 grade as a test grade. 

2.  Please view the video posted below that will help you complete the Lab 24. This lab is due tomorrow.


Finishing Lab 24 – Today’s Lesson – 

______________________________________________                                                                                         Jump toFriday Homework

5/5 – Friday –  “A” Day

a) To experimentally determine the concentration of an acid by an acid/base titration..

Period  9:   

1.  Lab 25 – Volumetric Titration

LAB 25 honors – Acid/Base Volumetric Titration.pdf
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Lab 25 – Today’s Lesson/Lab – 


5/5 –  Friday – “A” Day homework: 

 1.  Please complete the form from the link below. It will be the final test of the Acid/Base Unit.

You may want to view the CRASH COURSE IN ACID BASE video below:

Please have your reference table, calculator, and reference table ready when you begin the form!

Weekend Form Link: 20 questions (MC) timed form (40 min):


Crash Course in Regents Chemistry: